Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 64


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 64

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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A cool arm came around from behind her and held her shoulder. When the bare arm pressed against her naked skin, it caused Shen Li to involuntarily release a relaxing sigh and the boiling temperature in her body subsided slightly. At this time, the other arm came around from behind her and encircled her waist, touching the opposite side of her waistline. Due to the person behind her, who was biting her neck, Shen Li had to arch her back slightly, which made her back unable to touch his cool skin. Therefore, she unconsciously moved back, trying to rub against him.

The person behind her sensed her intentions, so the arm around her waist exerted a gentle force to lift her up and allow her back to touch his chest.

When the two skins touched, Xing Zhi’s heart began to beat wildly. However, it was only for a moment.

Shen Li…

Her naked breasts were between both of Xing Zhi’s arms, which were encircling her body. As soon as Xing Zhi opened his eyes, he could see those two female-specific things firmly sticking out into the air. The peaks were a different color than the skin. They were like flower buds waiting to be released, making someone unable to resist the urge to touch them.

Must concentrate!

He warned himself.

He was acutely aware that evil thoughts were slowly gathering around him. In this place were the evil thoughts and desires of Lady Jin that had been accumulating for the past tens of thousands of years. These things did not have any real form, but once evil thoughts arose in the heart, they could easily catch them and magnify them. Xing Zhi was currently helping Shen Li with her treatment, so there could be no interruptions, and no mistakes could happen!

He closed his eyes to calm down and focused on making his magic circulate in Shen Li’s body, solving the conflicting auras in her body one by one.

With the inflow of Xing Zhi’s magic, the heat around Shen Li’s entire body gradually subsided and her brain, which had been in a daze due to her high temperature, finally regained a little rationality. She could not see anything with her eyes, but her sense of touch was extremely sensitive. She was aware that two naked arms belonging to a man were wrapped around her body, and a powerful body with a slightly cool body temperature was stuck to her back. It was easy for her to figure out who was the one holding her.

Shen Li admitted that at this moment, her mind was practically blank.

After being in a blank daze, her rationality gradually returned. She knew that Xing Zhi was currently healing her injuries, but…

Xing Zhi’s head was practically stuck to her ear, and his lips were biting her neck. This was a dangerous position because as long as Xing Zhi used a little bit of strength to bite her carotid artery, he could put an end to her life. This sense of crisis, as well as the magic he was continuously injecting into her body, made her become distinctly and deeply aware of the existence of this person, and aware that they were now…

Stuck together in an almost unforgivably intimate position.

She could feel the beating of Xing Zhi’s heart, his breaths on her shoulder, his slightly moist lips on her neck, and occasionally she could even feel the arc of his throat swallowing subconsciously. Everything was so clear and so real. Even if Shen Li could not see a thing, she still clenched her teeth rigidly and closed her eyes tightly, as if she could feel less like this, as if the beating of her heart would calm down just a little, as if… Those unfamiliar impulses and urges would slowly disappear…

What an absolute disgrace!

Why was it that in her pitch-black world, right now, it only contained noises that Xing Zhi was producing, his heartbeat, his breathing, and the rubbing sounds of his arms gently moving over her skin. All of these stimuli made one…

Unable to resist them.

Unable to bear the torment, Shen Li moved her body around, which caused Xing Zhi, who was behind her, to release a deep breath. His arms tightened their hold on Shen Li, as if warning her not to move around because this would come to an end soon… Shen Li could feel that the force had already circulated in her body twice. Only one more round was needed before Xing Zhi could leave her be.

Shen Li forced herself to calm down. At this time, how could she still let her imagination run wild? When Shen Li took a deep breath, her chest automatically expanded. Afraid that he was squeezing her too tightly, Xing Zhi’s hands loosened slightly. However, when his hands went to tighten his hold again, his arm around Shen Li’s shoulders accidentally touched one of her protruding peaks.

As if an electric current passed through her entire body, Shen Li’s body froze from head to toe and her breathing almost stopped completely.

She did not know what Xing Zhi, who was behind her, was thinking at this time, Shen Li only felt that if she was touched again… She was afraid that she would go wild. And where did she get the qualification to go wild now? Even if she wanted to go wild, she absolutely could not harm Xing Zhi…

[Why can’t it happen?]

