Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 26

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 26

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Si Ma Rong had no intention to usurp the throne and I had no way to encourage him to do so with my status today. If by any chance it was done poorly, Si Ma Rong did not instigate successfully and my identity would be revealed in front of Mo Qing, and then that would really not be worthwhile.

I made some simple conversations with him regarding the sheath, and then sat to the side to play with the logs of wood while Mo Qing and Si Ma Rong entered the manufacturing workshop together. As Mo Qing was going in, he only explained to me: “I have something to discuss with West Mountain Lord. For the time being, you will stay outside and wait.”

I perked up an enormous smile and was sensible yet gentle: “Yes, Master.”

The door to the workshop closed.

In my heart, I became incredibly curious.

Before at Chen Ji Mountain, Mo Qing allowed me to go to Cang Shu Pavilion; he also allowed me to listen to how he punished North Mountain Lord. I still thought that Mo Qing would have nothing to hide from me right now. As it turned out, there was still something he wanted to hide here.

I thought of Si Ma Rong’s gentle behavior towards Mo Qing and that intimate address of his name, “Chen Lan”… Then reconnecting Si Ma Rong’s departure from Chen Ji Mountain and Mo Qing seated firmly in the Sect Leader’s position, I pondered about these matters and could not help but gave birth to some… Contemplations?

At that time, Mo Qing killed me, so the Sect Leader’s position was his. But he was able to sit safely in this position; he was bound to have someone assisting him.

Up until now, North Mountain Lord, Yuan Jie, was still not satisfied with Mo Qing, therefore, he was unlikely to help him. South Mountain Lord, Gu Han Guang, had an indifferent temperament and was also not fond of acknowledging other things. East Mountain Lord, this crazy girl, I was not even able to see her a few times within an entire year. I came out from the forbidden area for so many days now; I still had not seen her shadow on Chen Ji Mountain. It seems that after I died, she wailed and cried a few times, and then ran away to disappear.

The only one who could help Mo Qing and turn into a formidable helping hand was Si Ma Rong.

But he was obviously the most likely person to inherit the Sect Leader’s position. He went as far as to willingly assist Mo Qing…

The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. Right at this moment, a “bang” could be heard from inside the room, it was like something had fallen to the ground.

Aiya, were they not careful and encountered something? In the end, what movement were they doing inside? I flicked my fingers to use the Art of Heavenly Eye and went to look inside the room, but I only saw a group of black walls. It had to be Mo Qing; he used his magic power to obstruct my sight.

I could not see anything and felt so bored. I had no other option than to find a chair to sit down. Soon after I had just sat down, I came up with a way to eavesdrop.

I left Zhi Yan’s body and floated out. Today, the Bodhisattva path cultivator, Qin Qian Xian, was not here; therefore, I was able to pleasantly pass through any ordinary enchantment barrier. But when I was going to float from here to over there, all of a sudden, beside my ear was a loud rebuke: “Stop!”


I was stunned and moved to the side to look. But in the room’s surroundings, I saw nothing different between the before and after. The wooden people were all doing their own thing, only… High above the beam of the roof, really long tresses began to slowly fall down. From the rafter, a female ghost clothed in white dropped down.


Fortunately, since I had gone to the ghost market so many times before, I had seen all types of strange and bizarre ghosts. If Zhi Yan was here today, then perhaps she would be scared to her last dying breath.


The female ghost dressed in white stood in front of me and blocked my way: “What kind of ghost are you?”

I folded my arms and narrowed my eyes slightly, Si Ma Rong’s house appeared to look pretty good but it turned out to be a haunted residence. Could it be that after he moved here, this female ghost harmed his legs? I looked up and down at the female ghost once. She had a round face and almond-shaped eyes, besides the excessively pale complexion, she appeared to be a very adorable little young lady. Also, she was not a malicious spirit, so she could not harm a living person.

She saw that I did not answer her question and was not afraid of her, Small Round Face wrinkled her eyebrows and circled around me. Then she pointed at Zhi Yan and said: “You snatched other people’s body?”

“No.” I calmly said, “Someone gave it to me at their own volition.”

Small Round Face was distracted for an instant, but she immediately frowned again. She scoldingly said: “Nonsense! How can someone give you their body at their own volition? What kind of ghost are you after all? What did you come here to do?”


