Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 79.02


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 79.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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That day, after coming out of the Demon King’s seal and being surrounded by everyone, Mo Qing and I were taken back to the Wan Lu Sect. Then Gu Han Guang gave Mo Qing and I an examination. The condition of Mo Qing’s body actually did not warrant too much concern, because the evil aura in his body was transformed completely by the seal’s power and was scattered among the mountains and rivers, but the condition of my body was pretty bad. 

I was different from Mo Qing. Although I was born to be demonic, I was not an inner demon and I also did not have any evil aura in my body. Therefore, in that seal, I was stripped of all the power within my entire body, even the strength from every part of my body was significantly affected. 

If I wanted to speak, then I had to slowly practice. If I wanted to walk, then I had to slowly practice as well. In any case, at least my life was not affected. 

However, this still made Mo Qing feel tormented.

Gu Han Guang prescribed medicine for me and told me to recuperate in my room. So every day, I just ordered Mo Qing around. I told him to feed me, bring me a cup of water, kiss me, hug me, or even while I practiced walking in the yard, he must support me. Sometimes, when I wanted to be mischievous and longed to walk a little further, I would make him give me a piggyback ride. 

Even if it was like this, he was happy to do it. 

I understood that if I was not a little bit more arrogant and willful, then Mo Qing would not curtail the self-blame and torment in his heart. 

In whatever I wanted, he was indulgent. If I said that I wanted to sleep in the clouds, then he would wrap me up in fox fur and take me to the sky. Gu Han Guang chided him: “You’re raising her just like you’re raising a big baby.” 

Gu Han Guang said that right in front of me, so I glared back at him. While Mo Qing was helping me blow on the hot medicine, he said: “So what about it?” Mo Qing supported me right back. I looked at Gu Han Guang and purred: “Did you hear that? I’m so lucky in life, so that’s why I have someone to pamper me.” In order to show the loving affection between Mo Qing and I, I obediently drank the bitter medicine he brought to my lips. 

Mo Qing’s expression was gentle: “Be good, drink all of it.” 

I willingly cooperated and drank it all up. 

Mo Qing quickly tidied up the bowl and utensil. Just before he walked out the door, he said to Gu Han Guang: “Like this, she is super easy to raise.” 

Eh… On closer inspection, when I heard these words from Mo Qing, they seemed to have a different meaning. Was… Was he criticizing me for being more difficult to raise in the past than right now? 

Gu Han Guang coldly smirked: “Isn’t that so? Compared to her past behaviors, where she wanted to go to the highest places in the heavens and cause trouble everywhere, she’s so much better now.” 

“Tch, Little Dwarf, why is your mouth so annoying? Do you even want Shen Qian Jin to fall in love with you again?” 

“No, I do not.” Gu Han Guang rolled his eyes at me, “Extend your hand. Let me take your pulse.” 

In whatever I wanted, Mo Qing was indulgent. However, there was only one thing that he would not indulge me in. It was not letting Shi Qi and Zhi Yan stay with me for an extended period of time, every single day. Since Mo Qing and I entered the seal, ten years had already gone by. 

During those ten years, many things have already happened in the world. 

For example, the position of the Sect Leader of Wan Lu Sect had been vacant for the past ten years. So, with the assistance from Lin Zi Yu and Sima Rong, Zhi Yan utilized her identity as the sect leader’s disciple to become the Law Protector. She was able to exercise the true authority of the sect leader, yielding power over Wan Lu Sect. After ten years of improving herself, Zhi Yan had finally grown from a whimpering little girl to a smart and decisive leader of a sect. 

After hearing this, I felt that reality was difficult to predict, and the Will of Heaven was hard to fathom. However, when I also recalled that Zhi Yan could be considered as being brought up solely by myself, I felt extremely proud. 

Also, in those ten years, Zhi Yan and Shi Qi often hung out together, becoming closer and closer. 

When these two people gathered together to come find me, Eastern Mountain Lord no longer had a ferocious-looking expression, and the current Great Law Protector of Wan Lu Sect’s Sect Leader also restored her little girl appearance. Hanging out with the two of them, I, the former-former sect leader, helplessly could not control my gossipy self, and would chit-chat with them for a very long time. 

However, in Mo Qing’s eyes, the two of them were no different from malignant tumors, especially when they delayed my rest. 

So every day, Mo Qing only allowed them to visit me for two hours, but within that amount of time, they could still tell me a lot of gossip. 