Suddenly a voice popped up in her mind, as if another Shen Li was looking at her from a dark corner: “By nature, we desire food and sex, if this is regarded as harming someone, then isn’t everything in the world born of sin?”

[No, Xing Zhi is different.] Shen Li wanted to refute that other self, [He’s a deity, he bears the responsibility of the world, he cannot engage in romantic feelings…]

“He can’t, but why do you have to repress your emotions alongside him? It’s his business that he can’t engage in romantic feelings. It has nothing to do with you. You are Shen Li. No one stipulated that you can’t engage in romantic feelings. Since he needs to restrain, then you just need to overpower him, isn’t that so? In that way, he isn’t violating the Heavenly Laws, and you can also satisfy your selfish desires…”

Astonished, Shen Li froze.

“Just in this cave, no one will know.” She heard her own voice full of extreme temptation say, “You have always repressed yourself and restrained yourself. So what about all living things in the world? So what about the people of the Demon Realm? Who among them truly treats you well? Right here, right now, in this place, you can indulge once in your life, no one will ever know…”

“The Heavenly Laws can’t blame Xing Zhi, it’s just that in a moment of weakness, you, Shen Li… Cannot restrain yourself.”

As the voice faded away, the sensations on her skin became even more sensitive. Maybe it was her illusion, but Xing Zhi’s arms that were wrapped around her trembled inexplicably. When the force in her body finally finished circulating for the last time, Xing Zhi’s magic stopped and returned to his own mouth.

The two of them should have separated, but Xing Zhi did not let go of her. His teeth left Shen Li’s flesh, but his lips did not leave her skin. He quietly stopped right there, doing absolutely nothing. However, it appeared as if he was kissing the artery pulsing in her neck. The atmosphere was very ambiguous and extremely dangerous.

“Xing Zhi…” She hardly ever called out his name like that.

“Mhm?” He responded thickly. The voice coming from his throat was hoarse, but extremely magnetic. It easily stirred Shen Li’s already restless heartstrings.

With one of her hands, she caressed Xing Zhi’s hand that was wrapped around her waist. While her other hand extended backwards to cup Xing Zhi’s head, pressing his head gently against her skin. Shen Li heard her hoarse voice say: “Don’t move, just like this… Don’t move.”

Xing Zhi complied with her request, motionlessly pressing his lips against her neck, feeling the vital force pulsing in her artery. Due to her movements, droplets of blood oozed out from her bite wound. The light in Xing Zhi’s eyes darkened. No one knew whether it was intentional or unintentional, as the tip of his tongue slid across Shen Li’s neck, it licked away the blood that had just oozed out of her.

The gentle movement and the warm tip of his tongue easily broke the last tether in Shen Li’s heart. Her hand that was cupping Xing Zhi’s head did not loosen, as she turned around in his arms and embraced his back with her other hand, practically imprinting her lips onto his lips urgently.

The smell of her blood was flowing in between their breaths.

“Xing Zhi.” She called out softly. Her voice was somewhat at a loss, but the next words she said were very resolute, “I want to overpower you now.”

The person she was kissing, the corner of his lips seemed to twitch. After a long while, he replied vaguely: “Mhm.”

After he agreed, Shen Li left his lips and groped around for his neck. At a place somewhere on Xing Zhi’s neck, she gave it a ferocious suck, and it immediately turned red. Then Shen Li declared: “This is the mark that I have overpowered you.” She emphasized, “It is I, who overpower you.”

“Shen Li.” Xing Zhi said abruptly, “Did anyone ever tell you that when a woman always emphasizes a word, it is very annoying?”

With one of his hands, he cupped the back of Shen Li’s head to press her face against his and covered her lips unceremoniously, leaving her no time to speak. As Shen Li let him kiss her, with one of her hands, she seized Xing Zhi’s other hand that was around her waist, and placed it on one of her breasts, compelling Xing Zhi to squeeze it with his fingers.

