Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 31

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 31

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

In the past few days, I waited for Liu He Tian Yi Sword’s sheath to be completed, so I did not feel like going anywhere.

In the morning, Zhi Yan meditated in Zhuo Chen Hall. While I effortlessly criticized her for formerly being pampered and spoiled since childhood, for not being serious in her cultivation practice, and for having an incomplete knowledge from books. Zhi Yan clenched her teeth in acknowledgment. In the afternoon, I sent Zhi Yan down the mountain to burn paper offerings for me. When she came back, I asked how many people she got to burn for me. Once again, I effortlessly criticized her for not having the charisma to entice others. Zhi Yan still clenched her teeth at being bullied.

Into the evening, there was nothing that needed to be done, so I did not want to take possession of her body to go anywhere and left her body for her to use as she pleased. Zhi Yan felt weird, left her body, and started to ask me: “Lu Zhao Yao, why are you out of sorts today, opening your mouth to mock people? Are you in a bad mood, so you’re bullying me to regain equilibrium?”

I laid in bed with my legs crossed and glanced at her: “Your master is very gratified.”

“What are you gratified about?”

“At least for once, you finally realized that I’m bullying you.”


“You can only bully me like this.” Since she had been living with me for a while, Zhi Yan began to defiantly talk back to me. She turned towards the bed to sit and swept a glance at me, “If you have the ability, then go bully Li Chen Lan. Don’t tell him whatnots like this young lady concede defeat. A Great Demon King like you who may not resent losing face, but I’m your disciple who still resents losing face.”


I closed my eyes, did not get angry with her, and leisurely swayed my crossed legs back and forth, “Don’t worry, once Liu He Tian Yi Sword is back, then I’ll find an opportunity to kill him.”

Zhi Yan heard my words and was stunned for a long time. Suddenly, she immediately turned around and asked me, “You want to kill him?” The tone of her voice almost kind of fluctuated. 

I widened my eyes and looked at her: “Oh, I didn’t tell you?”

Zhi Yan quickly sat up straight to face me: “Didn’t you say you wanted to seduce him? Then make him gladly and willingly help go avenge me.”

“You remembered it wrong, what I said was the two of us will talk about a business deal.” I closed my eyes and continued to sway my legs, “You lend me your body, I go and do something, and then I will help avenge you.”

“Yes, but you didn’t say you want to…”

“There is no conflict between killing Li Chen Lan and helping you get revenge.” I raised my hand to stop her, “Right now, we’ve seduced him to almost being completely seduced. I will make him help avenge you first, and then I will kill him. Or I will kill him first, and then help avenge you; it’s really all one or two days of work. In the next two days, you must swindle him to give you a few Nine Reversal Pills, deceive him to teach you a skill, and train your body to near perfection. Then wait until I get Liu He Tian Yi Sword, I will possess your body to deal with these matters properly.”

Zhi Yan did not speak for a long time.

I opened my eyes to see her brows furrowing deeply.

I sat up: “What? You’re from a prestigious righteous sect and you’re still reluctant to kill this demon of Wan Lu Sect?” I raised my index finger to beckon her, “After killing him, from then on, your reputation and popularity will absolutely increase greatly. The Wan Lu Sect Leader position will be given to you, are you unhappy?”

Zhi Yan raised her eyes and stared at me closely: “You’re… Not reluctant to kill him?”

I was startled and was silent for a moment but soon after, I smirked and laughed somewhat contemptuously: “Why would I be reluctant; I, Lu Zhao Yao, have never done things reluctantly in my entire life. I spend money, kill people, commit arson, whatever I want to do, I do it willingly. Once again, that year he willingly killed me, so why would I be unwilling to kill him? I will stab straight through his heart, open his chest and disembowel him, and then make him turn into a wandering ghost that has absolutely nothing like me.”

Thinking about it, I was somewhat pleased with myself, “If he died, there’ll be no one to burn paper offerings for him, then he’ll still be inferior to me.”


