Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 13


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 13

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When I was alive, I had never seen anyone who dared to use these two words to talk about me. Finally, when I am dead, I met someone who dared.

Very good, Little Short Hair, you have successfully attracted my attention.

I calmly and collectedly lit candles to let him burn the money first. He cooperated, did not babbled nonsense, and concentrated on burning the money. Then he picked up three incense sticks, solemnly closed his eyes to pay his respect and said: “Demoness, Demoness, hope that you are in heaven and would bless me to soon achieve my wish.”

I should have been in heaven but I was here with my indifferent expression, crouched in front of him, and handed him ghost money to burn.

Since he prayed for me to help fulfill his wish, I asked: “What was the wish you want to achieve?” Even though I asked but I did not intend to help him achieve it.

Little Short Hair smirked: “I just want to kill Li Chen Lan and take over his position that’s all.”

Oh… My eyebrows raised and my eyes lit up, how coincidental, young man, so am I! We were competitors!

After he said these words, the person behind him shouted his name again: “A Wu!”

“Hahaha, okay, okay, okay.” He waved his hand. “No more talking, no more talking.” He turned and glanced behind him, “Both of you also come and burn. We will be masters of Wan Lu Sect in the future. Lu Zhao Yao was the founder of Wan Lu Sect and our predecessor; we should pay our respects and give her offerings.”

Good boy! You really understood the rules! I admired you!

The two people behind him were reluctant, but Little Short Hair ordered them, so they came forward to burn the money. As they quietly burned the money, I did not seek to start a conversation with them. Instead, I went towards Hua Street, there were people passing by on the bridge. I saw someone and shouted: “Hey, since ancient times, in life who doesn’t die, burn a little ghost money, is that okay.”

The pedestrian glanced at me, turned around, ran away, and yelled that it was bad luck.

Little Short Hair laughed back and forth in front of me: “When you yell like that who will come over and burn money.” He stood up and said, “I will help you.” He patted his clothes, just in time for a pedestrian to walk past him, and grabbed the passerby’s collar. The smile on his face slightly disappeared and his cruel and murderous aura automatically appeared, “Here is a little beauty that needs help, can’t you see?”


The passerby developed a cold sweat, as he came over to burn money, he trembled and shook.

I looked at him and only felt extremely pleased. Yes, my Wan Lu Sect just needed this type of talent!

His whole face was fierce. He had passion and dreams. He said one thing and meant it! His smiles were presumptuous and arrogant. When he threatened people, he was not lenient. If I currently had my former strength, I would absolutely find this person on the spot, compare notes, and explore his powers. If it was appropriate, I would definitely accept him as a disciple, and then groom him to become the future Sect Leader!

I definitely did not want Mo Qing, that Ugly Little Monster, to turn my demon sect into a shrine ever!

Little Short Hair was on the bridge excitedly helping me catch people to come burn ghost money. His two subordinates were on the side burning money and muttering to each other: “He’s having too much fun and delaying matters again.”

The other one replied, “I can’t persuade him, let him delay. The other person should already be used to it.”

“Ah… I will go report the news first. You stay here and watch him. When he’s done playing, quickly bring him over.”

Hmm, I listened to their conversation, this Little Short Hair also had somewhat of a willful temperament?

Very good, I liked it. Similar to my style.

He grabbed a bunch of passing pedestrians to come over, line up, and one by one they burned ghost money. Little Short Hair was extremely proud of himself, folded his arms, and walked towards me. He pointed his thumb at them and asked: “Little Beauty, with so many people that should be enough to burn this ghost money of yours.”

I turned and looked back; there were roughly about fifty to sixty people in line. Counting the people during the noisy time that had burned and left before, I estimated that there were about eighty to ninety people who burned ghost money for me today. Including during the day, Zhi Yan lured about ten little children to burn money, too. In my netherworld bank account, there should be ten thousand dollars. I could go buy Energy Boost Pills now!

For an instant, I thought this Little Short Hair was extremely suited to my taste!

