Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 16


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 16

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Early the next morning.

When Zhi Yan’s soul returned, I had already satisfactorily let her body absorbed the Nine Reversal Pill completely. I first looked towards the side and saw no one in the room. Last night, I thought I felt Mo Qing continuously staring at me but it was just an illusion. I immediately turned my head back and observed Zhi Yan.

This body had washed away the exhaustion of the past, the face was shining radiantly, and even the hair was much blacker and brighter.

I stood next to Zhi Yan’s side and watched her soul return. She widened her eyes slightly because her body felt abnormal. Unexpectedly, I felt a sense of accomplishment like I bathed my own pet’s fur.

Zhi Yan shook her hand, stood up, and jumped up twice: “How miraculous. Yesterday, it was clear that I was tragically beaten but in spite of everything, it doesn’t hurt anymore. ”

“Be careful with your words.” I said, “This is Wu E Hall.”

Zhi Yan immediately covered her mouth.

“Let’s return to Xi Yue Peak first. We’ll walk and talk.” No one stopped us as we left Wu E Hall. I faced the sun and floated the same speed as Zhi Yan. Although the sunshine made me uncomfortable, my speed did not decline much. On the path, I asked Zhi Yan, “Liu Cang Ling was treated and thrown out of Chen Ji Mountain?”


Speaking of this, Zhi Yan glanced around, saw no one on the path, and whispered to me: “Your South Mountain Lord is really awesome, he used a few needles and Brother Cang Ling was brought back to life on the spot. The guards had already sent him out of Chen Ji Mountain.”

I tilted my chin and said: “If Gu Han Guang can’t even treat this injury, then it will be very useless to keep him at Wan Lu Sect.”

“So were the wounds on my body also treated by the South Mountain Lord?”

“I ate a Nine Reversal Original Pill nothing more.” I paused for a moment. “But the Nine Reversal Pill was refined by Gu Han Guang, so it could be considered that I was treated by him.”

Zhi Yan drew another slight breath: “Nine Reversal Pill? Is it that ‘would rather abandon Chang’E’s path to ascend to the immortal realm, than to reluctantly part with the Nine Reversal Original Pill’ miracle medicine? I actually ate that thing?” She rubbed her stomach, “I received a flesh wound and got to eat that kind of thing. Your Wan Lu Sect is really extravagant…” After she had finished mumbling to herself, she turned her head to look at me, “Your South Mountain Lord can even refine the Nine Reversal Pill, so why does he not treat himself? I heard… Before he was also an elegant gentleman…”

*Chang’E – the moon goddess in Chinese mythology

Zhi Yan looked into my eyes with a subtle curiosity.

I knew what she was thinking. She was thinking about those disorderly and messy rumors in Jiang Hu about Gu Han Guang and me.

This South Mountain Lord of mine, his surname was Gu, name was Chen, and characters were Han Guang. The people called him the King of Hell’s worry because his cultivation in medicine could snatch people from inside the King of Hell’s hands.


A few years after he became famous, he lived in seclusion among the mountains and fields all year round and disappeared. During that time afterward, there was news of him spreading widely throughout Jiang Hu again; it was that he had been recruited by me to join Wan Lu Sect. At that time, he went from a beautiful jade-like elegant gentleman that changed into a thin weak pale little boy. From then on, he never grew up again.

Since then in Jiang Hu, there were many different opinions and wild rumors. Among them the most widely circulated arguments were — “Lu Zhao Yao used negative energy to supplement positive energy, she exerted herself excessively and it harmed Gu Han Guang.”

These prestigious righteous sects only know how to utter rubbish.

I, Lu Zhao Yao, came by wind and went by wave, had moved unhindered in Jiang Hu for so many years and surveyed the whole world. There was no man who had a more dashing aura than me.


He, Gu Han Guang, only had medical expertise that entered my eyes but that delicate and feminine temperament from head to toe was absolutely not my taste. If they wanted to debate using negative energy to supplement positive energy, then it was Gu Han Guang that used my positive energy to be correct.