Zhi Yan had never been a lady that was adept at disputing with others. I would speak boldly and confidently with conviction, while she simply gnawed at her lips not uttering a single word for half the day. She waited until I turned my head not wanting to acknowledge her, she then choked out: “I don’t know what happened to you all that year… I’m unclear on what type of person Li Chen Lan is and I don’t carefully interact with him. But you… You shouldn’t talk about yourself like that.”

She stared at me and spoke somewhat nervously: “I may have never seen how brazenly you lived when you were alive, but during these days of living with you, I know that you’re not that kind… That kind of demon that randomly kills and burns people. You’re just a little bad but when I want your help you always agree to help me. Even if you have a firm mouth but your heart is always soft. I’m cowardly, useless and a drag; you readily criticize me but never abandon me.”


I looked at her and heard her say to me:

“You’re not the kind of bad person that you say you are.”

I actually felt the corner of my lip lift up in a playfully banterous and carelessly indifferent smirk, but I did not understand why I could not laugh.

I remembered many years ago, it was so long ago that I could not even recall which year it was, but there was a person who was part of the prestigious righteous sect, he told me that I was born to be a demon, that I was to become the most sinister person in the world, that my heart would certainly be nefarious, that my behavior would definitely be evil, and that I absolutely deserved to be put to death.

I could still hear it in my ears, at that time, I shouted among the millions of cold swords. I cried out to defend myself to the point my voice became hoarse: “I’m not bad! I swear I will be a good person!”

[That year, no one listened to me. Now, when I was about to do something bad, a silly little girl said to me–] 

[‘You’re not the kind of bad person that you say you are.’]

[You prestigious righteous sect people really make it impossible for others to understand.]

I stood up and floated out of the room: “You only said one thing correctly.” I glided to the doorway and turned around to look at her, “You’re definitely cowardly, useless and a drag.”

Zhi Yan was shocked and clenched her teeth fuming with rage: “Why are you running? It’s because what I said precisely hit home, that’s why you want to run!”

I waved my hand: “I’m going to admire the moon; you even want to control that?”

I quickly floated away that Zhi Yan could not catch up to me, so she had to stop. I glided around Wu E Hall and circled the rooftop. On the roof, I floated back and forth for several rounds and finally, sat down on the roof of Mo Qing’s sleeping hall to watch the night’s bright moon.

One day before going to Feng Zhou City to get the sword, I made Zhi Yan go down the mountain in the afternoon to burn paper offerings, and when night fell, she would go wait for me on the south side of Shun An Town. When she went out, I also began to do everything I can to go down the mountain.

By the time night fell, she and I met up in Shun An Town, and then together, we went to the ghost market of the departed spirits.

Along the way, Zhi Yan was a little nervous: “Are there really ghosts inside the ghost market that you’re taking me to?”

I rolled my eyes at her: “What do you think?”

Then she wrung her hands the entire way. Once we reached the ghost market of the departed spirits, I made Zhi Yan leave her body. She obediently followed my words and after she came out, she latched onto my arm, trembling: “This place is super eerie.”

I asked her: “Do you see the ghost market yet?”

Her body stiffened: “There’s one here?”

I stroked my chin in deep thoughts; sure enough, when I possessed Zhi Yan’s body, I was unable to see ghosts and when Zhi Yan left her body, she also was not able to see them either. She was definitely different from other ghosts probably because she was still alive. She banged her head on my tombstone, so she could only see my body and also could only be possessed by me.

“You can’t see, so stay here. I’m going to buy something for you.”

Zhi Yan was anxious and attached herself to me. I looked at her hand on my arm, not saying anything. Zhi Yan asked me: “Is… Is there a ghost here?”

“Aren’t we both ghosts?”

“… Anything else!” 

I glanced at the elderly lady staring and assessing Zhi Yan, it seems that other ghosts could still see her just like they could see living people. I watched the longer the old lady stared at Zhi Yan, the closer she moved in, so I warned that old lady: “Don’t look anymore, she’s blind, she can’t see you.”