I beckoned him to come over and crouch down, and then patted his shoulder: “I…”

He also patted my shoulder: “I really admire you, Little Beauty.”


He stroked his chin and analyzed: “The average person does not dare to open a shop to burn ghost money for Lu Zhao Yao but you dare. The average person also does not dare to look directly into my eyes but you dare. The average person who sees me threaten people immediately tremble from head to toe not knowing what to do but you are still so calm like this. Hey, how about I take you in, you work for me.”

Mm, as expected from the person that I fancy, even he thought the same as me. I admired him and wanted to accept him. As it turned out that he thought so, too…

If it was before, I would definitely properly tame this arrogant and obstinate Little Short Hair. I would make him bow before me.

Unfortunately, it could not happen now.

I no longer had a body, power, and status.

I sighed in disappointment: “No, I still have my own things to do. Thank you for helping me today. ”


Little Short Hair frowned: “Okay.” He stood up, “I am Jiang Wu of Xin Mountain, recently came to live in Jiang City. If you change your mind, come and find me.” The subordinate next to him heard him say that and immediately became anxious: “A Wu, this person is of unknown origin, you!”

“She is burning ghost money for Lu Zhao Yao, so she can’t be Li Chen Lan’s person.” He bluntly said and turned his head to ask me, “Right?”

I laughed and did not answer: “Next time, I will find you for a drink.”

Little Short Hair smiled: “Little Beauty, I will be watching you.” He finished talking, then he and his subordinate turned to leave. He walked a few steps, turned his head back, and shouted: “Hey, you guys standing in line, don’t let me find out that you didn’t finish burning the ghost money and just run away.”

I felt that everyone in line had cold chills and they immediately all became collectively silent.

Until he was far away, under the light of Hua Street, his figure could no longer be seen; there were still about ten people in line, they all breathed a sound of relief. The passerby in front raised his hand to wipe away the sweat on his forehead while burning ghost money. His hands were trembling to the point where he was unable to steadily hold onto the paper. Someone from behind scolded: “When will this extremely vicious and evil guy finally leave Jiang City?”

“With such a big thorn, I don’t see why Wan Lu Sect didn’t come and pull him out.”

“What do you know, why does this Jiang Wu stay in Jiang City and refuse to leave, is it not because this place is a powerful junction between the two celestial and demon forces. Celestial Sect cannot do anything. Wan Lu Sect, they also cannot do anything. Whoever starts the first punch will be attacked by the enemy from all sides.”

The trembling man in front had finished burning and walked away. The person behind him came forward and squatted down, he burned and grumbled: “I really hope Lu Zhao Yao will rise again, both are vicious and merciless, cruel and ruthless masters. It would be best if they can take each other to hell together.”

As I handed the paper to the person in front, I thought, young man, you are still too naive. If I resurrected, are you not afraid that he and I would form a powerful alliance. When that time comes, would you guys, celestial sect patriots, and ordinary people not live in an abyss of greater suffering…

However, this Jiang Wu of Xin Mountain, I heard it somewhere before… Oh, yeah, I remembered, the last time I went to Wu E Hall. When I was in the side hall, I heard Mo Qing and Yuan Jie disputing, if they should form an alliance with the Qin Qian Xian of Qian Chen Sect to kill Jiang Wu.

I stroked my chin.

If I was alive, if this person could be conquered, no, he must be conquered, but too bad I could not conquer him, therefore, he must be eliminated. After all, the tiger that I could not employ and the tiger that I had to fight with for territory, I would not tolerate them.

Only now I was no longer the Sect Leader, these matters are not mine to be troubled with. They could cause troubles for Mo Qing; I hoped the more the better. When the moment comes, I would take advantage of the situation. As long as Mo Qing’s head was taken by me, other things like how you guys torment him did not matter.

After all the money was burnt here, I excitedly went to the Ghost Market of the dead.

I left Zhi Yan’s body and used my ghostly form to enter. Finally, I was not stopped by the watchman of the entrance anymore. I strode into Shen Xing Store’s big entrance and took a deep breath inside–


The feeling of having money was different!

