Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 66.03


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 66.03

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When Su Yan saw me with that dot of cinnabar mole between his eyebrows, his eyes widened super wide, and the ring of Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples standing behind him also had faces like they had just seen a ghost.

Without wasting my energy, I shot a glance at Zhi Yan. Zhi Yan immediately understood what I meant, and pulled Su Yan aside to explain. I seized this moment to meditate on the spot cross-legged. I regulated the aura in my body to flow smoothly and opened up all of the sealed nodes in my muscles and bones.

When I opened my eyes, Zhi Yan had already passed me the pills. I lifted my chin up to take them, and took the time to ask: “What is the current situation in Chen Ji Mountain?”

“Ah… Oh…” Beside me, Su Yan started talking, while I listened and meditated, “It seems that Jiang Wu and that North Mountain Lord has reached some sort of agreement, staying within Chen Ji Mountain to join in on the chaos. At the foot of the mountain, the village of the common people got destroyed, too. When I was waiting to dispatch people to go protect the common people, news came back saying that Li Chen Lan seemed to have already returned to the mountain. On top of the mountain, the fight in Wu E Palace is already in a state of chaos and despair, while below the mountain, no one is aware of the situation.”

I opened my eyes. My hand clenched into a fist.

So many people were bullying Ugly Little Monster, you guys thought that I, Lu Zhao Yao, was dead, so you thought that you could overturn heaven, huh?

After adjusting my aura, I stood up, gripped Liu He Tian Yi Sword, and used the Instantaneous Travel Technique. Before I left, I heard Su Yan ask: “You… Lu Zhao Yao… Why’d you come back to life?”

Why did I come back to life?

It was because I have someone who loves me deeply, so I could not be heartless and disappoint him.

However, this answer, I did not need to tell anyone else.

As soon as the Instantaneous Travel Technique was utilized, Shi Qi, who was beating people to her heart’s content over on the other side, shouted at me from far away: “Sect Leader! Take me with you!”

“After you finish cleaning up, get home by yourself.”

After saying these words, my figure disappeared, and then reappeared right above the peak of Wu E Palace.

Just like Su Yan said, the current Wu E Palace was in a state of chaos and despair. It was clear that daybreak was nearing but the dark energy still covered the sky.

As the black wind fluctuated, it carelessly pulled at my long hair and black robe. So I used clairvoyance to cut through the black wind and looked at the black wind in the center of Wu E Palace’s plaza. Instead, I saw Mo Qing standing in the middle, in his hand was Wan Jun Sword erected perpendicular to the ground, unwaveringly suppressing the heart of that Luo Ming Xuan who was still asleep on the ground.

So those people had not snatched away Luo Ming Xuan’s body yet.

However, in front of him, as the black wind surrounded all four sides, separated from him were those grandmasters of the Four Great Celestial Sects, North Mountain Lord, the Chief of the Dark Guards, and… Jiang Wu.

After a long absence, Little Short Hair still had such fierce and flamboyant hair. I appreciated his type of flamboyance, but I really did not like seeing him today.

A few people formed a weird stalemate in the middle of the black wind. Mo Qing used Wan Jun Sword’s power, the power that he gathered to mutually restrain these few people. All around was a layer of messy mountainous rock. That flight of steps in front of the mountain had long been smashed to smithereens, ruined beyond recognition.

It certainly appeared to have been a fierce battle from earlier that resulted in this state of stalemate.

So if it kept going down this route, then whoever exhausted their power first would lose.

As I pulled the sword out of its sheath, the thunder on Liu He Tian Yi Sword crackled resoundingly, and the lightning seemed to pierce through the darkness. Mo Qing had his back towards me, so he did not see it, but off to his side, Jiang Wu swiftly turned his head. He stared right at me.

In an instant, the black wind that centered on Mo Qing shook sharply, and Jiang Wu gritted his teeth and took a step back.

I gathered my power to summon lightning, and with a rumble, it landed in the place where those Four Great Celestial Sects and Jiang Wu were located.

When the lightning came suddenly and without warning, some of the people’s magic attacks were suddenly interrupted, and they immediately retreated back several steps, spitting out a gush of fresh blood. While at the same time, the black energy around Mo Qing’s body turned into a huge whip. With a shaking “bang,” it wiped out numerous enemy troops and ruthlessly knocked those few people away.

Once the balance was broken, North Mountain Lord and that Chief of the Dark Guards were not so lucky either. They both went flying off to the side, lying on the ground, vomiting blood.

Moments later, the long whip that danced in the air disappeared in a flash, and the black energy faded away.

It faded away exactly at daybreak. The morning sun in the distance leapt over the highest mountain top and scattered rays of light on the main peak of this messy Chen Ji Mountain.

As I stood on the beams of the ruined Wu E Palace, my eyes calmly swept around the people who were beaten to the ground, and finally, my gaze landed on Mo Qing. Just as he happened to also turn his head to look at me, in the morning sunlight, the gentle breeze pulled at his sleeves, and a moment after, that breeze also gently brushed past my ears.

It was early summer, the warmth of the breeze was like the ambiguous temperature of his fingertips and petal-like lips.

On this messy mountain top, it did not resemble a battlefield, but more like that certain year, in that certain month, on that certain day.

After I recovered from the severe injuries caused by Luo Ming Xuan, I climbed out of the valley and returned to Chen Ji Mountain again, only to find Mo Qing still living in the dilapidated temple on top of the mountain.

At that time, my heart was completely filled with hatred. I wholeheartedly wanted to get my revenge, so I did not understand nor did I care about the expression in Mo Qing’s eyes.


However, right now, it was like I was making up for my denseness during that year.

I soared down from the rooftop and walked straight towards Mo Qing. Without any hesitation, I reached out, embraced his neck, and attacked his lips.


Yes, damn his mother, this was what I had wanted to do for a very long time.

A bite that was intrusive, provocative, and strong. I wanted to consume him but also wanted his responses even more, more urgent, more unyielding.

There was no need to pity me, just hold me tight, crush me, possess me, and I would do the same, the same to you.

It was because I already like you so much, liking you to the point that even if I tried my hardest to restrain myself, I only just had to touch you, then I would lose my mind and go crazy.

I wanted you to be mine, but I also wanted… You.

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  1. Wow! What a reunion! It is beautiful to see (or read) of Zhao Yao’s passion in the novel which was hardly seen in the drama.

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    I am always looking forward to your update. Blessings to you and your loved ones

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