Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 80: Side Story of Mo Qing (1)


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Chapter 80: Side Story of Mo Qing (1)

Translator & Editor: Sonrisa t.n.t

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After being together with Lu Zhao Yao, Mo Qing rarely recalled past events because to him, everything in the past could not compare to the tranquility that was in his life right now.

Many years later, one day he brought along Zhao Yao and their two children to Feng Zhou City for a visit. Lu Zhao Yao suddenly came up with an idea, she wanted to visit Sima Rong. So, the whole family went to Sima Rong’s small house as guests.

Sima Rong was still single, but his ability to use Mechanical Magic Technique has reached a level of perfection. He created wooden humans who were no different from real people.

They walked into the house and saw a woman pushing Sima Rong’s wheelchair out. When Zhao Yao saw her, she momentarily blinked in surprise: “Little Round Face…”

The Spying Heart Mirror could show the thoughts in Zhao Yao’s heart, so even Mo Qing knew the whole story, too. He did not say anything; he just looked at the wooden human, Little Round Face, created by Sima Rong, taking the two children into the courtyard to play.

Zhao Yao gave birth to a boy and a girl. The eldest daughter was Li Ming Ge, and the youngest son was Li Ming Shu. The temperaments of these two siblings were similar to their father and mother, but the gender was reversed. The elder sister was often quiet and dealt with outsiders similar to how Mo Qing dealt with them. However, the little brother was a complete replica of Lu Zhao Yao, running up and down, creating chaos everywhere. In every case, when families with children got beaten or hurt, they did not need to think twice and already knew that it was the little brother who had caused it.

Currently, the two siblings were led around by the wooden human, Little Round Face, but only a few moments later, Li Ming Shu pulled out a button on the back of the wooden human’s hand. It made a “crack-crack” noise, and Little Round Face’s wooden finger turned into small pieces of wood that fell to the ground.

As Li Ming Shu voiced an “oh,” his expression became extremely surprised. Whereas Li Ming Ge slightly frowned. Little Round Face was not angry; she just bent down to pick up her pieces of wood. Lu Zhao Yao was angry: “That naughty boy, I just took my eyes off of him for a bit, and he caused a disaster! Come here now!”

She rolled up her sleeves to teach her son a lesson, Li Ming Shu hastily hid behind his elder sister.

Sima Rong chuckled in his wheelchair: “Senior brother is so blessed. In my small courtyard, there has not been such lively joy in a very long time.”

There were many wooden humans in Sima Rong’s house, but how far could they ease his loneliness? It was possible that even outsiders could never understand his sense of emptiness.

Mo Qing stepped up behind Sima Rong and slowly helped push the wheelchair under the small tree in the courtyard: “Zhao Yao had seen that woman from Nan Yue Sect in your small courtyard.”

When Sima Rong heard that, he seized the wheel and became quiet for a very long time. Behind him, the excitement of the human world momentarily vanished away. He turned his head, looked at Mo Qing, and asked: “What?”

Zhao Yao never told this story to anyone, let alone Sima Rong. Mo Qing understood Zhao Yao’s opinions. She felt that since the two of them were separated by life and death, therefore, they could no longer be together anymore. It would be better if Sima Rong did not know of her existence. This woud prevent him from being miserable.

However, Mo Qing knew that even though Sima Rong could never touch or feel the existence of that woman from Nan Yue Sect, it was enough to make Sima Rong happy to know that she was still by his side.

Even now, Sima Rong no longer held any hope. Just knowing her existence was enough to comfort his solitary soul.

Mo Qing understood Sima Rong’s heart.

Mo Qing understood this because not so long ago, he was also like this.

In fact, when Mo Qing first encountered Lu Zhao Yao, he never thought that one day in the future, he would live life with her like this. She suddenly stormed into his life when he was feeling most desperate. On that dangerous night, she was tyrannical and unreasonable, which left the most unforgettable image in his life.

She resembled a goddess who tore through the sky, blocked the swordsman’s sword, saved his life, and led him out of desperation. Later on, she accompanied him, and they became friends. Even though she carried wounds all over her body, from the beginning to the end, she protected him.

At that time, he was young. He did not know where he came from. The world said he was the son of the Demon King, so he had thought the same. From his first memories, a wandering journey of desperate plight, constantly being assassinated and being in danger, he never knew the feeling of being safe.

However, Lu Zhao Yao gave him a chance to know what it felt like.

He felt a peace of mind he had never had before. Because of Lu Zhao Yao’s existence, he felt a calmness in his subconscious mind.

When she protected him from many dangers and desperate moments; when she decided not to let go of his hand even though blood was dripping everywhere; when she carried him to the ruined temple on the top of Chen Ji Mountain; at that moment, he finally found safety and security.

Since childhood, he had an ugly face; he lived a petty life; he did not dare to show people his real face, and yet she said his eyes were beautiful like stars in the sky. In fact, it was Lu Zhao Yao who did not know that she was the twinkling star in his dark life. She brought with her endless beauty that intoxicated and captivated him.