The old lady responded to me, “It’s okay to be blind, the most important is the eight-character birthdate, my son is also dead, can she do a netherworld marriage?” 

[This is an old lady looking for a netherworld marriage for her son, why haven’t they reincarnated yet?]

“She has in-laws.”

“Oh… Then that’s too bad, my son must marry a good lady, she must be a maiden.” The elderly lady turned her head to look at me, “So what about you?”

I refused to acknowledge the old lady, while Zhi Yan was beside me covering her eyes and shouting: “What did you see? Who are you talking to? Who’s looking at me? Don’t go…”

Mhm, sure enough, as I expected her guts was smaller than a chicken.

“I’ll return soon. If you’re afraid, then go back into your body. They can’t touch you.”

“They?” Zhi Yan looked like she was about to fall apart, “Is there a lot here? How many? You come back soon!”

I bought Zhi Yan the Energy Boosting Pill and placed it in her hand. This pill she could definitely see and she stuffed it in her mouth. After a while, she floated to the side and her eyes widened in surprise: “I became as fast as you.”

I nodded: “Now, you understand, properly burn paper offerings for me in the future and you will definitely benefit.”

Zhi Yan was silent for a moment and suddenly asked a question: “If… You killed Li Chen Lan and also helped avenge me, then what are you planning to do after?”


After that, I would return to my gravesite and continued to float around; wait for the day to come when I would completely forget all of my memories. Or I could float around with Ugly Little Monster, bully him, and show off my paper money in front of him.

“My future matters has nothing to do with you, you just take care of your life.” I entered Zhi Yan’s body, bounced up, and asked her, “Can you find your way back?”

Zhi Yan nodded: “Probably… Remember…” She stared seriously at me, “Are you wanting to abandon me?”

“Didn’t you say that I’ve never abandoned you?” I sent Zhi Yan a smile, “Let’s try a little.”

After saying that, I used the Instant Travel Technique to return to Wu E Hall, and still heard Zhi Yan’s angry curse beside my ear: “Lu Zhao Yao! You wretch!”

I landed in Zhuo Chen Hall and laughed heartily for a while. Originally, I planned to scare that chicken guts of hers, and then go back to pick her up but just when I landed in Zhuo Chen Hall, I saw candlelight glowing in the hall, Mo Qing was sitting at the table silently drinking tea.

I just returned by utilizing Instant Travel, he heard my round of loud laughter but still gave no reaction and merely asked me casually: “Where’d you go?”

I did not understand why, in a blink of an eye, I had a nervous feeling that I was caught red-handed by my schoolmaster for jipping class. 

“I went down the mountain to burn paper offerings and bullied some little ones.” When I said these words, I properly readjusted my feelings, smiled and sat down next to Mo Qing, “What about Master; it’s so late, are you looking for me for something?”

“Tomorrow, I’m busy. So tonight, I’ll take you to get the sword.”

I was surprised; oh, this was just great, Zhi Yan really could only float herself back here now. Fortunately, she had eaten the Energy Boosting Pill, so it would not take too much effort. Besides, even if she could not float back, her soul would still return tomorrow morning, so there was no need to worry about her.

Mo Qing and I instantly traveled to Feng Zhou City; this place was still bustling and chaotic like before.

Mo Qing silently walked, while I followed beside him. I was bored, so I casually said some words and asked him: “Master, that year, Jiang Hu said that West Mountain Lord was harmed by Nan Yue Sect. How exactly was he harmed?”

“They made Sima Rong fall in love with a woman from Nan Yue Sect, and then ordered that woman to kill him.”

[A beauty trap, it was similar to what I expected.]

“But West Mountain Lord was not killed.”

