100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 02

100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 02 ~ Ghost Wizard (high)

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“Yuan Bao.”

* Yuan Bao – her name means silver or gold ingot

There was an unpleasant voice calling her name, Yuan Bao frowned and unwillingly opened her eyes. She saw a plain and humble roof, a simple and crude wooden bed, and a cold, damp quilt covering her body. She carefully sniffed the quilt and was immediately assaulted by a pungent, moldy smell that made her want to retch.

Her neck was swollen all around, she strenuously turned her body over to get off the bed and on her clothes, there was still dried mud. She nearly fell down from all over body fatigue but the most uncomfortable pain was still her neck.

She unhurriedly inhaled a few breaths to slowly calm down and blinked her eyes to examine the dimly lit little room. With one glance, she took in the simple and ordinary furnishings around the room. It was just that on the table there was a dark purple bundle that appeared out of place. She curiously stepped forward and untied a small opening in the bundle to look inside, she was dumbfounded.

It was a pile of gold ingots arranged inside and the golden glare dazzled the eyes.

“Ten pieces.” The coarse voice came from outside the door. Yuan Bao heard the voice and she became rigid from head to toe. She touched her neck with some lingering fear but could not contain her curiosity and went to the door. She quietly cracked a small opening to peep outside.

Outside the yard, there were two men standing opposite each other. She glanced and recognized that black silhouette was the man that had looped the rope around her neck. At this moment, he wrapped himself in a black robe and even his eyes were barely showing. The man opposite in blue clothes handed over a golden box to the man in black. The man in black weighed the box’s weight, and then extended his hand. She did not know what thing was given to that man in the blue clothes that caused him to shudder from head to toe. Then finally, he clutched his hands close and frantically ran away.

Yuan Bao watched in a trance.  When the man in black turned around, Yuan Bao happened to catch sight of his eyes reflecting the sun’s brilliant rays inside his big gown. The sunshine projected the green veins on his bumpy and uneven face even more stereoscopically dreadful.

Yuan Bao covered her mouth to suppress the shriek in her throat and with a “bang,” she closed the door.

At that time, she was in a life or death situation so she did not pay attention to these things. Now she had paid attention and only felt a burst of vicious coldness at the bottom of her heart. Just now, she nearly saw the worms wiggling beneath the skin of his face. She roughly understood, the densely foggy forest, the frightening appearance, and accepting money to sell legendary venomous insects, this was the Ghost Wizard that she was seeking.

She had to make a deal with this kind of person…

The footsteps outside the door gradually approached, Yuan Bao felt nervous and hurriedly hid behind the table. She guardedly and terrifyingly watched the man push the door open to come inside.

Qi Tian’s eyes temporarily stopped on her chubby cheeks. After he waited and saw Yuan Bao’s spine started to tremble, he lowered his eyes, went to the table to sit down on one end, poured himself water, and then quietly gazed at her. The room was silent for a long time as Yuan Bao constantly dripped cold sweat. Then she nervously twisted her index fingers and asked: “Are you… Still selling legendary insects?”

Qi Tian restrained the emotions in his eyes and gently nodded.

Li Yuan Bao clenched her teeth and for once struggled with her thoughts. Finally, she threw caution to the wind and said: “I want to buy two.”

“Twenty ingots.”

Li Yuan Bao touched the gold and silver jewelry hidden between her bosoms: “I only have some jewelry… Is that okay?”

“No.” He had his rules. He did not like gold and silver; he only liked ingots because that thing had a fairly smooth and round texture.

Li Yuan Bao was somewhat anxious. Her older sister and the Shen family’s noble son’s wedding day was set for next month; she did not have time to delay: “But I really need the legendary worms, can you… Can you be a little flexible?”

Qi Tian was aloof and indifferent while his fingertips followed around and around the lip of the circular teacup. He really liked this kind of smooth and round texture.

Inside the ignored Yuan Bao’s heart, she was both disappointed and sad, and her round mouth unconsciously pouted.

The water in the teacup reflected the form of her pouty lips. Qi Tian’s finger could not help itself and plunged into the water but only received a damp finger. He lifted his head and his eyes affixed upon Yuan Bao’s mouth: “Come here.” He beckoned Yuan Bao over with a crook of his finger.

Yuan Bao was afraid and took a step back. She touched her neck, somewhat scared and alert: “If, if, if you really can’t be flexible, then don’t be flexible, I accept…”

Qi Tian stood up, went around the table, and walked straight to Yuan Bao.

Once again, Yuan Bao saw the worms crawling beneath the skin of his face but this person appeared to feel absolutely nothing at all. He simply approached her indifferently. Yuan Bao was panic-stricken, she retreated backward again and again, and finally with nowhere else to retreat, she knocked against the wall. Qi Tian extended his hand towards her and Yuan Bao’s eyes became really round. She saw a black legendary venomous worm under the skin on the back of his hand jumping around like a fish jumping on the water, and then sank back into the skin covered in green veins. Yuan Bao got scared and her face turned white.

Qi Tian’s hand approached closer and closer to her face. Yuan Bao closed her eyes tightly and only had two words, accept misfortune, left in her heart.

After a moment of silence, the fingers that carried a normal body temperature lightly touched her lips. The index finger and thumb twirled her lips like fiddling with a round piece of meat.

“Round.” Qi Tian concluded.

His extremely unpleasant voice resonated in her ear. Yuan Bao was startled and opened her eyes. His other hand twirled on her ear, while Yuan Bao was dumbfounded, he said: “Round.” Then finally, he pinched Yuan Bao’s face, kneading and pinching back and forth, very much like he was enjoying the feel of it, “Very round and very soft.”

Yuan Bao thought this “Ghost Wizard” must be crazy: “Is it possible that… Yours is both hard and square?”

The ugly face slowly approached and with one bite, he nipped Yuan Bao’s lips, sometimes he nibbled and sometimes he licked. Yuan Bao was thoroughly struck dumb; she could even feel the tip of this person’s tongue occasionally had legendary worms roaming through.

When he left, Yuan Bao only felt a burst of nauseating sourness in her stomach that made her want to vomit.

Qi Tian enjoyed it very much and narrowed his eyes: “Stay with me for twenty days.” He said, “I will give you two worms.”

Yuan Bao only felt chills in her stomach, and she finally awakened from the fear. She shook her head repeatedly, panicked and pressed against the wall moving sideways: “No, no, I don’t want the legendary worms anymore.”

Qi Tian was dissatisfied and narrowed his eyes: “You want them.”

“I don’t want them anymore!” The fear at the bottom of Yuan Bao’s heart had finally reached its climax. She trembled and moved to the side as far away from Qi Tian as possible. She rubbed hard at the places he had just touched, “I don’t want them anymore. I just want to live better. I just want to live as good as my older sister. I just don’t want to be neglected… But if I stay with you for twenty days, even if I have the legendary worms, I still won’t live well anymore.”

He saw her moving farther and farther away. The fear and disgust on her face became more and more apparent; Qi Tian’s appearance became colder.

In his memory, the outsiders had such a face, ice-cold and pointed-sharp that made people disgusted. He reached his hand out to Yuan Bao: “You want to go, leave the flesh on your face.”

Yuan Bao was intimidated by these words, she saw Qi Tian approach her with a single step, and she started to run away.

Qi Tian coldly snorted, waved his arm, and a legendary venomous worm flew out from the palm of his hand. It stuck to the nape of Yuan Bao’s neck. Yuan Bao let out a melancholic groan as the legendary worm sank into her flesh and disappeared under her skin. The light in her eyes gradually faded away.

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