I tilted my head to look at her and smiled: “What does it have to do with you?” After my words ended, I did not pay attention to her anymore and passed directly through her soul to continue eavesdropping. But I did not expect, when I was about to pass through the door of that workshop, Small Round Face suddenly leapt up in front of me. Her speed was so fast that it made me feel amazed.


“You want to harm A Rong?” She screamed in a shrill voice. I became a little disoriented when she shouted at me. I listened to the way she addressed Si Ma Rong, could it be that when she was alive, she was very close to my West Mountain Lord? Since she was an acquaintance, then it would not hurt to tell her my identity.



“No one is allowed to hurt him!”

Small Round Face interrupted my words, immediately an electric power burst out of her entire body and forcefully pushed me back to the side of Zhi Yan’s body.

I blinked my eyes and thought it was a little unbelievable.

Just a moment ago…

This Small Round Face actually shocked this ghost body of mine?

I turned my head to look at her and only saw a sudden flickering of black and white auras surrounding her whole body. She stared at me, but it seemed that her eyes were gazing elsewhere: “No one better think of hurting him.” She muttered to herself, “I’ll protect him.”

Unexpectedly, the aura around her body looked like it could transform into a malicious spirit at any moment.

Everything was clearly still going well just now… Did she think I was going to go inside and harm Si Ma Rong? This touched upon her limits, so it provoked her anger? Why did she care so much about Si Ma Rong? But I really did not remember that alongside Si Ma Rong there was such a woman. I frowned and asked her: “What is your relationship with Si Ma Rong?”

“Si Ma Rong?” The vicious aura on her face withdrew and she stared somewhat blankly at me, “Who is Si Ma Rong…”

I was unable to make a little sense of it: “Didn’t you want to protect A Rong? You don’t know his name?”

She stood blankly in the same place, the expression in her eyes was perplexed and her mouth whispered Si Ma Rong’s name incessantly: “I don’t know.” She murmured, “I don’t know, I’ve forgotten… Who is he, what relationship does he have with me… I’ve forgotten…” Looking at this appearance of hers, she indeed had to be somewhat crazy.

Once again, I felt like I had just gained a new knowledge; as it turns out… Ghosts could actually lose their minds…

Seeing her like this, I did not ask her again in order to avoid touching upon her veiled emotions. It would cause her to go down the malicious spirit’s path just like a moment ago.

At this moment, a “creak” sounded as the door to the workshop opened and Mo Qing stepped out, followed by Si Ma Rong who was wheeling his own wheelchair. Mo Qing’s gaze glanced in the direction of Zhi Yan’s body and Si Ma Rong also looked over: “Already fallen asleep?”

Hearing him speak, Small Round Face turned her head in that direction to look and her gaze fell directly on Si Ma Rong’s face. Her complexion immediately changed: “A Rong, Si Ma Rong… I will not forget, I will protect you…” She said, the light in her eyes changed entirely and stared straight at me for a while, “I will not allow you to harm him! I won’t let anyone hurt him in front of me!”

The vicious aura around her entire body swelled up, I was alarmed and only felt an incomparable grievance: “Who said that I wanted to harm him!”

Right at this moment, she obviously could no longer listen to another person’s words, and then she charged at my soul.

I moved sideways to dodge her but even though this soul of mine had eaten the Energy-Boosting Pill, I still could not move quickly enough against this bounded-forever-to-this-place malicious spirit. I only felt a ruthless energy pierced through my chest, and for a moment my chest experienced a painful tearing sensation.

Such a vividly-clear and long-lasting pain that made me lose my thoughts for a while. But when I turned my head, I saw those pair of angry eyes and that malicious spirit of Small Round Face actually still wanted to charge at my body one more time.

This was the individual who chaotically punched the old master to death, heaven knows if my soul would disperse and scatter away or not! I retreated backwards and went directly into Zhi Yan’s body. In the blink of an eye, the heavy feeling spread through all four of my limbs.

* chaotically punched the old master to death – an inexperienced person who defeated the master by throwing out the rules

I suddenly took a deep cooling breath and startlingly opened my eyes. Beside my ear, the conversation between Mo Qing and Si Ma Rong came to an abrupt stop and they both turned their heads to look at me. And that Small Round Face’s malicious spirit was not seen anymore.

