Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 12


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 12

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I was silent and looked at Mo Qing face to face for a long time.

In my mind, I went through countless thoughts. How long had he stayed in Cang Shu Pavilion? Did he watch me approach? Or did he waited for me to get here and then came over? Just now, aside from reading this story, did I accidentally murmur any other words?

It did not matter. Nowadays, this Ugly Little Monster’s attentive look already did not look like I could use ordinary tricks to get past his eyes.

Therefore, I planned to implement an emergency measure to demonstrate my extraordinary acting skills. I took on Zhi Yan’s shy behaviors during the day and I weakly drew in a deep breath: “Ah, Sect… Sect Leader.” I pretended that I was scared to death, “When did you get here?”

It seemed like the tip of Mo Qing’s eyebrow moved slightly. After a short time, he took a look around the bookshelf, then in a flat tone, he asked me: “That story just now, did it have an ending? Continue reading. ”

I looked at the book: “There’s no ending.” I sighed, “I looked at so many and they only record a plethora of strange stories. It did not mention anything about spells for contacting ghosts. It seems that supernatural beings in this world are a fantasy.”

I finished these words and glanced at Mo Qing. I saw him look at the books on the shelf and coldly said:

“If supernatural beings are just a fantasy, then what is the point of keeping you…”


“Ai ya.” I felt that I could not continue this act anymore, Zhi Yan’s personality and mine are too different. It was impossible for me to model Zhi Yan’s cowardice. Under such menace, besides crying, I could generate other reactions. Therefore, I had to it myself. I squinted and smiled at Mo Qing, “Master, you can really make a joke. This place has so many books. It is obvious that there are many people who have seen ghosts throughout history. I guess eight of the ten parts are there; it’s just that we can’t see it or touch it. Let me try and find another book. ”

I immediately stood up and left Mo Qing’s line of sight.

Even so, I knew that no matter where I was in this Cang Shu Pavilion, if Mo Qing wanted to, then he could always see me.

But if I did not see him, my heart was even more relieved.

I blamed Zhi Yan’s broken and useless body. I just wanted a slightly more capable body with abilities and powers like the North Mountain Lord’s. Then tonight, I could take Mo Qing down!

I hid in a corner and conveniently took out a book as a cover-up. As I covered up, I suddenly felt like my life was truly meaningless. I wanted money but had no money. I wanted to kill Mo Qing but had to dawdle and torment myself like this.

I spent so much effort to borrow the body and return the soul not for me to live in irritation like this!

Hiding did not solve the problem either, I wanted to face the adversity and win. I would use this current body to seduce Mo Qing. I would make him like this body so that even if he knew that the soul inside was Lu Zhao Yao, he would not dare to act! This was the very best plan.

If I could not reach that goal and Mo Qing discovered that I was Lu Zhao Yao, then I would just risk my life with his. After all, I was dead once, the worst case scenario was to float around the grave mound again. This time I could drag Zhi Yan with me to share my fate. It was nothing serious!

My heart decided and I stepped out from behind the bookshelf. But instead, I found Mo Qing standing between two bookshelves. He was also looking through a book. I smiled and slowly walked over: “Master is also interested in these books?”

“Yes.” He turned his head to look at me, “I want to find her more than anyone.”


Humph, I knew that.

I calmly and collectedly approached Mo Qing with my gaze fixated on a book behind his back, near his shoulder: “Ai ya, this book is thick, it looks like there might be something recorded in it.” I said, as I moved closer to Mo Qing and stood in front of him with my hands raised and brushed over the contour of his ears to reach the book.

Mo Qing lifted his eyes and stared straight at me standing in front of him.

Zhi Yan’s body was shorter than half of Mo Qing’s head. My hands were stretched from his shoulders to brush against the side of his ears as if I was hugging his neck. This position… Was too vague to entice him.

I grabbed that thick book on the bookshelf, but it was quite difficult to draw out. In my heart, I was happy. Exactly just what I wanted! However, my happiness could only be suppressed in my heart. On the surface, I appeared to be helpless and annoyed with my lips pursed: “Why can’t I pull it out?” I pretended to exert my strength and pull the book, while my arms gently stroked the side of Mo Qing’s ears.

There was indiscernible touching, as my arms brushed lightly near his slightly ice-cold auricles. I did not know what his thoughts were, but in my case, my arms were getting a little ticklish.