Like how Qin Qian Xian found a way to make a breakthrough within the ancient sutras, or how it led to the people of Qian Chen Pavilion chanting the sutras to promote the power of the seal, accelerating the seal and drawing out the evil aura in Mo Qing’s body. They also talked about how many times Gu Han Guang had met up with Shen Qian Jin over these past few years, and what were his expressions during every meeting. 

From their lips, I knew that Gu Han Guang was still relentlessly fond of Shen Qian Jin. The reason why he still had to painfully suppress it, was because he was afraid that if the love poison in Shen Qian Jin’s body flared up, then she would die. 

So, I gave him a suggestion: “In these past few years, you have saved many of Wan Lu Sect’s members, and you have also saved Mo Qing and I many times. If you’re willing, I will tell Mo Qing to destroy Shen Qian Jin’s entire cultivation, this way, her love poison…”

Gu Han Guang fiercely stuck a needle into the back of my hand: “You dare!” 

I pursed my lips, the problem was not whether I dared to or not, it was just that she, Shen Qian Jin, had already come by quietly to consult with Mo Qing about this matter. 

Two days ago, Mo Qing took advantage of Gu Han Guang’s absence and took me out to practice walking, while discussing some matters with me. In recent years, Shen Qian Jin seemed to have remembered a little bit of her past, but because of Gu Han Guang’s painstakingly-placed needle seal, she was incapable of remembering all of the past events. However, she still knew that this matter was extremely important to her. Additionally, the more she saw Gu Han Guang, the more she wanted to see him. Even though her memories were not there and her love poison was resolved, her heart and feelings had begun to rekindle. She was bound to repeat the same disastrous path as before. 

Shen Qian Jin was a decisive person. Since she could not let go of these feelings, she could only destroy her entire life’s cultivation in exchange for her freedom. 

To destroy her own cultivation base, she needed to find someone who was much more powerful than she was. Presently, in Jiang Hu, besides Mo Qing and Qin Qian Xian, she really could not think of anyone else who could do it. However, Qin Qian Xian had just broken the seal a few days ago, so that Mo Qing and I could get out, now he went into closed-door cultivation. For her dilemma, it would not be possible without Mo Qing. 

Mo Qing said to me: “I am unsophisticated about love, even with you… I often don’t know how to express my feelings. What do you think about Shen Qian Jin’s problem?” 

At that time, my reply to Mo Qing was like this: “Look at what you just said, if I was not unsophisticated about love, then would I have created a messy pile of tiny moths to stop the two of us.” 

After that, Mo Qing was silent. Several moments of silence later, he chuckled: “If you say it like that, then we are a perfect match.” 

That was correct, he foolishly gave, while I foolishly accepted. Just like so, we foolishly took many turns, walked on so many unworthy paths, and finally bumped into each other. Now we could walk together hand in hand for all time. 

“Just fulfill Shen Qian Jin’s wish.” I said, “We were able to get out of the seal so quickly, Guan Yu Tower had also contributed a lot of effort. Since that’s what she desired, then just satisfy her.” 

Mo Qing agreed. Whatever happened in the future, I would not interfere further. 

About ten days later, Gu Han Guang was crying, while he brought Shen Qian Jin back, her complexion was pale but she still held a gentle smile. As for how they would interact with each other in the future, it was none of my business. 

As time went by, my body had recovered quite a lot. When Mo Qing was absent, Shi Qi, Zhi Yan, and I would be riotously playing. When Mo Qing came back, I would still pretend to be sad and sorrowful, wanting him to give me a piggyback ride or to hug me. 

Sometimes, when I went too over the top, that would make him unhappy. I would coax him and kiss his face, then it would all be okay. However, on the day that Qin Qian Xian went out of closed-door cultivation, I kissed Mo Qing’s face, but he was not through with me. 

Speaking of which… 

It was that day when I went boating with him on the lake. 

Zhi Yan had said so many times that she wanted Mo Qing and I to go back and be the Sect Leader of Wan Lu Sect, but neither Mo Qing nor I have that interest. 

In that empty nothingness, I drifted about like that for so long. In my heart, I understood that nothing else was more important than what Mo Qing and I experienced. Therefore, those matters could be delegated to other people instead. 

Except for keeping each other company, this could not be delegated to other people. 

I did not want to waste my time with Mo Qing on other things. Mo Qing also thought the same way. 

So after I was able to use a little bit of magic, Mo Qing immediately took me everywhere to travel the world, it was extremely relaxing and carefree. 

