Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 73.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 73.03

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This was my old homeland. It was also the place that Mo Qing was sealed in before. Every year, everyone in my clan had to draw a talisman as a sacrificial offering. So those talismans were the same as those carved in the cave. When I thought about it, I could guess that this was the place where the Demon King sealed Mo Qing a thousand years ago. 

This was the Demon King’s seal aimed at Mo Qing. Jiang Wu created an enchantment barrier above it, so that was why he was so confident that Mo Qing could not break the barrier here from the outside. 

So then, what if I tried opening the enchantment barrier from the inside? 

I turned the palm that I used to hold up all the cages in mid-air down, creating a squall and smashing the black iron cage that trapped Shi Qi, Qin Qian Xian, and everyone else open. I no longer worried about them, and grasped the sword with both of my hands, firmly pushing the energy sword into the disk. 

The red-headed Jiang Wu teleported, trying to stop me: “You can’t break this enchantment barrier.” 

I coldly snorted: “Let’s try and see.” 

After saying that, I exerted more force, and the light on the disk rippled like waves, circulating and fluctuating wave after wave. I could feel the power of the enchantment barrier fighting against me. The enormous opposing force impacted my internal organs. The acute pain caused my forehead to break out in a cold sweat. 

Beside me, Jiang Wu was trying to disrupt my concentration. Suddenly, off to the side, a soundless attack from what looked like a rope came at him, diverting his attention. He gritted his teeth: “Qin Qian Xian…” It was at this moment of freedom, Shi Qi suddenly pounced forward. As I had expected, she looked like she was determined to bite him to his death. 

“I’ll beat you to your death, Jezebel!” She was punching and kicking him interchangeably. Jiang Wu’s power was enough to suppress Shi Qi, but Qin Qian Xian was by her side to help, so Jiang Wu could not get the upper hand. Jiang Wu and Qin Qian Xian were two completely opposite types of people, but they were also the ones who knew each other best in this world. 

Two against one, Shi Qi and Qin Qian Xian did not allow Jiang Wu to gain the upper hand. While high up on the cave ceiling, the puppet, Little Short Hair, was entangled with the Shadow Night Guards led by Lin Zi Yu. 

Once again, I ignored everything else. I closed my eyes and calmed my mind, concentrating on breaking through the enchantment barrier. 

Layer by layer, bit by bit, my demonic energy pierced the seal. The more I broke through, the more I could feel the power from the outside world. 

Outside this barrier, there was someone like me who had the same eagerness and was using all one’s strength to break the enchantment barrier, too. 

The more I went outwards, the more I could clearly feel someone’s multiple collisions against the barrier. 

Every strike against the enchantment barrier was of full force. It turned out that… The light emitted by the disk, from just a moment ago, was not its own. It was a response to an external stimulus. Every time the disk flashed, Mo Qing was outside attacking the barrier! 

With all that I possessed, I suppressed the pain in my body, and continued to firmly push my sword deeper into the disk. 

As I continuously pushed downwards and fiercely resisted the power, finally, the disk split with a “crack”. I let loose a low growl and threw all my strength downward. Like a mirror, the disk immediately shattered into thousands of broken pieces! 

A blinding pillar of light shot straight up from the cracks to the cave ceiling, breaking through the darkness overhead as if it was splitting the mountain in half. As the light from outside shined into the cave, I raised my head to look towards the ceiling. Treading mid-air, a person wearing black robes came forward. 

Finally, he landed down by my side. His eyes were full of worry that were suppressing all kinds of emotions like panic, fear, anger, and even heartache. 

My whole body relaxed completely, like a butterfly with broken wings, diving into his embrace. 

His arms wrapped around my back, supporting me up. 

On my own, I could save myself. With my life, I could defend myself and the dignity of my sect. By myself, I could hold up my own slice of heaven. In fact, I had already walked so many roads by myself, so there was no need for someone else to save me, to protect me, or to defend me. 

However, at this moment, Mo Qing had come to my side. 

He was not a necessity, but he was the one I needed. 

In this world, I just needed one person. Someone whose heart would ache when I was in pain. Someone who would protect my dreams. Someone who would make me feel that no matter where I was, I was never alone. 

I hugged Mo Qing, burrowing my cheek into his embrace. I could face all the wind and rain in the world alone, but only in his arms, could I be at ease and fearlessly be fragile.

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6 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 73.03

    1. I loved the revelations she had in the end of this chapter, too! If felt so satisfying for me that I could convey Zhao Yao’s emotions when I translated this from Chinese to English.

      Thanks for appreciating my hard work!

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  1. It takes great courage to accept and acknowledge that you can trust someone so completely that you can allow yourself to be vulnerable in their presence. And that doing so does not make you weak, because you can still face the world alone but you don’t have to. That was a beautiful ending to a marvelous chapter

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