Random Things #0001


Random Things #0001

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So I had some readers that were interested in seeing what I was making. So here’s just some of the things I crocheted, sewn, and made in the past month or so. I still have more projects to make because I’m apparently “nesting.”

I crocheted myself this slouchy beanie with a big pom pom. This is one of my favorite wave stitch that is usually crocheted flat. I hate seaming up the edges together, so I created a pattern and turned this stitch into a circular form. I still need to finish writing the pattern, though.
I crocheted this baby hat for my future baby. This is one of my favorite colors, teal, and I decided to top it off with a creamy white pom pom.
So my husband is into The Mandalorian series and Baby Yoda. He asked me to crochet a baby hat for our future baby. So I made it, but then my friend saw it and she commissioned one for her toddler. So I made another, then she commissioned two more Baby Yoda hats but this time, it’s for herself and her husband, a Baby Yoda family. Now, I have 2 more hats waiting to be made…
I was commissioned by someone to crochet a toddler hat for her great-niece. She just wanted something pink with flowers and earflaps with braids. So this was what I came up with. I crocheted two different flowers and added 4 embroidered rosettes.
I was commissioned by the same lady to crochet a baby beanie with bear ears for her great-nephew. She wanted a blue one and I wanted to use 2 different blues because I have a lot of yarn remnants in my stash that I had to destroy.
I made these sterling silver plated earrings with Swarovski crystals.
I’ve sewn several masks and this is just one of them. This is made from a handkerchief that I got in Japan. I had enough fabric leftover to make my husband a matching mask to boot!

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5 thoughts on “Random Things #0001

  1. This is absolutely amazing. My mom is also into sewing a lot of things lately ^^. Your work is really pleasing to see. I don’t comment often but I had to just to wish the best for you and your family and to thank you for your hard work when it comes to translate the novels. I am if my English is not good it’s not my native language, I’m french… so Best Wishes from France !

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