That day, I was lying on the grasshopper-shaped boat, drinking wine. I smiled as I looked at Mo Qing standing at the stern of the boat, manning the pole. When our eyes met, I beckoned him with my finger: “Wanna guess if the wine is aromatic today?” 

After a few days of sticking together like glutinous rice, Mo Qing had already figured out my habits and patterns. He knew that I wanted to do something dirty, so he just laughed and said nothing. 

When I, Lu Zhao Yao, wanted to seduce someone, would I still let you say “no?” 

I picked up the wine pot, stood up, and swayed my hips while walking on the grasshopper-shaped boat to the stern of the boat. The boat wobbled a little, but it did not overturn. With one arm, I snaked it around Mo Qing’s neck. I raised his head and bit his chin. At the same time, as I raised one of my legs, my knee rubbed against his body: “Did you smell the aroma of the wine?” 

“Zhao Yao” He called out to me, “The monkey in the tree is looking at you.” 

“Which little monkey dares to be so bold.” I turned my head and  was about to flick my magic to knock the monkey down, when Mo Qing suddenly seized me by my waist. I was slightly startled, my body lost balance and fell towards the side. Mo Qing actually did not try to help me, he just wrapped his arms around me, kicked the boat over, so that he and I fell into the lake. The water of the lake was bright and clear, definitely a gift of midsummer weather. 

He grasped my chin: “Like this, it won’t be able to see anything.” 

I laughed for a while: “Ugly Little Monster, you’re really a smoldering ember.”

A scandalous moment in the water ensued. When I finally rested my head on his shoulder, I suddenly saw auspicious colors in the distant sky: “Eh, what’s that?” I asked Mo Qing, Mo Qing turned his head to look, and was somewhat surprised: “Someone has successfully cultivated to become an immortal.” 

In this world, the closest person who could achieve that success, besides Qin Qian Xian, it could not be anyone else. 

Mo Qing and I put our clothes on and quickly went to Qian Chen Pavilion. 

Qin Qian Xian was considered as a great benefactor to Mo Qing and I. So if he was going to ascend to heaven, naturally Mo Qing and I would go see him one last time. 

While at the same time, there was Shi Qi, too. As Qin Qian Xian stepped on the magic clouds, step by step, he entered the Ninth Heaven. I had lived in this world for so many years, this was the first person I had seen to successfully cultivate Daoism and become immortal. Those other previous achievers happened a long time ago, so almost all had become legends. 

Shi Qi flew up on her sword, wanting to chase after him, but Qin Qian Xian went too fast and disappeared in a flash. There was only Shi Qi upon her sword, standing in mid-air, staring blankly at the auspicious sky, refusing to come down. 

A while back, they told me that after eliminating Jiang Wu, Qin Qian Xian spent the past ten years reading through the sutras and devoting himself to cultivation. Outside of the Demon King’s seal, he arranged a chanting array for the disciples of the Qian Chen Pavilion to increase the seal’s powers. That was why it could purify the evil aura that Jiang Wu aroused in Mo Qing’s body so quickly. 

During these past ten years, Qin Qian Xian helped Mo Qing and I, which also helped his own religious practice. Before he rescued Mo Qing and I, he had already cultivated successfully, but he still kept it a secret. After breaking the Demon King’s seal, he went into closed-door cultivation. Outsiders all said that he suffered an injury that affected his cultivation due to breaking the seal. 

As a result, I did not expect that when he got out of closed-door cultivation, he directly reached heaven with a single bound. 

I used the Transmission Technique to tell Shi Qi to come down. She walked towards me, looking a little bit preoccupied: “Sect Leader, why did Qin Qian Xian ascend to heaven? I’m not happy for him at all, besides that my heart feels empty.” 

As I looked at Shi Qi and thought, since Qin Qian Xian was already gone, there were some things that did not need to be said so transparently. I tried to coax her: “Go back and eat some meat, you’ll be fine after eating some meat.” 

She believed me, nodded and left. 

I only gazed at the magical clouds that remained in the sky and pondered. I contemplated that Qin Qian Xian’s situation of ascending and becoming an immortal was an unfortunate thing for Shi Qi. However, for Mo Qing and I, it was actually a fortunate thing. Luckily, Qin Qian Xian practiced magic and cultivated Daoism to such an extent, otherwise, Mo Qing and I would not be able to figure out when we would be able to leave that seal… 

Wait a minute… 

Oh, was the blessing of an immortal’s widow referring to this? 

Mo Qing turned his head, his eyes narrowed slightly: “What widow?” 

