Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 40.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 40.01

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I was astonished with Mo Qing’s monstrous wrath and was once again shocked by his fierce power.

But he simply looked straight into my eyes and said:

“I’ll take you away.”

When Mo Qing profoundly released these four words, it was clearly not like the sweet speech and honeyed words of a secular lover, nor the softness and gentleness that half-hearted lovers should have. However, with just these four very ordinary words, it suddenly struck the softest place in my heart, and then wrapped around the center of my being.

I felt that he might have a hidden, repressive, very subtle, and deep affection for me. However, I told myself that this was just Mo Qing’s feelings for Zhi Yan’s body, not for me.

Because of these four words of his, I could not help it but be immersed in his limpid eyes and let his feelings be like a warm current that enveloped every necrotically dead and stiffly cold place in my heart. In an instant, it seemed to have turned all my sharpness into softness.

For just a moment, I actually felt somewhat like a beggar that was seeking the warm flow of feelings found between two people. Because… I could never have imagined that in this world, there would be someone who would willingly treat me in such a way.

I stared at him foolishly and could not move my eyes away.

But I could not dwell in absent-mindedness any longer. In the night sky, Mo Qing had just emitted a terrifying demonic aura, so the Demon Defensive Array had begun to activate the formation. The radiating golden light was almost dazzling with tens of thousands of long golden swords gathered together and slowly became a giant eight-sided sword, suspended high in the air. The brilliant light it emitted was even brighter than the scorching sun in midsummer. The sharp point of the sword quivered with a murderous aura that was aimed directly at Mo Qing.

While at the side, Shen Qian Jin’s complexion became grave and yelled: “Not good, quickly dodge it!”

But where could I dodge to?

The Demon Defensive Array was here and on all four sides were the people of Jian Xin Sect. In the entire city of Jin Zhou City, there was no one who did not want to destroy the demonic path to defend their values. In this city here, everywhere was filled with great danger.


I did not move, nor did Mo Qing. But he turned his gaze away and raised his chin to look at the long sword suspended in the sky without the slightest fear of its power. His back was ramrod-straight standing in front of me. Looking at his back in this moment, I could not help but think of that day once again. Inside the Sword Tomb, I was also in a desperate situation. I was seriously injured and weak, half-lying half-sitting on the ground, and he stood in front of me just like this.


I laughed in my heart and just felt that fate was too coincidental.

But in the end, it was not the same as that time.

Mo Qing grasped Wan Jun Sword in his hand and drew it up in front of him. He swiped his palm on the edge of the blade and the sharp blade’s edge immediately cut open his palm. Fresh blood stained the blade of Wan Jun Sword like a baptism. On the edge of the blade, a twisting vine of dense black energy came out and the aura in his entire body exploded. Strong winds swelled on all four sides, dragged his hair and clothes, and ripped his black robe made of mermaid’s thread very violently. 


At this time, a thin layer of black energy slowly appeared on my body and Shen Qian Jin’s. It separated us from the gradually growing bone-plundering gale — It was Mo Qing protecting me and her.

He still remembered my words, must save Shen Qian Jin.

The gale was fierce, Wan Jun Sword suddenly went straight into the ground and the tip of the sword sunk into the earth. On the edge of the blade, Mo Qing’s blood was completely absorbed by Wan Jun Sword and nothing was left to see. Then only the black vines intensified, it tangled and rotated, and a giant dragon emerged from the ground. It whizzed and circled around Mo Qing’s entire body. As the giant dragon turned faster and faster, the black demonic energy and the golden light in the sky collided and attacked each other.

As the atmosphere all around became increasingly different, it became much heavier.

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