Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 68.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 68.03

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What kind of description was lively and fresh? 

Was I the fish that you just caught in the valley? 

“Why is she like this now?” She regained her imposing manner and glared at Mo Qing, “Ugly Little Monster! Tell me! Did you take the opportunity when I’m not here to bully my family’s sect leader?!” 

Mo Qing did not pay any heed to her. 

Off to the side, I was kneading the space between my eyebrows and said to Zhi Yan: “Hurry up and have people repair Wu E Palace, I can’t bask in the sun and put my body in a shady place. I will rest for a while, and then enter my body again.” 

Zhi Yan conveyed my wish. As soon as Shi Qi heard it, she stopped making a fuss and turned around to lift the bricks. 

Mo Qing controlled Wan Jun Sword again. As soon as Wan Jun Sword lifted, the broken bricks and stones on all sides were all floating in the air. Under the power that Wan Jun Sword released, each brick and stone automatically gathered. The stones overlapped, the high columns were erected, and all the collapsed bricks returned back to their original places. 

Wan Jun Sword had the power of ten thousand troops, it could destroy all things and also revive all things. Moments later, when Shi Qi carried back a pile of bricks, Wu E Palace and even the memorial arch were already repaired. 

Shi Qi looked at the magnificent Wu E Palace and her bricks fell to the ground. Then with her widened eyes, she watched Mo Qing carry me into the main hall. Her expression looked somewhat desolate. 

Once inside, Mo Qing laid me down on the bed in his hall. 

Off to the side, I began rubbing my hands together, I steadied myself, and then, I went forward to lie down in my own body. Just like last time, I felt the pain as my meridians reconnected again, then a moment later, I opened my eyes. 

Once again, I had properly repossessed my body. 

Mo Qing stood beside me and watched me attentively. I stroked the back of his hand: “Don’t be afraid, I just experienced a temporary problem. I will definitely be fine in the future.” As my feet landed on the ground, I stood up. Mo Qing wanted to support me, but I declined his help. However, as I walked two steps forward, I still had to reach my hands out toward Mo Qing for support. 

Inside the room, there was a moment of silence. I looked at Zhi Yan: “Give me some of your blood.” 

Zhi Yan froze: “Huh?” 

“Give me blood.” 

Zhi Yan stared at me in horror: “Great… Great Demon King, although I like you very much, but I… I don’t want to die just yet.” 

“Who’s telling you to die? Give me blood, just the size of that wine up will do.” 

I clenched my teeth, this body, as I had expected, needed to rely on the blood of their Qin family to continue functioning. 

How could this be okay?! 

In the future, if Mo Qing and I were getting down to business, would Zhi Yan still have to guard outside the door? If halfway through, I was no longer up to snuff, would I have to tell Zhi Yan to come in and offer me a cup of blood to drink, and then continue to handle my business? 

Just thinking about that scene, it was just ridiculous! 

How could I, the magnificent Lu Zhao Yao, want to live a life with limited freedom! What a scandal! Harmful to my mightiness! 

I should find a new solution quickly! 

I watched Zhi Yan prick her fingertip. In the teacup, she bloodleted until it was halfway full and then delivered the cup to me to drink. As it dripped down my throat, I narrowed my eyes and pondered. Apparently, tonight, I would still have to make a trip to the ghost market. After all, affairs regarding ghosts, only the ghosts in the ghost market would know it best.

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