I touched my chest… Tch, the Spying Heart Mirror was still worn on my body. 

As my eyes circled around, Mo Qing’s expression became more and more unfriendly. I thought back to that moment in the past, and then looked at Mo Qing innocently: “You see, I had no other choice.” 

“Let’s go back and talk.” 

I quickly pulled his hand and kissed him on the cheek. However, his complexion did not have any improvements, so I stood on tiptoes and kissed him again. As he pulled me tight, he did not speak, but his face was dark. Afterwards, I immediately sat down on the ground: “Ai ya, suddenly my legs are weak, carry me.” 

“Lu Zhao Yao…” 

“You don’t want to carry me, then give me a piggyback ride, in any case, I can’t walk anymore.” As I climbed up on his back, I joked around with Mo Qing, he did not know whether he should laugh or cry. In the end, he had no choice but to carry me on his back, while secretly holding a grudge and saying: “You even dare to hide this matter from me, this time I must punish you.” 

I rested my head on the back of his shoulder and groaned, “Ai-ya, my head hurts, too.” 

He was heartless: “Even in pain, you must be punished.” 

“Ai-ya, my heart hurts, too! Ugly Little Monster doesn’t care about me anymore!” 


“Ugly Little Monster doesn’t know how to cherish me when he finally attains me. Aizz, my life is so miserable…” 

“All right…” 

“Aizz, what a miserable life.” 

“… No more punishment.” 

“Come give me a kiss.” 

With a “mwah,” I gave Ugly Little Monster a kiss at the base of his ear. Looking at his side profile, his blush was like the afterglow of the sun, beautiful and touching. 

Just right at that moment, as the sunset glowed like fire, the birds flew back to their nests. So when the sun went down, even the people would return to their homes.

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  1. Thank you dear translator for your labor or love and for not giving up. So happy to hear that your little one has turned one. This novel has been an adventure. Through the months reading, I have grown to appreciate the story and your efforts to make it come alive. I look forward to whatever story you choose to translate next. Praying that you and your family are well. Thank you. ~ Erica

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    1. I always appreciate the well wishes, Erica!! Thank you so much!

      Originally, I was gonna translate Yu Feng Xing because I thought no one is translating it, but there’s already a group translating that book, English title is Accompany the Phoenix. So, I’ll keep looking for something else and try to finish the one’s I started.


  2. Yay!!! What a beautiful ending! And having that side story of Mo Qing, we know that they indeed lived a lot longer together.
    Thank you dear for sharing this story to us who can’t read, much less understand, Chinese.
    加油 for your next translation work!

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  3. They are just so loving and sweet together ;_; this couple warms my heart<3
    thanks so much for not leavıng the story halfway and completıng ıt no matter how long ıt took. I feel lucky to be able to read this novel in english.

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  4. Thank you so much for your translations. I’m glad your family is doing well.
    This ending is so much more satisfying than what they did with the drama.
    You have done such a good job translating that I look forward to whatever you choose next. Translation is so much an art and not a science, you really have skill with words that has helped this story be engaging despite not being exactly the author’s original words.

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    1. Thank you for your compliments, bookwyrm.

      I try my hardest to keep my translations true to how the author writes the novel.

      Chinese sentences written in Chinese makes sense in Chinese, but when it gets translated into a different language family i.e. English, the run-on sentences and fragments doesn’t always make sense. I have to regroup the run-on sentences and rewrite the fragments when I’m translating it to English. In Chinese, not a lot of transitions are used, sentences can jump from place to place and it’ll still make sense, but it’s not like that in English, sentences can’t jump here and there, it needs transitive words. Also, when I’m reading it in Chinese, I try to convey the emotions that I think the author wants the audiences to feel based on my perceptions, no matter how inconsequential the nuance of feelings are.

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    2. Also, I use a lot of figurative speech like parallelisms and similes in my writing, that’s my writing style. I admit that I do write a little more romantically, so that affects my writing as well.

      I can write concisely, but that’s boring, no emotions, no nothing. I think that’s where the MTLs mostly fit in.


  5. Aaah it’s finished, it was so good! Thank you so much for your great work all this time! I wish you all the best and will happily come back for whatever you choose to work on next ❤️

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  6. Thank you so much for sticking with this novel, it was a great read from beginning to end and your translations hold superb quality. Lu Zhao Yao will forever be one of my favourite main characters. The sass and the power to back it up but still acknowledging and enjoying the feeling of being vulnerable in Mo Qing’s embrace. Again, thank you for your hard work and bless you and your family.

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