Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 30

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 30

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Now that Mo Qing was here, I did not have much time to indulge myself in my own thoughts.

I patted my face to stabilize my mind and thought:

[Afraid of what? I have already died once anyways. Events of the past that were forgotten have been forgotten. Even if I die once more, I will just lose the things that I’ve already lost again. There’s nothing to be panicky about.]

I recently borrowed this body of Zhi Yan’s that had no substantial courage, so the more I live, the more narrow-minded I became. I should quickly gather money to buy a Resurrecting Pill!

In short, regardless if I was to forget my identity or go reincarnate or even disintegrate later, they were all events that would happen in the future. A ferocious person like me was still one day destined to be killed by the aura of Ugly Little Monster’s sword. I could not struggle between existence and dissipation. The only thing I could attempt to do before I dissipate was to drag a scapegoat with me–

For instance, this Ugly Little Monster in front of me, who still came before my gravesite to show off after I died.

Although right now, he was no longer ugly and even beautiful to be somewhat enchanting…

No matter what! I had decided to get rid of him!

This future matter, I would revisit it later.

It was late at night and this Ugly Little Monster did not go to sleep but came out to seek Zhi Yan. Now that he had seen Zhi Yan sleeping here, there would certainly be many doubts in his mind. Therefore, I should quickly erase all these doubts. I entered Zhi Yan’s body, stretched my back, and pretended to wake up while dazedly rubbing my eyes. After that, I pretended to be surprised and stared at Mo Qing:

“Whoa? Master! How are you here?”

Mo Qing looked at me silently; he did not respond nor appeared suspicious of me. He simply stared at me with some concentrated scrutiny.

Even though Mo Qing’s eyes were clear, it made it impossible for someone to read his mind; I was helpless against these types of eyes. I simply shifted my eyes, supported my body against the tree behind me, stood up, and explained myself: “Ay, after the last time that I was captured by Jiang Wu, I don’t know what ailment happened to this body of mine, it feels sleepy all the time.”


“Oh?” Mo Qing finally responded, “Go back and let Gu Han Guang check to see if there are any problems and get it all treated.”

I took care of Zhi Yan’s body very well, so if I was to let Gu Han Guang check it, then he would probably say that my brain was faulty…


“It just feels sleepy all the time, there are no other ailments. I mustn’t go bother the god doctor. Master, look, the night sky here is so beautiful!” I conveniently pointed at the sky and hoped that there was a beautiful starry sky that would make it possible for me to change the subject. I never thought that in this ghost market where living people could not see ghosts but could still see the heavy yin atmosphere. It was heavily clouded with impenetrable darkness where the stars and the moon could not be seen.

Mo Qing shot a glance at the pitch-black night sky and silently gave me a look.


In his silence, I felt somewhat awkward: “Ay, a moment ago, it was still very beautiful… I was sitting here admiring the moon and just like that, I fell asleep, hahaha… The sky sure changes fast.” I muttered to myself and felt that these low-quality lies really affected my image, “Okay, let’s not look anymore. Let’s go back.” I gave up and wanted to quickly leave Mo Qing’s side in order to avoid revealing clues. I would have to find another opportunity to return again with Zhi Yan to buy the Energy Boosting Pill.

“Want to admire the bright moon?” Mo Qing suddenly uttered these words.

No matter what, I needed to somewhat tactfully reject him: “Master, you’re occupied with a myriad of sect affairs; you must be very busy…”

“Not busy.”


“…” I was interrupted so fast that I momentarily could not come up with the next excuse and I felt Mo Qing take my hand. Within a flash, when I returned to myself, I was already standing high above the clouds. Underneath my feet were faintly discernible clouds floating in midair.

The Floating Air Technique, maybe for others this was a very novel experience. However, for a long-time ghost like me, every day floating in the air was not too weird of a feeling; it was just that I had flown a little higher now. Furthermore, a long time ago, I had already played with this technique!

Mo Qing wanted to play this sentimental move that was also very old-fashioned. He led a girl to watch the stars and the moon, talk about life and dreams, and after, did he wanted to get fresh with a kiss and an embrace under the immense night sky and on the soft white clouds?

I had already seen through these tricks at an earlier time.

I thought this way in my mind but when I turned my head to glimpse at Mo Qing’s slightly upturned face looking at the bright moon, his eyes resembled sparkling water under the moonlight. He did not look at me but I stared at him unable to shift my eyes away.


[You look so beautiful; it really is a type of cheat in life.]

* type of cheat in life – life is easier to live when someone is good-looking

“If you have any difficulties, you can tell me.”


In such a felicitous atmosphere like this, Mo Qing suddenly uttered these words.

[No way, Ugly Little Monster, at a time like this, you’re causing trouble for people? Should you not immediately hug the other person’s waist, bow your head, aggressively and incoherently give your counterpart a kiss. You look so beautiful and you still notably want to be mindful. If you don’t use your face to seduce the enemy, then it is really wasteful!]


I squinted my eyes and smiled: “Master, having you by my side, I don’t have any difficulties at all.”

Mo Qing was silent for a moment: “As long as you say there is, I will help you, no matter what.”

I looked at his serious expression and was somewhat distracted momentarily. As though in this moment, if I said, ‘I was suffering from the inability to take your life,’ he would immediately and unwaveringly kill himself.

For at this moment, I even wanted to tell him that currently hidden in this body was Lu Zhao Yao. I wanted to see what reactions he would have in the end. Would his complexion immediately change; would he kill me again; or would it be because he fell in love with this body, so he was unable to lift his hand?

I really wanted to test him but I also clearly understood that there are so many dark ravines hidden in the human heart that it was the most untestable thing in the world.

If I tested him, then it was equivalent to voluntarily hand over my power into his hand and let him come to a conclusion on whether or not to give me a chance to live.

