Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 65.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 65.02

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Again, I was surprised: “So you can talk.” 

Beside me, Shi Qi continued mouthing off: “A moment ago, Ugly Little Monster told us that you were coming, so then with one punch, I shattered a big boulder to lead you over here.” 

I saw the blue veins on Mo Qing’s forehead jump. 

Ah… Shi Qi learned everything from me, so calling Mo Qing, Ugly Little Monster, aside from me, she was perhaps the only one who had such bear gall. 

I kneaded the space between my eyebrows: “Okay, one at a time, tell me the events one by one.” I pushed Shi Qi away and asked her with a solemn expression: “I told you to bring Qin Qian Xian back to Wan Lu Sect, why’d you bring him here?” 

Being scolded by me, Shi Qi felt a little wronged: “I intended to bring this guy directly to Wan Lu Sect, but he got injured. I can’t use the Instantaneous Travel Technique, so I carried him and flew outside. Then I accidentally fell into the magic array. At first, I could’ve gotten out, but he said since it was the Will of Heaven that we arrived here, then he had to fetch something, and then get out. After that, we ended up at this cave in front of us.” Shi Qi pointed to the cave in front, “He said that your body is inside.” 

As I expected, my body was hidden by Qin Qian Xian in this array. 


I turned my head to shoot a glance at Qin Qian Xian. I did not plan to currently ask him why did he do this, who knows whether there were another series of stories behind this. 

“And him? Also, how is Mo Qing here suppressing the eye of the array?” 

As Qin Qian Xian coughed, he answered me: “There’s an array in the cave, and this place is the eye of the array. I’m badly wounded, so I’m unable to break the eye of the array. I planned to adjust my aura here for a while before breaking the array, but then Li Chen Lan also arrived. I was wanting him to break the array…”

“But we don’t know which shameful person from the outside activated the eye of the array of the magic array placed outside!” In order to win my attention, Shi Qi snatched Qin Qian Xian’s words to make me look at her, “If the eye of the array outside shifts, then the world inside the array will turn upside down. The mountainous rocks will move, the array within the array will also be affected. So in order to stop this cave from moving, and to prevent it from making it difficult to find your body later, he has to forcefully suppress the eye of the array. He can’t move, once he moves, the eye of the array will also move.” 

So that was why he was deadlocked in this array for so many days… 

As I stroked my chin, I pondered. Then I turned my head to ask Qin Qian Xian: “Now that I’m in the array, I’ll directly go find my body, how long will that take?” 

“If you avoid the maze, but the routes in the cave are already winding, so it should take about an hour.” 

So it would take an hour to find my body, then I would need to lie down, repossess my body and adapt to it, this process would also take a while. Besides, I still did not know if there would be any other accidents that could happen. However, right now what Mo Qing and I could not delay the most was time. 

In the afternoon, Jiang Wu went up to Chen Ji Mountain with the Four Great Celestial Sects. Right now, it was midnight, so who knows what the situation would have developed into. 

Mo Qing needed to quickly return to Chen Ji Mountain, so my mind started thinking. Shi Qi’s strength was great, but her magic was not good, so she could not suppress the eye of the array.  Qin Qian Xian was gravely wounded, if in a moment, he wanted to guide me into the array to find my body, he could not suppress the eye of the array either. Therefore, the only one who could do this… 

“Wait for Qin Zhi Yan to return to her body.” Mo Qing said what I was thinking in my heart, “Now that she’s assisted by the power of Liu He Tian Yi Sword, she can suppress the eye of the array. Then I’ll return to Wan Lu Sect.” 

“You know about the situation in Wan Lu Sect?” That surprised me. 

Mo Qing mused for a moment: “The silver mirror on your body.” He paused for a moment, and then said, “It’s also known as the Spying Heart Mirror.” 

The Spying Heart Mirror? 


It was… Worn on my body, so it could peep into my thoughts and desires?

Therefore, as long as this mirror was worn on my body, Mo Qing would know where I was as well as what I was thinking anytime, anywhere? So before, I had carried this mirror with me for so many years… During those many years, he sat in front of the mountain gate, and was privy to my situation every day… And at all times? 

Not only that, a few days ago, when he dug this mirror out from the grave and put it into my hands, he did not even tell me about this matter! 

“Ugly Little Monster.” I watched him nod his head, “So even you have such moral integrity, we’ll talk about this matter later.” 

Mo Qing lowered his eyes and did not look at me, nor did he answer. 

While off to the side, Shi Qi and Qin Qian Xian could not understand these words between Mo Qing and I, so I simply conveyed to them what the plan was.

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  1. Lol, God save Mo Qing from Zhao Yao after all this chaos is over…≥o≤
    Reading the thoughts of the one you love is soooooooo romantic he he he 🤭💜 thankyou for this chapter, waiting for the next one!!

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  2. Fan girl screaming over here. I can’t wait until they officially unite without having to separate. Thank you so much for translating this for us, you are doing a wonderful job. Can wait until the next chapter!

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