I rubbed my hands together, looked around the store for a turn, in fact, there was nothing nice to look at, it just looked like a returning soul shop. There was a counter covered in black cloth with some signs hanging above it. One Day Energy Boost, One Month Energy Boost, One Year Energy Boost, and Everlasting Energy Boost.

I compared prices for a bit.

One Day Energy Boost was five hundred dollars, One Month Energy Boost was ten thousand dollars, One Year Energy Boost was one hundred thousand dollars, and the price for Everlasting Energy Boost was one million dollars…

Even if it was ordinary people, according to the quota one person in one day could only receive one thousand dollars, and if ten people burned money for him every day, then they would need to burn for a hundred days… But for me… According to my quota in one day, I only get a hundred dollars. When calculated, if ten people burn for me, then they would need to burn for a thousand days.

These ghost markets were open for business, why did they not directly go rob people? They are still more rogue than me when I was alive.

“Shopkeeper.” I tapped the counter.

A thin-faced shopkeeper pushed aside the black cloth from behind the counter, popped his head out, and stared at me: “What’s wrong? The price is clear for you to purchase immediately.”

“I think your prices are unreasonable.”

The shopkeeper looked at me for a turn and then turned his head to look at something else repeatedly: “So, you are Lu Zhao Yao. Our Ghost Market sells things to people who do good deeds and to people who do many evil acts like you, therefore, the prices are different. The prices that you see are set based on your moral conduct when you were alive. If you resent that it is expensive, then go buy the Resurrecting Pill, return and do some good deeds. Ah, but the Resurrecting Pill is even more expensive, hmm, hmm…”


You guys not only burned money and watched people give money but also when buying things, watched people scream obscene prices!

Practically had no regards for the law and natural morality!


I gritted my teeth, slammed my hands down on the counter, and maliciously glared at the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper seemed to be startled: “What do you want to do… I’m telling you, this is not the world of the living. This place has the laws of heaven. If you do anything bad, it will be recorded in your account. Later on, every day it will get worse and worse.”

“…Give me the One Month.”


“Energy Boost Pills, give me the One Month!”

I walked out of Shen Xing Store and ruthlessly glared at that store’s lazy waiter for a moment. The store’s waiter suffered my glare in silence and turned his body around to quietly wipe his forehead. I heard the shopkeeper inside whispered to him: “These bad people are already dead and they are still ferociously vicious.”

The waiter responded: “She is still glaring at me… Shopkeeper, I’m afraid…”

Cheh, this Ghost Market of the dead, wait until I no longer had need of you. Sooner or later, I would think of a way to dismantle you.


I swallowed the Energy Boost Pill and floated into the street. I only exerted a little effort, in a split second, my speed increased to the level of a walking pedestrian!

All around me were sluggish floating ghosts and in front of them, I was as fast as a wild horse galloping. I floated around the ghost market for a while, the quick speed made me feel carefree and relaxed. My displeasure from earlier dissipated a little and I happily entered Zhi Yan’s body. I returned to Xi Yue Peak but when I arrived the sky had begun to brighten and Zhi Yan immediately returned.

I was knocked out of her body and was about to turn around and show off a little, but I heard Zhi Yan panic and said to me: “Not good! Cang Ling, he intends to escape from the dungeon!”

I raised my eyebrows: “It has only been a few days, his body sure recovered quite quickly. Tell him to hurry up and get lost. Later on, you will be practicing your powers properly and concentrate on looking for people to burn ghost money for me. Jiang City is a good place…”

“He intends to come and take me with him!”

I was silent: “Huh? Do the people of Jian Xin Sect have holes in their brains? ”

You only knew how to make things problematic for me!

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    1. I agree with you. I prefer the drama part of Zhao Yao having her actual body and she took a Kong Kong Pill that boosted a little bit of her power but made her turn invisible during the day. I don’t like to think about Mo Qing kissing Zhao Yao while in Zhi Yan’s body.


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