Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 71.01


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 71.01

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What he just said made me think how ridiculous it was. 

“I, Lu Zhao Yao, have lived in this world for so many years, no one has ever dared to ask me for compensation.” I waved Liu He Tian Yi Sword, “Since you are the first, I will give you some face.” After saying that, I used Liu He Tian Yi Sword to summon a thunderbolt, it rumbled and landed in the ground between him and I. After the dust and soil flew up into the sky, a big pit was created. 

“I’ll compensate you with a pit, now you can bury him.” 

“Heh.” Jiang Wu laughed out loud: “Interesting, so interesting, Lu Zhao Yao, you are indeed very interesting.” 

“That’s right, I also find myself very interesting.” As I replied back to his statement, I lifted Liu He Tian Yi Sword, aiming straight at his heart, “My debt has been settled, now let’s calculate your debt. Chen Ji Mountain has damaged houses and human casualties, what are you planning to give me as compensation?” 

Jiang Wu narrowed his eyes at me: “How do you want me to compensate?” 

“Use your life as compensation.” As soon as I said that, I swung my sword. Among the lightning flashes and thunder rolls, Liu He Tian Yi Sword and the thick sword in his hand mutually collided. 

Under that one clashing maneuver, I became a bit startled. This Little Short Hair after turning into this Little Red Hair, his power was at least three times stronger than the puppets he had controlled. As the edges of the blades clashed, an electrifying light shuttled between him and I. A faint red light flashed in Jiang Wu’s eyes: “Lu Zhao Yao, I like you so much, how can you strike at me? It really breaks my heart.” 

Tch, this Jiang Wu really did not have a steady personality. He just owned a mouth full of nonsense. Did you not yell out loud and cause a ruckus, saying that you were fond of Zhi Yan before? So why did you turn around, casting your eyes on me now? 

Your type of fondness was too cheap and easily changed! 

I did not bother to reply back, I just increased the fierceness of the sword’s energy to push him far away. Then I quickly teleported to overtake him and thrusted the blade of Liu He Tian Yi Sword at his heart.  

Jiang Wu’s figure moved to the side and the edge of the Liu He Tian Yi Sword crossed his chest. He quickly moved to my front, but did not attack. He just reached out his hand to seize my waist: “I can compensate you with my body, but not my life.” 

I narrowed my eyes: “Haven’t you heard of the phrase, ‘the lecher, Deng Tu Zi, died from lust’?” I turned Liu He Tian Yi Sword in my hand and raised up the blade, wanting to cut off his arm. However, just when the sharp blade touched his shoulder, a red light suddenly appeared around his body and obstructed the blade of Liu He Tian Yi Sword with much difficulty. 

This was… A body-protecting enchantment barrier? 

Just like Qin Qian Xian’s body-protecting enchantment barrier? 

To the best of my knowledge, in this world, the person who could obstruct my Liu He Tian Yi Sword with his enchantment barrier skills was Qin Qian Xian! Besides him, there was no one else! This Jiang Wu… 

When Jiang Wu saw my surprise, he grinned, appearing somewhat proud and presumptuous: “It’s quite fun fighting with you, but now I don’t have the time to play with you anymore.” After he finished saying this, I only heard his voice coming from behind me: “Come with me, otherwise, the little beauty you had just risked your life to protect, I will no longer ignore her.” 

As the aura around my entire body shook, I pushed the red-haired Jiang Wu away. I turned my head and saw Jiang Wu’s puppet, Little Short Hair, actually broke through the enchantment barrier that I had set up for Zhi Yan and picked her up! 

I had miscalculated… Jiang Wu had always been confident with his enchantment barrier skills. I should have known that he also had the ability to break other people’s enchantment barriers. 

At this time, with one hand, Little Short Hair Jiang Wu took ahold of Zhi Yan’s waist, and with his other hand, he squeezed her neck. With just a little force, it was enough to make the unconscious Zhi Yan enter a permanent state of sleep. 

I controlled my emotions, narrowed my eyes and turned my head to look at Jiang Wu: “Little Red Hair, exactly how many puppets do you have?” 

“You want to know?” He was extremely straightforward, he reached out his hand, wanting to pull me along, “I can take you there to have a look.” 

I dodged his hand: “It’s not necessary. Once I kill you, they’ll all be useless.” As my palm passed through the lightning on the blade of Liu He Tian Yi Sword, I sliced my palm, letting my blood cover the sword’s blade. After I made the blood sacrifice on the Liu He Tian Yi Sword, rays of light erupted on the sword. 

The lightning contrasted against Jiang Wu’s cold face. He raised his eyebrow and quirk up the corner of his mouth: “Aren’t you afraid that I will order the puppet to kill Zhi Yan? Although I really admire that little beauty, too. But for some reason, when I saw her this time, the feelings were not the same as the previous times. So killing her would not be a pity.” 

I sneered, as I saw my solemn expression reflected in Jiang Wu’s eyes: “If you want to kill her, then just do it. I, Lu Zhao Yao, do not accept threats.” 

As soon as I finished speaking, I used the Instantaneous Travel Technique to move forward, and finally saw Jiang Wu drop that annoying smile on his face. He estimated the power of my sword, retreated a step, and immediately raised his sword to block. However, at this moment, I threw Liu He Tian Yi Sword in my hand backwards. As Liu He Tian Yi Sword broke through the layers of miasma, it unexpectedly pierced into Jiang Wu’s puppet’s head.

When a “swish” sounded behind me, I did not need to turn around to know that the puppet, Little Short Hair, had met a violent death on the spot. Following right behind Liu He Tian Yi Sword, I had already placed an Instantaneous Travel Technique spell at the tip of the sword’s hilt. So when the puppet was hit, the Instantaneous Travel Technique spell would  immediately be executed. 

The puppet, Little Short Hair, Zhi Yan, as well as, Liu He Tian Yi Sword were teleported back to Wu E Palace on Chen Ji Mountain.

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