These matters made Zhi Yan brimmed with subtle curiosity, I blankly looked at her: “Gu Han Guang was changed like this because of a woman. It was not because of me.”

Zhi Yan immediately stared unwaveringly at me with eyes and heart seeped in the desire of wanting to understand Jiang Hu: “He was plucked by whom?”

“…” Being part of the prestigious righteous sect, their thoughts were not pure at all, “No one plucked him. He voluntarily treated someone’s poison. He absorbed that poison onto himself and turned into a young child. All year round, he had to endure the icy frost and freezing cold pain. Even during midsummer, it is like falling into an ice cave.”

Zhi Yan was a bit dumbfounded: “Everyone said that during your reign, the disciples accepted into Wan Lu Sect were all destitute, vicious, or very evil. Did not expect that there was someone like Gu Han Guang, abandoning himself to save other people… ”

“Hmph, naive.” I swept a glance at her, “Before joining my Wan Lu Sect, Gu Han Guang was not a soft-hearted and lenient lord. His gentleness was only because of that special person.”

“So in the end who was it…”

I stroked my chin: “If I mention it, then you should know it, too. In your Ten Great Celestial Sects, there is only one sect that has only female disciples…”

“Guan Yu Sect?” Zhi Yan interrupted me, “Aren’t they… Not allow to fall in love once they entered the sect?”

“That’s right, but their Sect Leader can’t control it.”

Zhi Yan was even more surprised: “You are saying that South Mountain Lord sacrificed his life to save Guan Yu Sect Leader Shen Qian Jin? Impossible, Shen Sect Leader is outwardly cold and impartial. I have never heard her mention South Mountain Lord’s story.”

I curled my lips: “She can’t remember anything, of course, she won’t mention it.”

That year, I tried a thousand ways to entice Gu Han Guang to join my Wan Lu Sect but he never wavered in the slightest. Afterward, due to a coincidental opportunity, the love poison in Shen Qian Jin’s body flared up, it caused her to accidentally enter the darkness and she was unconscious, unable to wake up. When she was wavering at death’s door, only then did Gu Han Guang carried her over to find me. He begged me to help and assist him to expel the poison from Shen Qian Jin, but the price that he had to pay was a healthy body and stay in Wan Lu Sect forever.


He used his life-saving needles to remove Shen Qian Jin’s memories and released her back to Guan Yu Sect. After Gu Han Guang had entered the sect, he did not leave Chen Ji Mountain again. From then on, the two paths of celestial and demonic were separated like heaven and man, never to see each other again.

From that moment on, Gu Han Guang could not stand to see others being lovingly affectionate in front of him again. When he saw a couple, he would tear them apart. When they were excessively lovingly affectionate, he would use a needle and paralyze one side of their body on the spot; this was not something that had not been done before.

The causes and effects inside this story, I did not have the inclination to recount every detail for Zhi Yan. Just like that, I simply mentioned a few words and let her guessed the rest. After we returned to Xi Yue Peak, I dispatched Zhi Yan to the foot of the mountain to find more people to burn money for me.

She did not ask for it, but it was exactly what she had been waiting for. I supposed stamped in the hidden places of her heart she still wanted to go see Liu Cang Ling. Before she left, she suddenly in complete seriousness asked me a question: “In the future, can you teach me demonic cultivation?”

I raised my eyebrows and only saw her eyebrows and everything in between was earnest and serious, “I don’t want to be like yesterday again. When I wanted to protect something, I was powerless and completely useless.”

I crossed my arms: “Oh, begging me for help again.”

“Today, I will definitely find one hundred people to burn money for you! I will definitely do my best to satisfy your money needs! Just you wait!” After she had finished, with urgency she hurriedly rushed out.

Little girl, she actually understood my character clearly. I smiled and the corners of my lips crooked up. It was a little interesting that she asked me to teach a disciple. There was still no one who would deliver themselves into my hands for me to bully before.