It seems that her malicious spirit was still not too ferocious to the extent of interfering with a living person’s life.

I was stroking my chest and was still wondering about what finally happened to Small Round Face, when a black shadow stopped and crouched down in front of me.

Mo Qing raised his head to gaze at me; his black pupils were filled with my likeness: “What’s wrong?”

It seems like he did not think that Wan Lu Sect Leader acting like this, squatting in front of someone and looking up at that person was a matter that could damage his prestige. He was only concerned with every minute change of expression on my face and forgot to conceal his own feelings like he usually did.

I saw the concern in his eyes and still did not know why it gave rise to… Fear?

Afraid of what? I could not die anyway.

I suppressed my emotions: “Just when you two went inside to talk, I was not careful and fell asleep right away.” I squinted my eyes and laughed, “I had a very small nightmare, but fortunately, you, Master, pushed the door open and appeared.”

He did not allow me to half-ass my explanation with these words and continued to question: “What was the nightmare?”

“I dreamt of an evil spirit demanding for my life, from on top of this rafter dropping down, and then wanted to kill me.” I captured Mo Qing’s hand, “Master, I’m so scared, in the future, you mustn’t abandon me by myself and leave again.”

The light in Mo Qing’s eyes deepened: “I didn’t abandon you.” As he was talking, from behind him, Si Ma Rong suddenly laughed out loud.

It was as if my coquettish act made him think it was incomparably laughable, and for a long time, he could not stop laughing. I remembered the last time I saw my West Mountain Lord laughing like this, was when that old man, Yuan Jie, fought against the celestial sect’s people and strained his lower back. He wanted Gu Han Guang to go give him a massage. Gu Han Guang was heavy-handed which made North Mountain Lord scream like he was no different from an ordinary old man at the foot of the mountain.

Si Ma Rong was on the side watching the comedy, laughing constantly.

At present, I was just giving Mo Qing a coquettish act…

Could you not stand to see someone act coquettishly?

Finally, after Mo Qing slanted a quick look at him, he was able to stop laughing: “Miss Zhi Yan.” He called out to me, “It was nothing more than a dream, you don’t need to take it seriously. First, you follow me to go choose the type of wood that you like.”

The wooden person pushed Si Ma Rong to the back courtyard, I got up to follow him and this time, Mo Qing did not come along. Si Ma Rong raised his head to glance at me, his eyes were serene and deep: “Miss Zhi Yan, I have never seen him pamper anyone like that before.”

“Oh, maybe it’s because I’m quite adorable.”

I countered back, rounded the corner and shot my head back to take a look. As a result, I saw Mo Qing inside the room looking in all four directions, like he was searching for something.

Just now, did he sense that Small Round Face’s vicious aura? Currently, this Ugly Little Monster was really powerful, even the aura from the other side, he was able to be so sensitive to it…

In my mind, I was pondering but then I heard Si Ma Rong’s laughter again. He quickly covered his laughing mouth. But even so, he laughed and coughed for quite some time before he could stop.

I did not understand it very well and stared at him, could it be that my West Mountain Lord became crazy from living in this house? How did he like to laugh so much?

It seems Si Ma Rong felt my gaze; he raised his head to look at me, and suddenly laughed again. Oh, so was it actually Zhi Yan’s look that was super funny? Si Ma Yong waved his hand back and forth and finally could no longer look at me. He turned his eyes to look far into the distance: “Miss, I let you witness my poor performance. It’s just that I don’t understand why, when I see you, miss, it’s like I saw my old friend. In my heart, I have the utmost nostalgic feeling. ”

[Old friend? Who? Me, Lu Zhao Yao?]

[Are you joking? In the past, if you dare to joke like this in front of me, I guarantee to break all the legs that you possess.]

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  1. Thanks for another chapter! Looks like Mo Qing revealed his suspicions about Zhao Yao sometimes inhabitating Zhi Yan’s body to SiMa Rong. Also seems that Zhao Yao knew nothing about SiMa Rong’s love. Seems as if she’s learning more about her life and the people that were around her now than before when she was alive.

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  3. I started watching the drama while waiting for an update. The drama gives a total different feel then the book. Honestly the drama was sad specially if you catch the foreshadowing in the early episodes. I only saw till 24 eps and I decided to only follow the book and not the drama.

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