Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 74.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 74.01

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“So fortunate… So fortunate…” 

In my ear, I heard Mo Qing whispering softly, almost to himself. So softly, he had to say it thrice involuntarily before he managed to stop. 

For someone like Mo Qing, who had a melancholic personality and was accustomed to repress his emotions and endure silently, this action was already  outside of what he could bear. 

His hands wrapped around my waist, making my bosom stick closely to his body. It was so tight that I could feel his heartbeat going “ba-dump, ba-dump” so strongly from his body to mine. He could conceal his expressions but could not hide his heartbeats. 

Mo Qing’s embrace was as warm as ever, so I just heart-wrenchingly hugged him tighter. Once again, I made you worry. Once again, I made you experience heartache. How could I always scare you so easily? 

“It’s alright now, Mo Qing…” I said, as I patted his back, “I’m okay.” In fact, my body was secretly hiding the pain from a moment ago due to breaking the seal. So the tighter he hugged me, the more pain I felt. 

However, no matter what, I had to hold the pain back, because I was so reluctant to let him go. 

Again and again, it was so difficult, breaking through layer upon layer of hurdles, and experiencing so much pain and hardship, and then finally, I was able to see his face again. How could I be willing to let him go? In the secular world, when two sweethearts fell in love, it was a matter of love and affection, but when it came down to Mo Qing and I, it became a matter of life and death. 

Could it be that I was naturally born like this? 

However, before this thought could finish forming in my mind, Lin Zi Yu, who was blocking that Little Short Hair Jiang Wu, suddenly shot down from up above. His body smashed vertically into the rocky soil outside the disk. The impact was huge, making dust soar up from the ground. 

Could they not let Mo Qing and I continue our lingering embrace for a while?! 

What a disturbance! 

A fierce anger burned in my heart. So just as I was about to push Mo Qing away, without an explanation,  he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist. 

Mo Qing had never restrained me with such an unyielding action before, I was a little stunned: “Mo Qing?” I raised my head to look at him, and saw his eyes were filled with cold, murderous aura. He stared fixedly at the red-headed Jiang Wu, who was still entangled with Shi Qi. Hearing my voice, he glanced at me from the corner of his eye, and still his hand did not let go, “Stay by my side.”

Mo Qing was very angry… 

It was a sky-rocketing anger that even I had never seen before.

As he protected me behind his back, he grasped Wan Jun Sword with his other hand. With every step forward, this underground cave was quaking and shaking. 

Without saying a word, without any extra movements, Mo Qing raised his sword and made his move. His move was as straightforward and concise as his style, simple and uncomplicated. However, when he released the sword energy that slashed out like a tsunami, he did not take into account that there was still Shi Qi on the other side, who was fighting with Jiang Wu, and was destroying the arrogance in Jiang Wu’s entire body. 

Before the sword energy attacked, Shi Qi instinctively sensed the danger. The punch that she threw halfway was immediately retracted, she immediately turned around, and hurled her body onto the ground to avoid the area where the sword energy was the most powerful. Even if the sword energy had just swept past her, even if Shi Qi was immune to magic, she still had to crawl on the ground. Her face immediately carried a deep scowl. 

Meanwhile, Jiang Wu forcibly used the octahedron sword to resist the sword energy. 

The octahedron sword in Jiang Wu’s hand emitted a great red light. Even his black eyes burst forth a terrifying red light. With the blue veins on his forehead bulging, he let loose a loud roar, and finally used all of his strength to chop Mo Qing’s sword energy in half. 

The two halves of the sword energy slashed at the cliff walls behind Jiang Wu’s back. Then a “rumble” was heard. The two sword energies did not even penetrate the cliff walls by more than twenty feet, but the ground trembled from the huge impact. It was like a herd of buffaloes turning and rolling around, making me stand a little unsteadily. At this moment, my entire body flashed with brilliance. It was Mo Qing, he created around me a body-protecting… Light shield? It was not an enchantment barrier, but a protective shield that he created with his own power to protect me. 

So as long as Mo Qing did not die, the protective shield could not be destroyed … 

This time… Was Mo Qing actually frightened…?

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