Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 66.02


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021! It felt like forever since my last upload! I got off for break about 2 weeks ago and I was planning to translate more chapters… However, it did not go as I had planned… I ended up crocheting about 6 hats, ranging from baby, toddler, to adult sizes. Of the 6 hats, 3 of the hats were commissioned, so I made some moo-lah. Then I was in the mood to make 2 baby hats for my baby, a baby Yoda hat (requested by my husband) and an ear-flap hat with a pom pom.

Anyways, I’m currently 20 weeks, so 4 more months to go! We’re excited!!

So I figured, it’s the last day of my break, I should really do at least one translation. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 66.02

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As we continued to walk out of the cave silently, Shi Qi, who was squatting beside Zhi Yan, immediately straightened her back with her eyes aglow. She stared straight at me, her two legs jumped directly off the ground, and she pounced towards me: “Sect Leader!” 

She howled for a moment, as her whole body immediately latched onto mine. 

I took on her full heaviness, and checked her body weight, she was actually lighter than before. Overseas on the Immortal Island, she must have suffered a lot of hardship. 

“Sima Rong said that if I could find the immortal herb, then I could resurrect you, but I didn’t find the immortal herb and you still got resurrected! That big liar! I want to go back and beat him up! He caused me to go out and run such a big lap!” 

I hugged and patted her on the back, not knowing whether I should laugh or cry. 

“Zhi Yan.” Behind me, Qin Qian Xian walked up to Zhi Yan’s side and called out to her, “You can release the eye of the array.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhi Yan relaxed both of her arms, and Liu He Tian YI Sword directly shot out from the eye of the array. In an instant, the eye of the array shifted and disappeared without a trace, while the world in the entire magic array began to spin and change instantly. 

I held onto Shi Qi, reached out my hand, and summoned Liu He Tian Yi Sword to return. 

I quickly circulated the spiritual energy in my body around three times to reactivate the magic power within my body. I looked far into the distance, just as I wanted to gather my power to cleave this maze in Su Mountain, a voiceless sound was chanting next to me. As soon as Qin Qian Xian said the word, “break,” before me, the mountains and rivers inside the world of ice and snow turned upside down and from the sky, it opened a path that led directly to the dawning horizon outside. 

In one hand, I held Shi Qi and in the other hand, I pulled Zhi Yan along, flying out on the path that Qin Qian Xian had just split open. However, after flying for a moment, I stopped in midair and still did not see anyone following behind me. I turned my head to look. Qin Qian Xian was still standing inside that magic array where the galaxy had turned upside down, raising his head to look up at me. 

“Not leaving?” 

“Su Mountain’s magic array cannot be in chaos, so I have to stay and fix it. All of you can leave on your own.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Qi, who was hanging on my body, jerked: “Oh…” Then she scratched her head earnestly at a loss, “Sect Leader…” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“This… This insistently chirpy guy, although he’s a bit annoying; however, when we entered the array, there was a big snow demon guarding this place. In order to save me, he got injured really badly. Should, should I stay and help him?” 

I said: “You can’t do magic, so it’s useless to stay.” 

“East Mountain Lord, you don’t have to be guilt-ridden.” Qin Qian Xian said from below, “On Xian Tai Mountain, you helped me, so the snow demon in the magic array was merely my repayment to you, that was all.” 

With this simple rationale, Shi Qi understood it, so she nodded: “Well, it just so happens that I can’t bear to part with the sect leader. However, you must remember, you helped me find the sect leader’s body, and saved my sect leader, that also means that you saved me. So in the future, if you have any difficulty, and you need my help, I, Lu Shi Qi, will not refuse.” 

I patted Shi Qi’s head for a moment: “You put everything upon yourself, isn’t that stupid, silly girl.” I reprimanded her with this phrase, and then turned my head to glanced at Qin Qian Xian, “No matter how things were before, from now on, if you, Qin Qian Xian, need the support of my Wan Lu Sect, then come and inform me.” 

Without looking at Qin Qian Xian again, I flew out of Su Mountain’s magic array. 

However, outside the magic aray, there just happened to be a group of opposing power fighting. 

The dark guards, who were guarding outside the array, and the disciples of Qian Chen Pavilion were divided into two opposing sides. 

Just when I was wondering why the people of Qian Chen Pavilion suddenly became so resolute, I saw that Little Cinnabar Mole lifting up his head to look at us three, me, Shi Qi, and Zhi Yan. 

“Miss Zhi Yan!” He shouted, “Did you have any problems?” 

His own sect leader fell into the magic array and he was not anxious, but when Zhi Yan fell into it, he was worried. These people from Qian Chen Pavilion were really incomprehensible to me. Or… Was it because they have such confidence in Qin Qian Xian that it did not even matter that he entered the magic array? 

“Brother Su Yan…” She did not even finish speaking yet, when a “shoosh” went by. An arrow from below had shot upwards, it brushed the tip of my nose and flew into the horizon. The whistling sound of the arrow interrupted Zhi Yan’s words. 

So I looked down. 

However, when I saw the masked dark guards down below, some of the people’s expressions revealed both astonishment and surprise. 

“East Mountain Lord?”

“No… That is… Lu… Lu…” 

They stuttered for a long time, so much so that even my name could not be completely spoken out loud, so why would I keep you guys? 

With a cold snort, I flipped my hand and yanked Shi Qi off my body, and then threw her straight at them: “This pile, beat them up for me.” 

“So happy! I received the sect leader’s orders again!” Shi Qi cheered and dashed down headlong. Then I whirled around and dropped down on the side of Qian Chen Pavilion’s disciples. I placed Zhi Yan off to the side and turned my head to ask that Su Yan: “Do you have any spiritual pills that’ll improve magic power within a short time frame? Give me two pills.”

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