Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 56.03


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 56.03

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I had believed that the one who killed me was the last person who obtained the Wan Jun Sword, and took the position of Wan Lu Sect Leader was him? What was he thinking? What kind of things did he do?

However, the scene before my eyes spontaneously ended right at this moment.


The entire scene darkened for a moment, as if my life had ended here. But in the next moment, another scene appeared in front of me. I saw an ice cave, and in that ice cave, I saw myself being placed on top of an ice wall with half of my body caught within the ice. While before me, there was a person sitting cross-legged on the ice-filled ground, meditating and reciting scriptures. It was actually…


Qin Qian Xian?

How could it be him? After the battle in the Sword Tomb, did he carry my body out from under the rubble, and then placed me in that cave?

Finally, the scene disappeared completely.

Then Da Yin Netherworld Bank’s representative appeared right in front of me, he was a skinny, shriveled-up little ghost who flashed his claws before my eyes: “Hey, hey! You’re done watching, huh! Then return the mirror to me!”

He reached out his hand to yank the mirror in my hand. I immediately lowered my head to glance at it one last time, but only saw the last line in the record —

In the Sword Tomb, Qin Qian Xian took Lu Zhao Yao’s dead body away.

Then there was no more after that. It did not even clearly state where I was taken to.

But in the mirror, it actually used the two words, “dead body,” which clearly stated that I had already died in the Sword Tomb at that time. So now, why did Zi You go through all kinds of ideas, saying that I was a living soul?

A living soul proved that my body still has a thread of life force; I was still alive.

In the end, this was all…

No matter what, I had found what could be considered as a clue now. So I just needed to look for Qin Qian Xian. Once he was found, where was my body, why did he do that in the beginning, how did I currently turn out this way, maybe everything would have an answer.

I immediately glided out of Da Yin Netherworld Bank.

My top priority right now was to go find Zhi Yan first, possess her body, and then do the most important thing, properly communicate with Mo Qing.

As I was floating in the front, behind me, the scholar was chasing me: “Miss Lu…”


I thought for a moment, then stopped walking and turned to ask him: “What’s your name?”

“Ah? My… My name is Cao Ning, moniker Ming Feng.”


“You just need to wait, when I go back, I will find people to burn paper offerings for you. These debts, all of it will be paid back to you.”

“Miss… Miss Lu!” He called me again, as if he had indeed made up his mind, and said to me, “Actually… It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay these debts. On my mother’s side, I can go tell her that you… You haven’t written the green document with me, so…”

*green document – divorce document

I turned my head and glanced at him: “The green document must be written. The debt must be paid back. I have another person that I want to marry.”


No longer looking at him, I turned around to leave. After leaving the ghost market at a short distance, I had originally wanted to glide over to Chen Ji Mountain’s main peak, which was still a short distance away, but I did not expect that when I appeared, I came upon Zhi Yan, who was in the middle of crying and searching for me.

The rims of her eyes were so red, and the sound of her crying voice was so hoarse: “Great Demon King, Great Demon King, in the end, where are you? You mustn’t disappear just like this…”

I floated in place, looked at her for a moment, and then called out: “Hey, are you funeral wailing?”

Zhi Yan turned her head and saw me. Her face was in complete disbelief. Then she immediately threw herself at me, but she had forgotten to draw her soul out of her body. So even though she pounced towards my body, it was to be expected that she could only pass through my body and landed on the giant tree behind me.

“You didn’t disappear!” She was not angry, just stood there to hug the tree and continued to cry loudly, “You didn’t disappear, that’s so great! That’s really great!”

I was annoyed by her noise, but at the same time, my heart also felt warmth: “Don’t cry. I’m fine.”

“Uh-huh.” She wiped away her tears for a while, then as if she remembered something, and quickly left her body, “Come, you need to enter my body first! You need to quickly go back and find Li Chen Lan! He’s searching for you like crazy!”

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13 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 56.03

    1. Mo Qing didn’t know that Zhao Yao’s body was taken. Mo Qing was looking through the rubble trying to find her but couldn’t.

      Qin Qian Xian took Zhao Yao’s body because she caused him to have a inner demon, so he wanted to expel his inner demon with the root cause.

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  1. But in the series Zhao Yao was not able to leave the soul market because she was there for too long time. She meditated in the river and went through lots of pain to go back to Li Chen Lan. Wasn’t it?

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  2. Go and see Mo Qing quickly! He’s going crazy looking for you!!!
    And I’m going crazy here wondering what’s gonna happen til they meet again.

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  3. Thank you for another chapter. I’m glad she was able to connect with Zhi Yan and we didn’t have to go through what they put Zhao Yao through in the drama. I wonder if Qin Qian meditating preventing her from dying fully. We know that his obsession for her created a heart demon. Now I wonder was the heart demon created first or as a result of him meditating on her body.

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  4. Of course he’s looking for her like crazy! We expected nothing else from Ugly Little Monster!!!
    I missed Qin Zhi Yan, their reunion is adorable. I always found their relationship very cute. They are complete opposites but somehow manage to bring the best in each other.
    So I guess we’ve reached that point where we are going to witness major changes from the tv series storyline. Can’t wait to see where that will lead us.
    Thank you for all your hard work!

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