Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 55.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 55.02

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Mo Qing was simply by my side with an expressionless face, quietly listening to me. 

I recalled one thing. The current Wan Lu Sect that was created by Mo Qing, had abolished the magical array, hacked the Hanging Corpse Pillar, dismantled the Whipping Corpse Stage, and returned the land to the people. Did he not do those things that I was not able to accomplish at that time?!

I had already forgotten who had once told me that currently in front of Chen Ji Mountain, when spring came, the field would be full of brilliant spring flowers that were very beautiful…

Indescribably, I actually was somewhat uncontrollably touched.

In the memories, I saw myself saying these nonsense that could fill the whole sky to the super little Mo Qing. I even saw his eyes burning luminously, looking at me with eyes filled with gentleness and tenderness. Then after..

After that, the me of that time did not pay any more attention to him. I just minded my own business, talking to myself. Then after my injuries healed, I immediately abandoned him to go find Luo Ming Xuan, leaving him alone in that broken-down temple.

He covetly hid my words inside his heart up until now. After I died, he took Wan Lu Sect and turned it into that beautiful model that I had imagined in the beginning.

I thought about before, every evening he would work so hard to stay up all night to review Wan Lu Sect’s documents, I did not understand his perseverance nor his risk-taking regardless of the costs.


However, I understood it now, he did it for my sake.

It was for that foolish me, who was dead set on being a good person.

That was my first and most innocent wish. However, after I gave up this wish a long time ago due to reality, I absentmindedly looked back and discovered that there actually was someone, who would help me achieve this matter.


After the thread that was weaving my dream got broken, there was still one person going through thousands upon thousands of dangerous difficulties. He carried injuries and scars all over his body, but used the rarest perseverance and gentleness in the world to quietly help me completely weave my garment…


And yet, I did not know anything about it.

All of a sudden, I actually felt somewhat furious with my constantly lethargic self. After I was done being furious with myself, I was even more furious with Ugly Little Monster!

This little outwardly cold, inwardly passionate person! He held himself back into this manner and did not even tell me!

While the memories in the mirror were still constantly moving forward. It passed through the process where I expanded Wan Lu Sect, it passed through where I killed Luo Ming Xuan, and finally it reached that evening, the night at Wan Lu Sect in front of the mountain…


Regarding these few nights, I had heard a couple of things from Sima Rong’s mouth. I had burned the building on Xi Yue Peak, and had used a sword to shred thousands of books in Cang Shu Pavilion located on the cliff. So Xi Yue Peak was now luminously ablaze, countless people were shrieking and hollering in the middle of extinguishing the fire. While in Wu E Palace, there were still guests being entertained with traditional Chinese musical instruments, the strikes were jingling and banging. It was lively and bustling, which really shook people to the core.

It was such a beautiful night.

As I recalled the scene, it was on this night that I saw a person in black robes. It was Mo Qing, a lonely shadow standing before the memorial arch at the foot of the mountain.


He raised his head to look upward. However, he did not look at Xi Yue Peak nor at Wu E Palace, but rather he was gazing at me about ten steps up.

My hands were still wrapped up in bandages, even my neck still had herbal paste plastered to my wound. So just like this, I stood above him on the step, holding a wine jug, gazing at him from a distance with my eyes filled with blurriness and my body smelled of alcohol: “Hey.” I called out to him, “Catch me.”

As all of my strength left my body, I flutteringly descended.

Mo Qing’s eyes swiftly widened, he took a quick step forward and caught me in midair. Then I knocked against him and we directly rolled down the stairs. I almost caused him to dive and roll straight into the murderous array before the mountain gate.

Mo Qing glanced back behind him, a few droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead. Then he glanced forward before him, looking at me lying on his chest. It was as if he had burnt his hand from merely touching me, he immediately let go: “Sect Leader…” His voice was deep and low, “You’re drunk…”

“Shhh…” I pressed down on his lips with my index finger, “Don’t be noisy, I purposely came to find someone to vent the fire..”

Listening to these words that I had unexpectedly said at that time, I ruthlessly slapped my own face. Lu Zhao Yao, oh, Lu Zhao Yao, look at what you had just said!

So direct! Did not understand even an iota of the ambiance of romance!

Uh, that year, I was still too inexperienced.

In due course, in the scene, I had pinned Mo Qing underneath my body, laying down on the flight of steps. His head appeared to be congested with blood, swelling thoroughly red, even the scary black seals on his face could not obstruct his blush.

I took ahold of his lapel to lift his head up, and opened my mouth to unrestrainedly bite his lips.


As soon as Mo Qing’s eyes stared at something beyond reach, he reached out to push me away with his hands. I pressed both of his hands onto the ground, restraining him without any explanation: “Be good.” I said, “Listen to me.” I kiss him again, licking and nibbling his lips from time to time…


I looked at myself at that time, only feeling parched and heated from head to toe. I covered the majority of my face with my hand and whispered, Lu Zhao Yao, you were shameless, you were practically shameless!


Through the spaces of my fingers, I saw Mo Qing from being astonished, shocked, and resistive, then the struggling quickly changed to forbearance, acceptance, and responsive. Immediately after that, his eyes grew darker and darker, and became more and more dangerous…


This nonpersevering Ugly Little Monster! You did not even resist for long!

How could this be considered as me raping you! This was clearly mutual consent on both sides, okay?!

I was charged with a rape crime, I refused to accept this verdict!

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9 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 55.02

  1. I loved how she realized that he had fulfilled the dream of her sect back then. She couldn’t even recognize it because she lost that dream long ago. To see that he took it to heart and tried so tirelessly to fulfill it was moving..

    I just getting into the scene from that night. You stopped right when was getting steamy…. I can’t wait to the conclusion… Zhao Yao even surprised herself…

    Thank you!

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