However, he also understood that one day, Lu Zhao Yao would leave. He knew that because she kept telling him that she wanted to be a good person, she wanted to find the Golden Immortal, Luo Ming Xuan, who was far away from the horizon.

At that time, for Lu Zhao Yao, Luo Ming Xuan was like her bright star, so she yearned to find him.

Every time she mentioned Luo Ming Xuan, her appearance changed. Her eyes would sparkle with expectations, and Mo Qing could only remain silent.

Therefore, on that day, Lu Zhao Yao woke up early, watched the sun rise, stretched her tired back, waved in the morning sun, and said it was time for her to leave. Mo Qing could only look at her silently. He endured the fear, the misery, and the pain. He suppressed all of his feelings, and tried to appear indifferent and mature to see her comfortably leave.

For Lu Zhao Yao, he was just a passerby who she happened to save.

While he, a passerby, who had no other option than to set up and face his own mentality, from then on, he stayed in the ruined temple that she led him to. There, he retained memories that she gave him and wiped away tears of helplessness because he was still young. He lived alone on Chen Ji Mountain, and made friends with the wind and the moon.

There was no other way, Lu Zhao Yao wanted such a life. He thought that she would be living a relaxing and happy life somewhere in the world, so he could only bless her.

However, he did not expect the Lu Zhao Yao who rushed towards the bright star, would one day return back to Chen Ji Mountain as that kind of Lu Zhao Yao, with her body full of blood and endless hatred.

When he saw her again, it was hard to say that he was not happy, but when he saw Lu Zhao Yao’s look of burning hatred, from the bottom of his heart he also erupted hatred towards the Golden Immortal, Luo Ming Xuan, whom he had not even met.

What Golden Immortal? How could Luo Ming Xuan willingly injure Lu Zhao Yao in such a way? She was so good, good to the point that even Mo Qing did not dare to lay a finger on her.

He wanted to help Zhao Yao get her revenge, but his body had no talent in practicing magic.

That year, Mo Qing did not know it was because of the Demon King’s seal around his body that made it impossible for him to manipulate the energy in his body. He could understand his master’s instructions and methods, but his body could not follow through.

Therefore, the master that Zhao Yao assigned him confirmed that he was a talentless magic practitioner. Even Mo Qing himself thought so, too.

Therefore, he was sent to guard the mountain gate, which was also logical; he never blamed anyone. For Mo Qing, it was enough to see Zhao Yao first and welcome her every time she returned to the mountain.

During that time, when he guarded the mountain gate, it was the most secretive joy in his heart.

He was very fond of her, so much so that it was enough for him to just occasionally see her. He was happy to continue waiting until the next time he would get to see her again.

However… From the moment Lu Zhao Yao became Wan Lu Sect’s Master, her footsteps never stopped beside him for even a moment, and her eyes never gave him even a second look.

For him, he just needed to know that she was behind him on Chen Ji Mountain, while he was in front of the mountain gate. When the wind swept over his clothes and drifted up the mountain, it would kiss her hair and forehead, which was enough.

The reason why destiny was so fascinating was because it was so unpredictable.

For Mo Qing, after meeting Lu Zhao Yao, there were many things that happened unexpectedly. In which the most unbelievable thing was what he and Lu Zhao Yao did in front of the mountain gate.

That alone, was his secret, so secretive that he did not even want to let Lu Zhao Yao know.

Lu Zhao Yao and Luo Ming Xuan had a great battle. She almost died trying to seal him away. When the Shadow Night Guards brought her back to the mountain, many people believed that Lu Zhao Yao would not survive.

Mo Qing was on fire, anxiously waiting at the foot of the mountain, hoping for Sima Rong to bring him news. After learning that Gu Han Guang helped her regain consciousness, the first thing she did was order a big banquet. Mo Qing was dumbfounded.

In any case, luckily, she was fine.

That night, the stars in the sky were particularly bright, and Chen Ji Mountain welcomed many guests. The spell in front of the mountain gate restarted; it was a blended scene of icy snow with blazing fire that Mo Qing witnessed every day.

In Wu E Palace, people were busy eating and drinking with the never-ending flute music rising up in the background. He could imagine the carnival taking place on top of the mountain, everyone behaving uproariously. The ruined temple in his past and Lu Zhao Yao’s was now gone. He looked up at the top of the mountain for a moment, then sat down on the stairs to continue guarding the mountain gate.

When the moon rose up to its highest peak, Mo Qing turned his head to look around, suddenly he saw Lu Zhao Yao swaying and standing on the steps.

In her hand, she also held a wine jug. Her drunken face held a pink flush, and her dreamy eyes reflected the spell’s radiant lights that were behind him. She did not know that her appearance at that time in his eyes was a pleasant surprise bestowed by the heavens.

