100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 15


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 15~ Ghost Painting (Beginning)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Being accused of being shameless, Jing Ning did not even care, he just asked indifferently: “Demon Painting, how do you address yourself?” 

The female demon arrogantly hmphed and turned her head away. Jing Ning lightly flicked his index finger and a bright flame flew straight towards the female demon’s forehead. The flame seared her, making her scream again. With a good temperment, Jing Ning asked again: “How do you address yourself?” 

She stuffed her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed her saliva sullenly. The name of a demon was like an incantation. Once known, the demon was equivalent to being controlled. She leered at the flame on Jing Ning’s index finger, her lips trembled. As she choked with emotions, she wiped at her tears pitifully. With a lisp, she said: “Mo Hua, my name is Mo Hua.” 

Jing Ning nodded: “Why do you want to harm the Liu Family’s young lady?” Mo Hua’s eyes looked around, not wanting to answer this question. When Jing Ning softly called out her name, Mo Hua stiffened from head to toe and unwillingly answered: “The person who painted me was a scholar. He had always admired Miss Liu. Last month, when he heard that Miss Liu was engaged… He jumped into the river and drowned. I was the last painting he painted. I heard his last wish. He had always wanted to marry the Liu Family’s young lady. I was left without other choices, so…” 

“You wanted to kill Miss Liu and let them keep each other company in the Netherworld?” 

Mo Hua nodded dejectedly: “The scholar was so pitiful. I just wanted to help him fulfill his last wish.” 

“Although your intentions are good, the fate of humankind from birth to old age, from sickness to death are determined by Heaven. How can you kill another person to satisfy another person’s selfish desire?” Jing Ning said, “Based on the fact that your nature is not bad, I will let you go today. In the future, cultivate well and don’t do evil things again.” 

Mo Hua nodded obediently. 

Jing Ning was silent for a moment, and then said: “Next time, don’t stick your tongue out too much, you’ll be easily caught.”

Mo Hua tilted her head and thought about it, “But this trick is very useful. The Liu Family’s young lady was so scared of me…” 

Once again, Jing Ning was silent for a while. Mo Hua gazed at him eagerly. When Jing Ning saw her watery eyes and red snotty nose, his heart suddenly softened and he gently asked: “If you sincerely want to cultivate the Path of Taoism, then I can teach you.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Hua’s eyes lit up radiantly. She scrambled to Jing Ning’s feet, hugged his thighs, and exclaimed: “Master is above me, this disciple… This disciple is below you! I will let Master do whatever you see fit with me!” 

Once again, Jing Ning was silent for a while. He gently removed Mo Hua’s hands from his thighs: “From the way that I see it, you also have to learn about culture.” 

“I can learn anything.” Mo Hua raised her head to look at him, “Master, how do you address yourself?” 

“Jing Ning.” 

“Jing Ning.” 

“Call me master.” 

“This name, Jing Ning, is very smooth and steady to say.” 

“You still have to call me master.” 

“Master Jing Ning.” 

Jing Ning looked at Mo Hua’s upturned face, and felt that if she had a tail, then she would wag it at him, too. Based on the occasion, he patted her head: “I have never accepted a disciple. Your aptitudes are a bit on the stupid side, but I believe that Heaven will reward the diligent. I will teach well and you will study hard. One day, you will at least learn how to pretend to be smart.” 

Mo Hua nodded happily: “I’ll definitely live up to Master’s expectations!”

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