In the evening when Zhi Yan returned, it was almost like her tail was sandwiched between her legs because walking right next to her was Mo Qing.


She clenched her hand really tight in front of her like a prisoner following her executioner. While Mo Qing was on the side walking mildly like the wind and lightly like a cloud. When they stood in front of the door in my small courtyard, Zhi Yan followed customary practices and bowed: “Thank you, Sect Leader.”


Mo Qing only raised his head to look up at the colors of the sky: “No matter where you are in the future, you must return to Chen Ji Mountain before evening.”

“I will attentively obey the Sect Leader’s instructions.”

“Mhm, go back first.”

Zhi Yan tiptoed quietly into the room while I stayed outside and stared for a moment. I found that Mo Qing had left, and then quickly flew in to ask her: “What’s wrong? Why did you and Li Chen Lan come back together? Did you reveal anything? Next time, call him master; be a little natural with a little bit of that cuteness. Come, first learn it, and then show me.”

The corners of Zhi Yan’s mouth were stiff and twitching to drag a smile out. Then she directly knocked her body in the direction of my soul. This time, she herself ran from inside her body out and I caught the body that she had “abandoned.” She turned into her soul shape and withdrew to the corner of the room trembling: “I can’t. As expected, it’s still not possible. I can’t be in the same place as Li Chen Lan. I walk almost like all my arms and legs are stuck together. He doesn’t talk but with just his breath, it can smother me to death.”

How was it so scary…

She paused for a long time to ease her trembling, and then continued: “When I was still at the foot of the mountain looking for people to burn money, Li Chen Lan suddenly appeared and told me to return to the mountain.”

I was baffled: “Told you to return to the mountain, why?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps was afraid that at night below the mountain, it was… Dangerous?”

Perhaps so, people in love, especially like Mo Qing’s kind who had personality traits that were a little possessive and wild, always liked to tell girls not to go out at night and she must get home within a certain time.

Although it was silly and a bit amusing, it could be considered as a different kind of concern.

I was thinking like this. Suddenly the air in the room sank and a man in a black robe embroidered with dark patterns unexpectedly appeared in the room. Even I was startled by this for an instant, Mo Qing… Why had you not leave yet?

I quickly recalled what I said in this body just now. Although I only said one sentence, “Told you to return to the mountain, why?” However, a person alone talking to herself was indeed a little strange. It might possibly arouse Mo Qing’s suspicion. Right at that moment, I was pondering about what tactful lies to say to cover this up but Mo Qing had started to talk.

“Let’s go.”

Go where?

I quickly shot a glance to the side where Zhi Yan was hugging her knees in the corner.

Zhi Yan’s face was obviously also confused: “I don’t know. Just recently on the way back, he just told me two sentences at the door, you heard it all.”

Therefore, I dragged a smile out and asked Mo Qing: “Go… Where?”


He heard me ask, his eyes seemed to soften for a moment but his voice was still indifferent as usual: “Wu E Hall.”

I quickly shot a glance at Zhi Yan again. Damn his mother, in the end, what was the situation, you report it to me at once!

Zhi Yan panicked a little: “I don’t know! At the foot of the mountain, he told me to return to the mountain! Went back to the mountain, he said he was leaving! Now, he came back and wants you to go to Wu E Hall… Why?” She asked me instead.

Suddenly, I felt that to teach such a disciple like this, it would probably be a very mentally and emotionally taxing matter.

“Why do you suddenly want me to go to Wu E Hall?”

“Are you not my disciple?”

Mo Qing also asked me. I could only force myself to say: “That’s right.”

His black pupils seemed to contain a few deep laughs: “As the Sect Leader’s disciple, there’s no reason for you to stay in Xi Yue Peak.”

What you said… Was very… Reasonable. But why did you wait until now to mention it! Did I not force and instill in you the concept that I was your disciple from the beginning! You just like this body, you want to live together with her, at all times you could see her and touch her, it would be easy for you to take advantage of her!

Did you think that I was unable to understand you, you little outwardly cold but inwardly passionate person!


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