When his palm touched the softness of her breast, for a moment, Shen Li’s entire body froze. However, it was only for a moment, then she fastened her arms around his neck and used all the techniques she knew to tantalize his lips and tongue. So just like that, Xing Zhi’s palm was covering her breast. Until Shen Li stripped him of his attention span once again, he jerkily touched the peak of her breast, and Shen Li froze involuntarily. So then, he touched it again and boldly twirled and kneaded the peak with his two fingers. Almost immediately, Shen Li’s body softened and a muffled moan came out of her throat. Right before she collapsed, Xing Zhi had already wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Shen Li.” Xing Zhi said, “I really hope you don’t regret this.”

Shen Li smiled: “The person who should regret it… Should be you.” Her hands moved down to pull off the rest of her clothes. Through Xing Zhi’s clothes, she groped about and touched the scorching hot thing inside. When Xing Zhi’s body stiffened slightly, he grabbed Shen Li’s hand. Suddenly, Shen Li raised her head and kissed his lips again. Unexpectedly caught off guard, Xing Zhi’s body fell backwards to the ground. At the same time, Shen Li pounced on his chest and straddled him. With one of her hands, she gently caressed his chest and lower abdomen. Finally, the tips of her fingers stopped on one of his flat nipples, “Don’t stop me.” She said, leaning down slightly, and unexpectedly sucked that nipple into her mouth, “Even your own self can’t stop me.” When she nipped it lightly, the slight tingling sensation of pain made Xing Zhi frown.

“Shen Li.”

She heard him call her name, but chose to ignore him. It was because one of her hands had already penetrated the last concealed place between them.

If there really were Heavenly Laws, Shen Li thought, then the Heavenly Laws could go blame her instead.

It was her, she indulged in debauchery. It was her, she was greedy for pleasure. It was her, she could not control the desire in her heart. It was her, she wanted to know how the person she likes and admires felt when he was ‘together with’ her.

If there really were Heavenly Laws, then the Heavenly Laws could go blame her instead.

As Shen Li straddled Xing Zhi’s body, she calmly buried that thing inside her body. The tearing pain almost made her unable to continue, but this kind of pain only happened once. Therefore, no matter how painful it was, she still wanted to continue. Even if it tore her up and ground her flesh and blood, she still wanted to continue.

She really wanted to be with Xing Zhi with all of her heart! She really wanted to be with him in every minute of every day!

The moment came when that thing completely entered her body, and Shen Li instantly lost all of her strength. Panting heavily, she crawled up to Xing Zhi’s heart and listened to his heartbeat. It was beating as fast as her own. She felt him gently touching her head. She heard his distressed voice saying: “Does it hurt…”

Instantly, Shen Li’s eyes were wet. She laid on his chest, her voice hoarse and trembling: “It hurts.” She said, “It hurts a lot, Xing Zhi.”

To force herself to leave him, the pain was just as much. To be with him, the pain was just as much.

Shen Li was at her wits’ end, she did not know what expression she should make at this moment.

Xing Zhi caressed Shen Li’s head, and finally sat up, their bodies still joined together. He embraced Shen Li into his arms, patted her back lightly, and pressed her head into the hollow of his neck. While he was close to her ear, he said: “I will be here, I will always be here. No matter what, even if the world falls apart, Shen Li, I will always be by your side.”

Shen Li could not help trembling in pain. In the end, she opened her mouth and bit the top of his shoulder. In such a situation where any kind of touch was extremely sensitive, all of Xing Zhi’s muscles tensed up, and the thing below could not help but jerk up within Shen Li’s insides.

When Shen Li’s body went limp from head to toe, Xing Zhi supported her entire body. Xing Zhi wrapped his arms around her waist and kept her in his embrace: “Don’t cry, Shen Li.”

In actuality, Shen Li did not shed any tears. In her heart, she was sure that tears were something weak and powerless. Even when she shed them, nothing could be changed. However, as Xing Zhi’s words faded away, she felt a sense of powerlessness of being defeated by something weak, and she let her tears soak his shoulder: “Just sitting and talking, you’re not having any back pain.”

Xing Zhi sighed softly, admitting defeat: “I’m in pain, too.”

The area below was too tight, and the thing inside made her feel numb, sore, and swollen, and she could even feel the throbbing of Xing Zhi’s pulse. Apparently… Being squeezed tight, he did not feel good either. Shen Li embraced him and suddenly laughed. However, after laughing for a while, tears flowed out again. She wiped away the tears and continued to laugh: “The two of us…” Shen Li said, “Are really impervious to reason.”


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