But this had never been Lu Zhao Yao’s style.

I laughed: “Master, I came to Chen Ji Mountain because I wanted to avenge my father. What do you say is my difficulty?”

Mo Qing looked into my slightly darkened eyes for a moment but he did not say anything more and simply said: “Recently, it is true that Jian Xin Sect is unusual, I have already sent people to investigate, within the next few days there will be results.”

“Thanks a lot, Master.”

Mo Qing did not respond again until the coldness from the night’s moonlight basking seeped into our clothes that he finally took me back to Wu E Hall.

We landed on the ground and returned to our rooms. I escaped from Zhi Yan’s body and Zhi Yan floated over to ask me: “Why did you come back together with Li Demon? You went out but didn’t do anything, right? He didn’t notice anything wrong, right?”

I waved my hand to chase her away. I glided straight up to the room’s roof to recline on the beam and watched the waning moonlight lost in thought.

In fact, I felt somewhat uneasy in these recent days. For instance, right now I was reclining here with my head full of echoing thoughts about those words that Mo Qing said to me earlier; it made me snort disdainfully.

If I had any difficulties, I could tell him.

I had always rarely spoken to other people about my difficulties. Because if it was something that I could not solve, then handing it over to someone else would make them more than likely unable to solve it, too. But the way that Mo Qing said it, I did not think that he was arrogant at all, I even…

I suddenly sat up and clutched my chest.

I even… Felt like because I remembered Mo Qing’s words, this ghost body of mine felt my heart pounding in my chest…

[This Ugly Little Monster, did you do something to me?!]

I whirled around and went through the wall to Ugly Little Monster’s sleeping hall. But I saw the lights in his room were still burning, as he stood in front of the desk. The bed looked like it was never laid upon, always arranged in a neat and tidy manner.

I stared at him furiously but I saw Ugly Little Monster suddenly covered his mouth, while his shoulders moved. I did not even hear him make a sound but after a while, I saw him lower his hand and there was brightly-colored blood in his palm.

I was startled, what happened to him?

Mo Qing silently wiped away the fresh blood in his hand; he looked towards the wall behind the bed for a moment, and then withdrew his eyes.

When he was holding the brush to write something, the air current in the room moved and Gu Han Guang instantly arrived here. He stared at Mo Qing not saying anything and the flashing light from Mo Qing’s hand whirled to create a barrier boundary all around. But in this moment, I just happened to be standing in his enchantment barrier.

Gu Han Guang said: “Li Chen Lan, if you died don’t get uptight and don’t go damage my reputation.”

Mo Qing did not bother to lift his head: “How long will it take for my injury to heal?”

Mo Qing got injured? It was the wound he previously got when he went to Immortal Island to get the sword… Could it be that it still had not healed?

“Your body was struck by lightning, what do you think?” Gu Han Guang told Mo Qing to take off his clothes, while I flew behind Gu Han Guang to explore along with him.


I saw that Mo Qing’s back was still wrapped up in bandages and Gu Han Guang went around and around to remove it. Inside it revealed a badly mutilated back and even more shocking was that on his back there was lightning shuttling back and forth from time to time, just like the lightning on Liu He Tian Yi Sword!


“It will heal very slowly.” Gu Han Guang’s complexion was not very good, “The wound had barely started to heal and was split open again by the residual lightning. This will repeat itself without stopping.”

I watched the lightning on Mo Qing’s skin and flesh traveling back and forth, and I suddenly understood that it was not a surprise that Liu He Tian Yi Sword kept carrying lightning. As it turned out that it was not the sword itself but rather from years and years of its body being struck by the heavenly lightning.

For Mo Qing it was also the same, the heavenly lightning struck upon his body; from that point on, it had constantly injured him non-stop.

Last time I asked him, he just told me that it was a small injury. Even in the past few days, he had never shown the tiniest hint of abnormalities in front of others.

He was someone… Who could silently endure so much.

“How long will it take to heal?” Mo Qing asked once again. In his words, he did not mention anything about pain or complaints.


“Looking at this trend, it may take more than a month to stabilize.” Gu Han Guang sprinkled a layer of medicinal powder onto Mo Qing’s back to help him stop the bleeding and temporarily stop the lightning’s momentum, “If you can put everything in your hand down and concentrate on closed-door meditation, then perhaps you will be better within ten days.” Gu Han Guang helped him wrap up a new layer of bandages, “Can you do it?”

Mo Qing put on his clothes and calmly glanced at him: “You can go now.”

Gu Han Guang’s appearance was used to this and repeatedly warned him with these usual words: “No contact with water.” Then he traveled instantly away.


Right now, I knew that the matter I should be thinking about was if I should go get a basin of water and spill it directly onto Mo Qing’s injury, and then get Liu He Tian Yi Sword to stab him within the month, would he have a much greater chance of dying than usual?

But right now, as I watched him continue to bend over the desk responding to official matters, I unexpectedly could not even stir up a single thought.

It was like someone pricked the achy and fluffy places of my heart with a needle; it felt slightly exquisite and bizarre. I could not help thinking, why would Mo Qing treat a person so good? For her, he went to fetch the sword, got injured and endured it by himself. He even wanted to concern himself if that person had any difficulties.

Why was he not afraid? Obviously, the person in front of him had always secretly hidden an evil mind. He kept standing in front of that person with a happy heart, was he not afraid of being suddenly stabbed by that person…

I used the body of my soul to lightly touch his back.

[Ugly Little Monster, you’re so naive that it makes people…]

[Unable to go through with it.]

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  1. Aww, I know it’s cliche in Chinese xian xia (or Asian dramas…or romance in general, really) but the strong, silently enduring type will never fail to get a reaction from women. It’s that fundamental mechanism in the hurt/comfort genre. Thanks for the updates!

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