Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 21

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 21

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Zhi Yan’s body was locked inside a room on the female’s wing. I followed closely and entered the room. I floated to one side and glanced at the beautiful and delicate objects decorated in the room. I felt that it was unlike Zhuo Chen Hall that Mo Qing ordered people to decorate according to my preferences.

When Jiang Wu finished discussing official affairs with North Mountain Lord, he also entered into this bedroom. At this moment, he sat in the chair beside the bed and folded his arms to observe Zhi Yan sleeping soundly.

I was a little worried.

What if this Jiang Wu was a womanizing lecher that wanted to take advantage of Zhi Yan’s unconscious body and did something during this time… I was now a soul unable to do or prevent anything. Perhaps the best humanly possible practice was to turn my head away and not peek.

But if he really did it, it did not matter if I looked or not my influence would still not be great.

Actually… In my heart, I was still a little bit curious.

I had heard demon cultivators say that using sexual intercourse was one of the happiest methods to appropriate the powers of others in the world. There are even some demon cultivators who specifically specialized in this practice of cultivation. However, before I looked upon the world, as far as I was concerned, other people’s powers were all a pile of sediment and waste. It was beneath me to go peck at and spend my efforts to rob their cultivation base when it still was not as fast as meditating on my own.

Therefore up until now, I still did not know the hidden happiness that they talked about, in the end, was what kind of happy method.

Normally, when I did not think about it, I would forget about it. But right now there was a play delivered straight in front of me waiting to be performed…

I was still pondering when all of a sudden Jiang Wu took action. He squatted down and his head approached the side of Zhi Yan’s cheek.

‘Woah! He’s starting!’


My pondering mind was in unparalleled torment but I was unable to take my gawking eyes away.

I saw that Jiang Wu raised his hand and stretched out his fingers. With controlled effort, he used the back of his hand to lightly stroke and pinch Zhi Yan’s cheek twice, and then he laughed: “It’s both smooth and elastic.”

His descriptions sounded like it appeared to be a very delicious piece of food…

But… In my honest opinion, the skin on Zhi Yan’s face was indeed very beautiful. I allowed my body to sink into the bed and laid on the other side of Zhi Yan. Together with Jiang Wu, I quietly observed and enjoyed Zhi Yan’s delicate pink cheek. I saw Jiang Wu’s finger moved from Zhi Yan’s cheek to the bridge of her nose, then transferred to her eyebrows, and finally fell onto her eyelids.

“The eyelashes are like fans.”

Sure was, Zhi Yan’s eyes were ordinarily full of tears, she would blink and blink, and even I would also grow a soft spot towards her when I see it. I curled my lips, no wonder Ugly Little Monster was so easily seduced…

“A Wu.” Someone outside the door knocked two symbolic taps, and then immediately pushed open the doors to enter. It was that subordinate who stopped the Dark Guard on the limestone bridge, “Just now, I was not careful and let that Dark Guard escape. Right now Lao San had recently received news that said at Wan Lu Sect, the Dark Guards are gathering… What are you doing?”

* Lao San – third brother

Jiang Wu plucked out some of Zhi Yan’s eyelashes and held them between his two fingers to observe carefully: “Xiao Yi.” He called out, “This woman is very interesting. Every place on her body is all extremely interesting.”

Xiao Yi stepped forward and shot a glance at Zhi Yan: “She’s not any different from other women. Aren’t all those misses in the brothel like this?”


Jiang Wu blew her eyelashes and sat back down in his chair: “Far from it, even though they’re sleeping right next to me but they’re still trembling in fear.”


Oh, he sounded like he had many rich experiences.


“A Wu…” Xiao Yi suddenly narrowed his eyes, “Is it possible… That you are fond of her.”

“I’m not. I’m just interested that’s all.” Jiang Wu tapped his knee repeatedly with one hand, “But I don’t want to give her to anyone else. I fancy her, so naturally, I want her to stay by my side.” He turned his head and changed the subject, “Just now, what did you say the Dark Guards are doing?”


“Seems like they’re looking for her and dispatching a lot of men into Jiang City.”

“Oh, urgently looking for someone like this… Li Chen Lan must’ve given them an important command.” Jiang Wu dangerously narrowed his eyes, “In the end, how important are you to him?”

As far as Mo Qing was concerned, how important was I?


I remembered not too long ago when I told him to return safely, in response, the corners of his mouth lifted up into a smile like he was giving me a promise. But he probably did not expect that when he returned, I was no longer there…

“Do we want to withdraw?” Xiao Yi asked Jiang Wu, standing to one side.

“No need.” As Jiang Wu stood up and went out, he said, “We have a lot of people in Jiang City, not everyone can use the Instant Shadow Technique. The more we move, the more vulnerable we become. In these few days, tell them to work carefully and stay in the courtyard. I have put up the force field, even if Li Chen Lan himself came here to search, it still won’t matter. After these few days have relaxed, then we will bring them back.”


