Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 69.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 69.03

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Based on Zi You’s previous devotion to him, I reluctantly planned to believe him just this once. 

As I bid Zhu Ji farewell, I turned around and left. Behind me, he laughed and waved his hand, saying: “Don’t worry, you’re the widow of an immortal, so no matter what you do, Heaven will take care of you.” 

I had only been a ghost for a short time, and I had only experienced these bitter encounters in the ghost market, and you said that Heaven would take care of me? 

I hoped that it would be so! 

Lying back in my body, I let Zhi Yan help me up. Then I bit her finger, sucking a little bit of her blood. Zhi Yan felt somewhat wronged: “Great Demon King, you bit me like so, and you didn’t even have the tiniest bit of hesitation?” 

“Not one bit.” I firmly answered her, “Let’s go back. We’ll go to my hometown. When we come back, I don’t need to bite your finger anymore.” 

“Your hometown?” Zhi Yan asked me, “Where’s your hometown?” 

I lifted Zhi Yan and used the Instantaneous Travel Technique to return to Wu E Palace: “A place that’s in a desolate valley. There’s no specific name, but I know the way.” I used my Divine Sense to explore Wu E Palace and found that Mo Qing was not here. 

He must still have a lot of work to do at the other mountain peaks, so he could not return for the time being. Only Shi Qi was lying face down on the table and sleeping in my room. Her magic was not high, so her body needed rest, but as soon as I made a movement outside the hall, she immediately woke up. She ran out and happily shouted: “Sect Leader! Sect Leader! Sect Leader!” 

I thought to myself that it would not be bad to take Shi Qi along. Her voice was loud, so when she helped me call out my name, it would definitely be full of love and extremely resounding. 

However, before I could say anything, another figure flashed in front of me. Lin Zi Yu appeared out of thin air. He saw me and greeted me. Then he walked towards Wu E Palace in a hurry. 

“Mo Qing isn’t here.” I told him, “Whatever it is, you can tell me.” 

Sure enough, as he turned around, bowed his head, and knelt down, he reported respectfully: “The sect leader punished me, I am to go to the Punishment Department for three days, but on the way there, I received a report from the dark guard in front of Su Mountain. Tonight, Jiang Wu of Xin Mountain unexpectedly attacked Qian Chen Pavilion with the help of the hidden power in Jiang City. During tonight’s surprise attack, several hundred of Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples were killed, Su Mountain’s magic array was destroyed, Qin Qian Xian got severely injured and kidnapped. We don’t know where he’s being held.” 

Zhi Yan took in a deep breath of cold air, while I was deep in thought. 

Just this morning, Mo Qing chopped up and damaged Jiang Wu’s puppet. Even though I did not know how to make a puppet, I did know that if the puppet got damaged, then the real body would receive thirty percent of the damages, too. 

One of Jiang Wu’s puppets died this morning, and now another one immediately appeared in the evening. Did he think that he was powerful and fearless, or… Did he physically go out to fight? 

This matter was done so urgently, so why did he only make a surprise attack on Qian Chen Pavilion… 

Qin Qian Xian, Qin Qian Xian. 

When this Jiang Wu kidnapped people, he sure went about it subtly. 

“Last night, I told him that if he has any difficulty, then come find me, and today, he got kidnapped by someone.” Shi Qi mumbled beside me, “Then I must go save him.” 

When I reconsidered it, I told myself that it would be fine. Jiang Wu cultivated the demon path, so did the group of subordinates under his command. Previously at Wan Lu Sect, Shi Qi’s main task was to teach disobedient demon cultivators a lesson. 

Some time ago when I possessed Zhi Yan’s body, I was kidnapped by Jiang Wu. After I listened to the way he talked, he seemed very confident about the barrier he set up, he seemed to be very confident in the enchantment barrier he erected. However, these things were completely ineffective against Shi Qi. If Shi Qi was to teach Jiang Wu a lesson, then he would surely suffer a big loss. 

I told Lin Zi Yu to take Shi Qi and go save Qin Qian Xian. After they both left, Zhi Yan asked me: “So we will wait for Li Chen Lan to return, and then go to your hometown?” 

“No need to wait for him. Let’s go there now.” 

I thought to myself, my hometown, the place that I had lived since I was a child. Aside from Luo Ming Xuan, no one had gone by. Everywhere was full of miasma, it was remote and desolate. In the past, Luo Ming Xuan said that it was the place where the Demon King sealed his only son. Now that the Demon King was gone, his only son was also born so many years ago, so there was probably only some overgrown woodland left. As I spirited away, I took Zhi Yan with me to summon my soul. At the most it would only take about an incense-length of time, so it was not necessary to tell Mo Qing to come along.

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