“Mhm, that woman, Yue Zhu, also fell in love with him; she could not bear to do it. Nan Yue Sect summoned Yue Zhu back and punished her for betraying the sect.” Yi, Ugly Little Monster unexpectedly explained everything regarding this matter resolutely and straightforwardly to me. If I had known earlier that he was so willing to talk, I would not have gone to the ghost market to squander my money! Mo Qing continued to say, “Sima Rong went to rescue her but was ambushed and broke his legs. It all depended on Yue Zhu, she risked her life to protect him, she brought him out and escaped from Nan Yue Sect but in the end, she was seriously injured and died.”

How could the situation be reversed like this…

No wonder that Little Round Face thought that I wanted to harm Sima Rong before, she became angry and almost turned into a malicious spirit. It turned out that even though she was dead, she still thought of protecting Sima Rong.

“What about Wan Lu Sect…” I glanced at Mo Qing and saw that his moods did not fluctuation in any way; it seemed that this question did not touch his limits, “West Mountain Lord went to save her, Wan Lu Sect did not help him?”

Mo Qing’s footsteps slightly paused and turned his head to glance at me: “At that time, the previous Sect Leader went to the Sword Tomb to get the sword.”

I immediately became silent.

I went to the Sword Tomb to get the desired Wan Jun Sword and mobilized all of Wan Lu Sect’s forces. Every time Sima Rong received information, he would voluntarily report it and I never had to take charge of him. During that time, I was basically too busy to manage what Sima Rong was doing, even to the point where I did not go to ask him.

Therefore, when he went to save her, his information was wrong. When his legs were broken, I did not know anything about it. When Little Round Face brought him out and escaped from Nan Yue Sect, I was perhaps already dead.

Sima Rong said he was apologetic towards me, but if this matter was carefully discussed, then it was me, the Sect Leader, that should be ashamed.

It was my careless negligence, I held myself too high that caused his broken legs and buried life. It was entirely my fault; I did not handle the matter appropriately.

“Let’s go get the sword first.” I said, “Last time, West Mountain Lord entrusted me to do something. This time, I came to give him an update.”

Had not even walked near the alley yet, I saw a bunch of people standing in a circle in the distance. Mo Qing frowned, took two steps forward through the crowd into the alley, and heard these demonic cultivators discussed near his ears: “…Looks like the Dark Guards are all knocked down.”

“What kind of person did Wan Lu Sect placed here?”

“The activity’s commotion was loud but nothing else was done; only snatched the person and left…”

I heard that and frowned. I raised my head to look at Mo Qing, only to see that his complexion became gloomy and his eyes darkened sharply. When this look was compared to the one that was just talking to me was like two completely different people.


Entering West Mountain Lord’s house, we only saw a mess scattered all around; books and wooden blocks were everywhere. Laying on the ground, there were three to four people dressed in the Dark Guard’s clothes that Mo Qing left here to protect Sima Rong.

Going into the main room, his wheelchair was on its side laying on the floor but the man with the gentle smile who was supposed to sit in it was already taken to an unknown place.

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9 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 31

  1. Zhi Yan & Zhao Yao’s relationship is one of the reasons why I like this drama so much. They make such great partners in an unexpected and comedic way ~ Zhi Yan is stronger and fiercer than she first seems, and Zhao Yao is softer than she believes herself to be. I love how Zhi Yan is so astute at reading feelings and nudges Zhao Yao into understanding hers.

    Compared to the drama, the novel is actually much more streamlined to focus on ZY & MQ, which is awesome! I mean, I did like some of the background and relationships like Gu Han Guang’s tragedy and Sima Rong’s story, but I could’ve really done w/o so much of the hypocrites from the Celestial Sect, especially Golden Boy and his psycho wife.

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    1. Lol, Golden Boy! The first image that came to mind was the anime titled Golden Boy from many years ago. I like the contrast between Zhao Yao x Mo Qing and Golden Boy x psycho wife (you made me forget their names), how Mo Qing and psycho wife chose to deal with losing the loves of their lives.


  2. ZY is already thinking about spending her life with MQ when she planned to spend the afterlife with him. Thanks so much for the translation. They are so cute!

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