If Lu Zhao Yao was made aware of this, she may not believe it, but Mo Qing was possibly the only one in that moment who understood her mood the most. For Lu Zhao Yao, what did it mean to seal Luo Ming Xuan, others did not understand, but he understood.

Thousands of guests from demonic sects around the world came to congratulate Lu Zhao Yao, only Mo Qing felt pain on her behalf.

His heart ached for the girl who once had bright eyes, but today was teased by fate, and with her own hands, she erased the light in her eyes.


He looked at Lu Zhao Yao, who was staggering on the steps, unable to do anything, yet he still wanted to tell her some comforting words. He told her to drink less alcohol and take care of her body. He knew that Lu Zhao Yao would probably not listen, but if he uttered these concerns, his wishes were fulfilled.

It was a divine opportunity to be able to talk to Lu Zhao Yao. While he was thinking about what to say, Lu Zhao Yao suddenly said: “Hey, catch me.”

She had just finished speaking, and just like a fluttering butterfly falling down, her flowy clothes became wings and with a “bang” rushed into his arms.

She carried with her a cold night wind with a scent of intoxicating wine that caught him unprepared. He did not have time to stand firmly; he staggered and could only embrace Lu Zhao Yao while falling backward. It was difficult for him to stop in front of the Memorial Arch outside the spell’s boundary.

If it was just one more step, then he would have been unintentionally pushed by Lu Zhao Yao into the murderous spell.

However, when he looked at the softness held against his chest, Mo Qing could not find a trace of blame. He only reminded her: “Sect Leader, you’re drunk.”

Lu Zhao Yao immediately pressed her hand against his lips: “Shhh…” The scent from her mouth blew into his ear, like a dog’s soft tail that tickled him to his bones. She faintly and unintelligibly said to him: “Don’t be noisy, I purposely came to find someone to vent the fire.”

What did she say?

Mo Qing began to doubt his own hearing.

While he was still dumbfounded, Lu Zhao Yao quickly grabbed him by the collar, forced his head up, then… Kissed him.

In fact, it could not be called a kiss because she was, in fact, biting him.

Her bite made him feel pain, and the pain shocked him hard within his mind that he immediately regained clarity.


He could feel his desire for Lu Zhao Yao, the emotion that was always suppressed deeply at the bottom of his heart. However, she was Lu Zhao Yao. As long as she said one word, he would be willing to do anything for her.

However, this matter alone… He must definitely control himself.

She was drunk. So absolutely not.

Later, when she sobered up, she would definitely hate herself.

He tried to push her away, but this Wan Lu Sect Leader was drunk and her cultivation was more powerful than his, she crushed his efforts. She said: “Be good. Listen to me.”

Did she think he was a small animal that needed coaxing?

He had no way to refuse Lu Zhao Yao. No matter what she said, he could not refuse. Including now, his mind knocked on a loud wake-up bell inside his head, he told himself, no, no, no!

But Lu Zhao Yao was like an alluring woman of legend, biting his lips, stroking his chest, gently biting his ear, and using the tip of her tongue to lick his earlobe. That little bit of exquisite sensation and soulful temptation made him abandon his defenses in utter defeat.

He could not help but accepted her enthusiasm, her seduction, and her deadly attraction. Gradually, he began to respond. His carefully kept desire that had been hidden for many years now was like a volcano escaping from its restraint, constantly erupting hot lava, as if it could cover the sky.

However, after a short while of uncontrollable emotions , it seemed that Lu Zhao Yao was unable to cope with Mo Qing’s offense. She pushed him away, laid down on his chest, and looked up at him.

In the light of the spell, her black pupils reflected his ugly face.

Those black sealed imprints were like creepy black worms, crawling all over his face.

Lu Zhao Yao’s eyes were like a mirror that reflected the disgust he felt for himself. He immediately tilted his head and avoided her gaze. He was afraid of scaring her… Even more… Afraid of her finding him disgusting and hating him.

Yet she said, his eyes were like an ocean of beautiful stars in the sky. Her words were full of gentleness that carried the power to make his soul tremble.


She reached out to embrace his face with both her hands and gently kissed each of the ugly imprints.

It was like giving him salvation.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Mo Qing.”

The name that she gave him blurted from her lips, and then he lost control of everything.

He could no longer control his body that was overflowing with intense love within his heart.

He embraced her, flipped himself around, and pressed her under his body. However, Lu Zhao Yao was like a bad person who had achieved her plan, taunted him again: “Do you know who I am?”

“Zhao Yao… Lu Zhao Yao.”

She was the benefactor who saved his life. She was the grace that heaven bestowed upon him. She was the only wind and moon in his life, the only passion and love, and the only salvation and protection.

Mo Qing could never forget the night in front of the mountain gate, beside the murderous spell, all the terrible and scary things in the world were behind him, but all the sinful and beautiful things in the world were underneath him.


She was his life, his only desire.

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