Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 57.02


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 57.02

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He was meditating with his eyes closed. All of his divine sense was scattered around in other places. I did not dare to alarm him, so I just slowly approached him.  When I stood before him, I gently called out: “Mo Qing.” The sound of my voice was softer than I could have ever anticipated, “Mo Qing, I’ve come back.”

This call of mine appeared to be provoking the silvery light on the ground, so inside the room, the drops entered the stars like specks of dewdrops.

The silvery light flashed, layer upon layer of waves moved outward. After a while, layer upon layer of waves came back, and the gleaming waves slowly gathered together. The more it gathered, the faster it became. Finally, the silvery light in the room faded away. Mo Qing was like an old monk meditating, sitting still, not moving. 

I knew that when the scattered divine sense was abruptly recalled, the burden to the body was immense. Outsiders might not know, but he was most definitely enduring a tremendous amount of vertigo and pain.

I did not dare to touch him. I was only afraid that a little touch would disturb his thoughts, making his divine sense chaotic. Then he would be unable to  restore it.


Without any other option, I silently waited in front of him. It was unknown for how long I waited, perhaps it was more than an hour. Finally, the fingertips on his knees slightly twitched and his eyelashes fluttered like the flapping wings of a butterfly. He slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing me before him, he became lost in thought for a split second. I looked into his clear, translucent eyes and for a moment, also became lost in thought.

It was just that, I did not know if his thoughts were the same as mine or not. Anyways… Right now, in my head was the scene before the mountain gate during that year, against the background of the light, fire, wind, and snow, I impolitely and senselessly pinned him onto the ground with a violent kiss.

Thinking about that scene, my throat felt somewhat dry and a little bit constricted.

I reached out my hand to push him, directly pushing him back into the divan. Last time, the netherworld charged me with a rape crime. I felt that I was wrongly accused. However, this criminal charge could not be corrected, then I would bluntly and directly make this criminal charge true.

I moved up and wanted to immediately bite his lip.

However, a moment before it could happen, he used his hand to promptly block me, and I kissed his palm. He gazed at me and in his eyes, I saw Zhi Yan’s face, then I became somewhat clear-headed.

This was… Zhi Yan’s body.

Just thinking about it, I could foresee the screeches that would echo beside my ears every day and every night in the future. So I held back my emotions, gnashing my teeth.

“Zhao Yao.” At this moment, beneath my body, Mo Qing called out my name, “Is it you?”

I sighed: “It’s me.”

“You didn’t disappear?”


“I did disappear.” I wanted to tease him, but when I said these words, his eyes suddenly became vacant for a moment. So in the blink of an eye, my teasing heart was immediately stabbed by a thousand needles. My throat choked for a second; never again would I use this matter to tease him with, “But I was reluctant to be apart from you, so I returned. Ugly Little Monster…” I helped him sooth his chest, “I told you not to cry, did you do it?”


As soon as my back tightened, I was pulled down by him. He embraced me into his chest, holding me tightly. He did not say a word, only protected me like guarding a treasure: “Lu Zhao Yao.”


“Don’t say those kinds of words again. Tell me where you’re going, I’ll accompany you.” He hugged me so tightly, “Don’t let me search again.”

Mo Qing… Were you scared?

As I patted his chest, I brought my head out from his embrace: “Let’s go look for it together.”

He was slightly startled.

“My body.” I said, “My body is still somewhere in the corner of this world. Let’s go look for it together. Once it’s found, I’ll come back and marry you.”

Speaking of this, the matter of that ghost husband of mine suddenly flashed through my mind: “Oh, that’s right.” I sat up from above Mo Qing’s body, “Before that, I still need you to help me with some things.”

As I got up, he sat up, too. Then I tiredly sat on his lap and said: “In the ghost market, I’ve gotten into a marriage debt. I have to pay back the money in order to divorce that scholar. Help me burn some money first.”

Mo Qing’s body suddenly stiffened.

I lifted my fingers, counting and muttering: “Two Resurrection Pills, one trip to the dungeon, a sum of money for the Da Yin Netherworld Bank, and a little for the divorce fee, so according to the expense level of Cao Ning… Probably have to burn four hundred thousand for him? Mhm, he’s been very good to me these past few days. Rounding it up, burning him five hundred thousand should be enough.”

As soon as I turned my head, I bumped into Mo Qing’s ice-cold, but somewhat subtle expression.

He appeared to only understand the meaning of my first words. So he only acknowledged two words, repeating them with emphasis: “Marriage debt?”


I watched Mo Qing’s eyes becoming deeply hidden and darkish black. Suddenly I was able to react, maybe right now, I should not have told it to him like this? I rolled my eyes: “Then it’s… A gambling debt? Anyways, it’s a debt, how it’s addressed is not important.”

He narrowed his eyes and looked at me. For the first time,  I felt that his pair of eyes were more beautiful than the starry sky. He stared at me with bad intentions: “Cao Ning, who’s he?”

“Ha ha ha!” I forcefully laughed for a moment. My answer choked in my throat, making it hard to speak. Naturally he was…

My current husband, registered in a book in the netherworld.

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5 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 57.02

  1. Oh Zhao Yao… You just came back and you’re already making poor Mo Qing jealous! After all that he had been through and after learning how he loved you all this time, this is how you’re gonna repay him? Hahahaha… Good luck on how you’re going to appease him 😄😄

    Thanks so much for posting the whole chapter 😘

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  2. Ok Zhao Yao is nothing but deservung of her “ostentatious” title.
    She and Mo Qing have been just reunited and she managed to push him into a bed with illicit intentions, break his heart by reminding him of her vanishing into thin air, inform him without much details of her current half-dead state, propose marrriage (actually declaring that she will marry him without so much as an I love you fitst) and shamelessly ask him for money to get out of her marriage debt… All of that in the time span of less than five minutes!!!!
    I rest my case.

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