Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 65.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 65.03

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Wait until Zhi Yan repossessed her body later, she would be in charge of suppressing the eye of the array. While Shi Qi would stay by her side, not letting other things in the array disturb her. Qin Qian Xian would enter the array to lead the way. I would follow him in and find my body. 

As I finished saying these words, the Hour of the Rat ended and Zhi Yan returned to her body. 

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Seeing the current situation, she became a little confused: “Everyone… Is here…” 

Without having much time to explain to her in detail, I told her to stand by Mo Qing’s side and use all of her strength to suppress the eye of the array. Then I glided before her, staring at her intently: “Zhi Yan, whether I can resurrect or not, it’s all in your hands.” 

She froze for a moment. Then she gritted her teeth, pulled the sword out of its sheath, and calmed her state of mind: “Great Demon King, you have saved me so many times. This time, even if I risk my life, I will still help you suppress the eye of the array.” 

I smiled and stepped aside. 

I saw Zhi Yan raise Liu He Tian Yi Sword high, as she gathered all of the magic in her body. All of a sudden, she made the sword’s blade pierced into the earth where the eye of the array was located. As a resounding “boom” shook heaven and earth, Zhi Yan clenched her teeth tightly. When Mo Qing withdrew Wan Jun Sword, all of the power that was suppressing the eye of the array instantly transferred to Zhi Yan’s hands. 

“In four hours, I’ll be out.” 

Zhi Yan’s power was not as strong as Mo Qing’s, so suppressing the eye of the array had consumed all of her energy. She did not even have the time to talk to the people beside her; she just lowered her eyes and focused on the eye of the array. As the cold sweat accumulated on her forehead, it fell down drop by drop. 

Qin Qian Xian got up, and led me into the cave. Before entering the cave, I turned my head to look at Mo Qing. He was looking at the entrance of the cave. Although he could not see me, his gaze was attentive: “Lu Zhao Yao.” As he called out my name, his voice was so calm. I could not help it but be emotionally affected, “I will purge the disorder in Wan Lu Sect, and wait for you to come back.” 

He could not hear me, but I solemnly answered: “Okay.” 

I would return. 

This time, I would no longer disappoint your waiting. 

I followed Qin Qian Xian and glided into the magic array. His steps were steady, neither fast nor slow. I blindly followed behind him, only to see that the scene of ice and snow beside me was exactly the same as the cave I saw when I consumed the Resurrection Pills. 

Also, the deeper I walked inside, that indescribable throbbing in my chest got stronger. 

This was perhaps… The bond between the soul and the body? 

“I placed your body here, do you hate me?” He abruptly started talking, knowing that he could not hear my answer, so now it was more like he was walking and soliloquizing to himself, “Five years ago, during the battle in the Sword Tomb, I was trapped at the pinnacle with my inner demon. I knew that my inner demon arose because of you, and it could only be exterminated by you.” 

My mind shook, huh, listening to this discourse, was he wanting to confess? 

That would not do, I refuse. I was fond of Mo Qing, the only Mo Qing in this world. It made me happy that he occasionally got jealous, and no one was permitted to compete with him. Now that he was by my side, he could no longer be wronged. 

My mouth dropped… I only felt that these thoughts from Qin Qian Xian were very deep. 

Currently, he was saying these words in an uninhabited place! I could only listen to it, but I could not refuse it at all! 

“It was not love, but actually distracting thoughts. Day after day, it finally became an inner demon. It disrupted my religious practice, and disturbed my pure heart, so I stole your corpse. What I did was shameless, but I also had no other choice. After that I placed your corpse here. I used my heart’s blood to protect your corpse from rotting, and every day, right here, I chanted the sutras. Finally, I thoroughly eliminated my inner demon. From then on, I did not come back to this place again.” 


The Qin Family’s blood was so extraordinary that it was useful in resurrecting Luo Ming Xuan. It could be assumed that in their blood, it carried the cleanliness bestowed from Heaven. So the innate path that they must walk would be one that was heartless and loveless, wholeheartedly going towards immortal ascension. However, he did not expect to be foolishly stared at by me and got disturbed. 


Speaking of this, it was also my fault. 

Then after that, due to a freak combination of factors, he used his heart’s blood to feed my body during that year, which actually restored a thread of life force back into me. This currently made me become a living soul, with a chance for resurrection. 

He was wrong to steal my corpse back then, but in the end, it was still me who benefited. So I could not blame him, on the contrary, I should be somewhat grateful. 

“Today, even for me, I clearly realize what this means to you. This is also the last trace of my guilt.” 

After he slowly finished saying these words, he took the last turn ahead, and entered into a huge icy cave. There were icicles suspended above, boring through in a disarray of ice. On the last ice wall, there was a body dressed in an alternating black and red robe with loose hair, closed eyes, and pursed lips. Stuck in the ice wall was precisely my body. 


I glided into the air to be face to face with my body. I felt the strong throbbing in my heart, and I slowly entered… 

I gradually felt the transmission of strength from my fingers radiating through, the circulation of my blood, and the trembling of my eyelashes. 

Lu Zhao Yao, Lu Zhao Yao. 

Oh, I truly missed your power and your countenance.

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6 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 65.03

  1. Talk about a welcome reunion… Lu Zhao Yao with her body and soul. So while she once thought Qin Qian Xian was the most beautiful man, that thought no longer crosses her mind. She is committed to MoQing. We stand on the edge of our OTP reuniting… I think there are going to be fireworks and all kinds of magic. 🙂

    Thank you for the translation. I pray you are doing really well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I assure you that Lu Zhao Yao still thinks that Qin Qian Xian is the most beautiful man. One of her hobbies is to look at beautiful things. She knows that QQX is not for her because he’s like a Bodhisattva, untouchable, can only be admired. Now that she’s fallen in love with Mo Qing, she’s a faithful one. But she will still stare at beautiful things to make MQ jealous.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I appreciate it.


      1. You are so right! I can see her using QQX to make MoQing jealous because it brings her a bit of joy. I could see her enjoying him being jealous very much because her intention is very much to stay with him (although he may not fully know that as of yet). Oh wait, she had the mirror on so he might just understand. We’ll have to see how she handles the mirror situation. She seems a little more unsettled by it than in the drama.

        It’s funny that the actor who played QQX in the drama I thought was handsome in The Legends but in other dramas he doesn’t stand out as much. He’s still handsome but I was captivated with him in The Legends. As much as I like Bai Lu and Xu Kai together because of this drama and Arsenal Military Academy. I’ve seen other dramas with Bai Lu but the other male lead just didn’t have much chemistry with her. However, I think her chemistry with Leo Luo in Love is Sweet is quite lovely.

        Liked by 1 person

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