Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 71.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 71.02

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The situation on that side was taken care of, while on this side, amidst the electric lightnings and fiery sparks, Jiang Wu used the octahedron sword to block my attack, but because there was no Liu He Tiang Yi Sword to obstruct it, he seized the opportunity to slash right on top of my shoulder. 

I repressed a groan and accepted this slash, but by then Jiang Wu did not exert anymore force.

Just a moment ago, when I eliminated that puppet, Little Short Hair, Jiang Wu’s expression was painful. It must be because when the puppet disappeared, it created a backlash to the spellcaster. 

He slashed me and I eliminated his puppet. 

This round of confrontation was a tie. 

Jiang Wu stared at me, then suddenly laughed out loud: “Well, well, well, you’re definitely worthy to be the woman that I fancy.” However, a moment later, his laughter abruptly stopped, as he looked up at the sky, “But it should stop here.” As he extended his hand to capture me, I dodged sideways, but I never thought that he would actually grab the small silver mirror around my neck. 

With his quick hand, he tore the silver mirror from my neck, and threw it aside: “The Spying Heart Mirror.” With a sneer, he threw the silver mirror away. As my pupils constricted, I wanted to teleport and get the silver mirror back, but I suddenly felt a chill on the back of my neck, and then I felt a sharp pain being relayed to my brain. 

In the next moment, I was engulfed in darkness before my eyes. I unexpectedly… Lost consciousness. 

When I regained my consciousness, I saw blazing red fire flickering all around and everywhere was earthen soil. It appeared to be some sort of underground cave. I stood up, rubbed the back of my chilly neck, and took a look around. 

This was a small cave and up above were two to three lamps hanging on the earthen stone wall. The lamps managed to illuminate the place fairly bright. However, when I was about to leave this small cave and walk out to a passageway, I was blocked by an invisible barrier. 

It was an enchantment barrier. Without having to think about it, I could guess that this enchantment barrier must be set up by Jiang Wu… 

So did this… Mean that I got imprisoned? 


I, Lu Zhao Yao, had terrorized the world with my tyranny. Never had I thought that one day, even after Luo Ming Xuan’s death, I would still be captured and imprisoned in a small dark room! 

Little Red Hair, you are really arrogant! 

I reached out my hand to touch the surface of the enchantment barrier in front of me, and wanted to gather my power to break the barrier open. However, I never thought that all the energy that I released would be absorbed by this barrier, so no effect was achieved at all. In order to save Zhi Yan last time, I also threw Liu He Tian Yi Sword out of my possession, I… 

“… A Wu!” There were rapid footsteps and noisy sounds coming from the other end of the deep passageway. I recognized that voice, it was the trusted aide next to Jiang Wu named Xiao Yi. Before I saw them, I heard that Xiao Yi making a fuss, “Why did you capture her? That Li Chen Lan is now drawn to this place! If he smashed the enchantment barrier above us, then this barrier would be broken like the one in Jiang City! There are more than a thousand people inside here, where do you think they can flee to?!” 

“The enchantment barrier in this place will not break.” Jiang Wu replied lazily, as if he had just woken up, “I am no longer the same person I was from before. Additionally, if I didn’t personally go capture and imprison the woman that I like, did you think I would let someone else capture and imprison her instead?” 

“You haven’t even seen Lu Zhao Yao! Why do you suddenly like her?” The two of them were talking and walking as they got to my enchantment barrier. Jiang Wu happily greeted me, while next to him, Xiao Yi showed an expression like he was going to fall apart, “Your fondness is way too cheap! Before, you even told us to go capture Qin Zhi Yan!” 

Inside the enchantment barrier, I crossed my arms, as I watched them quarrel with indifference. 

Finally, Xiao Yi took off his hat and threw it on the ground with a “pop.” Then he angrily stomped his feet: “Ah! You’re utterly clueless! This life is no longer for sale! I, your father, don’t want to do it anymore! I want to go home!” 

Jiang Wu waved his hand: “Leave then, go already. You’re so noisy, you’re killing me.” 

Xiao Yu immediately turned around and stalked away, roaring how disgraceful Little Red Hair was along the way. 

Upon seeing this, my eyebrow raised up. I never expected that Jiang Wu would have such an amicable style while interacting with someone under his command. However, when he did impulsive things, he would even do it most impulsively. For example, like in this instance, he captured me. 

“Why did you capture me?” I asked him. 

“Didn’t I already tell you?” Jiang Wu immediately passed through the enchantment and walked straight into this stone room. He calmly looked at me, “I really like you.”

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