Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 59.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 59.01

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As soon as the Sect Leader Command was given, every mountain lord in the entire sect received the order and proceeded.


At the Hour of the Rabbit, the command was given, then at the Hour of the Dragon, the entire sect immediately received a thorough understanding. Just before the Hour of the Dragon had passed, every peak in the entire Chen Ji Mountain was already ignited with fire, ritual money was distributed, and every disciple on the mountain was arranged according to their divisions. They queued up and burned the paper offerings.

*Hour of the Rabbit (卯时 – mǎo shí) – between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.

*Hour of the Dragon (辰时 – chén shí) – between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

At the Hour of the Horse, when the sun was shining brightly, I hid in Zhuo Chen Hall, lying in the shadow of the window. I looked outside, only to see specks of dust flying everywhere, and burning smoke creating a murky atmosphere. However, my heart was very happy. I felt like there was an abacus that was recording the money into my account, popping and banging my amount skyward. This burst of clanging sound made my muscles and bones limp from head to toe.

*Hour of the Horse (午时 – wǔ shí) – between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.


So! Comfortable! All! Over!

Money, there was money, yes!

I was so happy that I wanted to roll around on the window. Behind me, Zhi Yan was looking at me: “Are you that happy?”

“You’ve never been poor.” I turned my head and asked her, “You don’t have to run errands to burn paper offerings anymore, aren’t you happy?”

“At first, I thought it was very annoying, but later on, I thought about burning paper offerings for you was really not that troublesome.” I did not anticipate that the words that Zhi Yan blurted out would warm my heart, “You deserve to have someone be good to you.”

She was drinking tea at the table. I turned my head and stared at her for a while, then I drifted to her side. Although I currently could not touch her, I still rubbed her head: “Little Cutie, we have a predestined fate. You can rest assured, when Big Sister’s soul returns to my body in the future, as long as there’s a bite of meat to eat, I’ll definitely give you a bone.”

Zhi Yan leered at me: “Am I your adopted puppy?”

This young lady, when she first saw me like when she saw Mo Qing, she trembled with fear from head to toe, but now she dared to use the side eye to look at me.

Tch, it was all because I had indulged her.

“What do you know, the bones in my, Lu Zhao Yao’s, hand, can it be ordinary bones?” I extended my hand, acting like I was pinching her chin. I deviously smirked at her, “If I give it to you, do you want it?”

Zhi Yan held the teacup, and distractedly stared at me for a while, then she immediately turned her head away shyly: “Aahh, Great Demon King, you’re so hateful! You tease whoever you see!”

I lay on the table, constantly laughing: “’Cuz I’m in a good mood.”

“Bang!” With a crisp sound, Zhuo Chen Hall’s door was suddenly pushed open by someone. Zhi Yan and I looked towards the door at the same time, only to see Mo Qing in black clothes with a calm and collected face, standing at the doorway.

The sunlight outside was bright enough, he was facing towards the inside of the room, making the expression on his face both cold and dark.

“Qin Zhi Yan.”

This name was called out without any warmth, Zhi Yan’s body trembled all over and immediately stood up. However, after looking at Mo Qing for a while, she only heard Mo Qing say three words: “Go burn paper.”

“Ah… Oh… Okay.” Zhi Yan hastily lifted up the hem of her dress, bowed her head, and hurried away without looking at anything.

In spite of everything, he frightened my little playmate away. I still did not even get the time to be concerned about her and Liu Cang Ling’s situation. I propped my head on the table, looking at Mo Qing’s awful complexion: “Such a vinegar jar.” 

Mo Qing could not see me and stepped into the room, sitting where Zhi Yan had just sat, while picking up another teacup. He poured water and took a sip: “Lu Zhao Yao.” As he called out my name, I tilted my head before him and gazed at him. However, when I saw his lips move, I could not help myself from approaching, and plastered against the petals of his lips, lightly rubbing gently. At last, I felt a little warmth, and also heard the softening of his voice, after he paused:

“You should get a beating…”

I smilingly grinned.

I should get a beating. If you wanted to hit me, I would even willingly let you hit me, but I was quite certain that you would be unable to lay a hand on me.

After sitting in the room for a while, he naturally went back to his sleeping chamber, while I passed through the wall to watch him. Last night, he had already finished approving the documents. Today, the people of Wan Lu Sect received the Sect Leader Command to all go burn paper offerings, so no one came to disturb him. He sat on the bed, meditating cross-legged and adjusting the aura in his body.

When the brilliant light circled about his body, only then did I just discover that the aura in his body was not quite as vigorous as before.

It was even weaker than before, when he came back from fetching Liu He Tian Yi Sword…

Thinking about it, it was quite true. From the time he helped me fetch Liu He Tian Yi Sword, he always had wounds on his body. Then one after the other, he fought with that Jiang Wu, ripped apart Ling Ting Mountain, accompanied me in the fight with Luo Ming Xuan, and shot down the godly phoenix. Yesterday, he even dispersed his divine sense completely, and performed the Ninth Heaven Technique, searching for me everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 59.01

  1. Ah MoQing! He easily gave into her wish all the while harboring a bit of.. resignation. He would do anything for Zhao Yao- whether or not she considered his feelings…

    Interesting how both of them have lost a bit of their vitality albeit for different reasons… can’t wait to see how that plays out in the story.

    Thank you again for another translation! Thank you for continuing with this story!

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