Mo Qing did not react; therefore, I felt that my seduction was quite successful.

My goal was to make contact, be in contact, and then be in close contact with him. Then I would make him fall in love with this body.

Those boring folk stories among the people about tragic heroines suffering in sorrow, when in actuality, you only fell in love with my body. Ah, what if you did not fall in love with my whole body but only part of it, would it not be even more frightening. What love could touch the soul that was all a lie. I practiced demon cultivation, not exactly those things. If it came to true love, then love this body. You would be intoxicated and infatuated while enjoying these delightful senses, then it would be impossible for you to extricate yourself.

When I was about to lean closer against his chest, the book that was stuck on the shelf loosened, as if a certain force pushed it into my hand.

I got the book.

Mo Qing said, “Go to the other side and read.”

He appeared upright, serious, and without a trace of emotion.

I hugged the book, stroked my nose, and reflected in my mind. At that time, could it be that the master that I found for Mo Qing was an old Taoist priest who practiced immortality or an old monk who practiced Buddhism? Or was it his career in watching the mountain gate for several years, he ascended to enlightenment; from then on, he extinguished the seven emotions and six desires, and overcame the three realms and five elements?

* 7 emotions = joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments, and affection

* 6 desires = lost, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life/ death, and sensual pleasures

* 3 realms = heaven, earth, and hell

* 5 elements = metal, wood, water, fire, and earth

I hugged the book, took a step back, and planned to change my tactic. Therefore, I stood still and stared at him for a moment.

Mo Qing became aware of my staring, he looked up again. Instantly, our four eyes made a connection. I laughed brightly: “As expected.” He silently waited for my next words. “Master, your eyes are beautiful like the stars in the night sky.”

Mo Qing heard the words and he was startled.

In my heart, I gave myself a small smile. As expected, I teased him with my body and he did not react. I would just tease him with my words first.

I took a step forward and deliberately lowered my voice to a rasp: “Master, I feel like your eyes have held me… Captivated.” I took another step forward, each step to get closer, but suddenly there was an invisible barrier in front of me again.


My nose slammed straight into it and withdrew back. I rubbed the tip of my small red nose and with no embarrassment said to myself: “Ai ya, I almost couldn’t help myself…” I shyly lowered my head and glanced at Mo Qing, “Master…”


A “thump” sounded, a book from the bookshelf fell and slammed directly onto my forehead. I raised my head to look, and the books overhead were carefully placed, but only one volume fell. I came to my senses that it was Mo Qing playing dirty. I turned to look at him, only to see him casually reading his book.

“Go over to the side,” he said in his usual way.

Huh, was he not seduced to the point of distraction just now? How could he own one unpredictable temperament. I resentfully strode to one side, found a chair to sit down, and lifted my eyes to glance at Mo Qing. In a split second, I discovered that he was also looking at me.

Our four eyes connected again. This time, he actively moved his eyes elsewhere.

His lowered eyelashes hid all his moods, which made it impossible for people to spy his thoughts.

No matter what he thought, I lowered my head to read the book. I pondered, I would wait until I went to return the book, then I would have another opportunity to attack… Before I had a chance to finish my thoughts, I suddenly felt a gust of wind blew by.

I raised my head again, I saw that Mo Qing’s figure was already no longer there, and the night wind on Qian Ren Cliff blew through the open window.

Huh… He left?

Mo Qing was gone now, so I leaned my chin against my hand and pondered. If it was not an urgent matter that he secretively received, then was it because he wanted to avoid me and left?

I closed the book and smiled with pleasure. Mo Qing, oh, Mo Qing, I did not realize, as it turns out that you are outwardly indifferent but inwardly passionate. I acted coquettishly and complimented you but your face remained calm and collected. In reality, your heart was already secretly trembling in happiness. Look, you had begun to shyly avoid me.

I lifted and crossed my legs on the chair. I just figured out which type he likes all right.

I snorted, I was not afraid that I would not be able to control this Ugly Little Monster. I just needed to take the appropriate steps in the future.

I stayed and read books at Cang Shu Pavilion all night, then completely gave up hope to find a solution in here. It seemed that Zhi Yan’s and my current situation would not change. We would temporarily alternate, during the day it would be hers and during the evening it would be mine.

As of now, I could only burn a lot of ghost money fast, and then I would get the Huan Yang Pill myself.

I returned to Xi Yue Peak and sure enough, I could not find Zhi Yan’s soul in the small courtyard again. She must have penetrated into the mountain to go visit Liu Cang Ling in the dungeon again.

I was unoccupied, so I meditated in the room. I concentrated on adjusting Zhi Yan’s disorderly aura for a little bit. After I fully circulated her aura from head to toe, I opened my eyes. The mountain’s peak was bright from a distance. As the sun went up in the sky, with a heavy mind I allowed Zhi Yan to return and push me out.

I returned to my soul state, but Zhi Yan sat on the bed a little surprised. She stroked her eyes and her ears: “Eh, why do I feel that my five senses are much more sensitive.”

“Who do you think resides in your body?” I urged Zhi Yan, “It’s dawn, hurry up and go find people to burn money.”

“First, I will go give Cang Ling some Spirit Pills. Later, on the way back I will find someone to burn for you.” She finished speaking, turned her body, and ran away.

I was speechless. I felt that providing Zhi Yan an idea to save Liu Cang Ling was troublesome. Moreover, Liu Cang Ling was also Jian Xin Sect’s disciple… When I was alive, I lived too ostentatiously, therefore, I created conflicts with the Ten Great Celestial Sects and it was particularly deep with Jian Xin Sect.

Spring was almost over and the sunlight had become more intense compared to winter. The positive energy during the daytime was also heavier. I had been continuously tormented for a few days and this ghost body of mine was also somewhat tired. Therefore, I hid on the bed, closed my eyes, and slept lightly.

This sleep went straight until dark. In the evening, I heard Zhi Yan calling me and I woke up.

Zhi Yan’s face was exhausted: “Today, I struggled to lure ten children to burn ghost money for you. Your reputation is really bad… I went to Shun An Town, everyone who heard your name avoided me. “

I pouted: “If there’s no one in Shun An Town, then go to a place that is a little farther, Si He Province or Jiang City. In those places, there are all types of people. You open a street stall to burn money and gift something.”

“Then you go on your own.” Zhi Yan collapsed to the floor and said, “Working relentlessly day in and day out without rest, I cannot function anymore.”

Oh ho, she learned how to rebel now. I called her useless, then immediately entered her body. I moved her limbs about, then gestured with her fingers and blinked to Jiang City.

Jiang City could be considered a large free-trade city in the middle between the two celestial and demon forces. There was a mix-in of celestial and demon sects with crooks and honest people, which makes the city really lively. During the daytime and nighttime everyone was this way. Sometimes, even nighttimes are a bit livelier than daytimes. The red-light districts, pubs, and inns always had a lot of voices and commotions.

I bought incense, paper, and candles. Above the small bridge on Hua Street, I seriously erected a stand, unfurled a cloth, and wrote: “Even though being thousands of miles apart, it is always love. Is it okay to burn a little ghost money… Burning money will give…”


I held the brush and tapped my chin, thinking about what item I should offer that would attract people. Suddenly the sound of male laughter arrived from the side: “So there is still a shop that makes people burn money. That is unusual to see.”

I turned my head to look and saw three men standing there, all of whom were wearing neat, tight-fitted clothes. The boss of the group had short hair that stuck up to the sky; he opened his mouth and laughed flamboyantly. I looked at him and asked: “Do you want to try this for a little bit?”

The man saw me talking to him and walked towards me: “Yes, burn for whom?”

“Chen Ji Mountain, Lu Zhao Yao.”

Every time I said these six words, somebody’s facial expression would always change. This time was no different; the two men behind him were briefly stunned and guardedly watched me. One of them opened his mouth and called: “A Wu.”


The man called A Wu, his expression did not change at all. Instead, he crouched in front of my small shop and picked up some paper money: “Ah, Lu Zhao Yao, the demoness, unfortunately, she died too early. I really admired her. ”

“Oh?” I asked, “What did you admire her for?”

He smirked and replied arrogantly: “I heard that she was very beautiful, but difficult to tame.”

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  1. Love this part of the story. This makes me appreciate the drama, because us viewers get to see visually that MoQing indeed is sensing a Definite correlation between ZY and ZY.

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