After Jiang Wu left, I sat on the bed stroking my chin and pondered. Listening to their intentions, was the main lair actually somewhere else? If in these few days, the Dark Guards could not find me and Mo Qing would think to abandon me, then I would be taken by Jiang Wu to that unknown lair of his…

Based on this body of Zhi Yan, it could only be accepted as Jiang Wu’s underling…

My head could fall and my blood could flow but I absolutely could not be someone else’s subordinate, it would disgrace my reputation.

I had to think of a way to leave…

It did not matter that Zhi Yan’s body was locked up, I could go out to the ghost market and buy an Entering Dream Pill to penetrate into someone’s dream. I could not entrust the dream to the Dark Guards. First of all, I could not remember their names. Second of all, North Mountain Lord was currently on Jiang Wu’s side. He was able to stall the Dark Guards to delay time, which would not be good. I needed to find someone that could contend against North Mountain Lord…

I finally thought of Gu Han Guang.

Immediately without delay, I used the fastest speed to float out of the courtyard and broke through the barrier to the outside. I discovered that this was actually the back street of the most bustling street in Jiang City. I walked through the small alley to the brightly lit night market outside. But in that courtyard just now, I actually could not hear the loud noises outside. On the outside looking in, I also could not see the beautiful place within.

I floated all the way, asked feral ghosts, and finally made it to the ghost market outside Jiang City.

After all, it was a big city, even the ghost market here was different from the ghost market at the foot of Chen Ji Mountain. There was more shops and also more ghosts. I asked the Da Yin Netherworld Money Store and I found out that during these days, the money in my account had increased again by twenty thousand. I immediately became happy, so I decided to put aside Zhi Yan’s situation first and strolled around the street, and then deal with it later.

But very quickly, I learned that the cost for the Entering Dream Pill that lasts half an incense time was five thousand coins. My happiness unexpectedly turned into misery.

* half an incense time – roughly 5 mins

It was actually even more expensive compared to the Energy Boost Pills! Other people’s One Month Energy Boost Pills was only ten thousand coins! The things that your ghost market sold were all shameless!

When confronted by my question, the boss of the Entering Dream Pill very slowly murmured to me: “The Entering Dream Pill was to give dreams to the living, to cross between yin and yang. In our ghost market, this is one of the most expensive types. The Resurrecting Pill is one and our Entering Dream Pill is one, too. Being able to sell it to you is not easy. You don’t want to buy it?”

I clenched my teeth and secretly vowed in my heart, one day, I would tear apart all the ghost markets in this world.

I bought one Entering Dream Pill and I swallowed it. In my mind, I recited Gu Han Guang’s name three times. Immediately, my surroundings became dark like I stepped into a cave. I heard footsteps echo in the cave and slowly approached me. In a few moments, Gu Han Guang appeared in the middle of this darkness.

In here, he was still that elegant gentleman of those days, not yet turned into that childlike appearance. When he saw me, he was instantly shaken, and immediately narrowed his eyes slightly: “Lu Zhao Yao?”

Oh, yes, what he was seeing now, was also my original appearance. I did not need to borrow Zhi Yan’s body to appear before him anymore.

Using my own face, I appeared in the dream of the living person I was once familiar with.

Within a split second, I suddenly had some indescribable emotions. It was like the accumulated years of repressed loneliness, in this instant, seemed to have been driven away somewhat.

I suddenly understood why the Entering Dream Pill was sold so expensively.

Because it could help many people complete their unfinished desires when they were alive…

But now was not the time to sigh with sorrow. I took a deep breath and said to Gu Han Guang: “I am here in your dream to tell you that North Mountain Lord has teamed up with Jiang Wu. That little young lady that burns paper money for me has been locked away. Right now, Mo Qing is not here in Chen JI Mountain, you think of a way to save her.”

Gu Han Guang raised his eyebrows: “Do these things have anything to do with me?”

I was startled. It was a long time since I had contact with him, I had forgotten that he was a difficult character. He said indifferently, “At that time, I only agreed with you to come to Chen Ji Mountain to be a doctor. I ignored all other things and besides you are dead now, I’m not required to help you anymore.” He waved his hand, “Go find someone else.”

He adopted an attitude to turn around and walk away. I folded my arms and was actually not annoyed. But my attitude was even more arrogant than his: “Oh, then later, I will go give Shen Qian Jin of Guan Yu Sect a dream. Tell her some things that she had forgotten in those years. What do you think?”

Gu Han Guang’s footsteps paused, he tilted his head back and was silent for a moment. I heard the sounds of his teeth grinding: “Lu Zhao Yao, why has your soul not dispersed!”

I nodded and smiled: “Precisely so.”

He restrained his fury and unhappily asked, “Where is this person being held?”

“In the back street of Liu Street in Jiang City, from the east in the back of the ninth alley is a large courtyard residence. There’s a force field created by Jiang Wu, from the outside you won’t be able to see any clues.”


My voice gradually faded away and the surrounding darkness also slowly dissipated with it. When the effects of the Entering Dream Pill came to an end, Gu Han Guang’s silhouette gradually disappeared, too. Anyway, all that I needed to say to Gu Han Guang was already said clearly. This time, everything would depend on my South Mountain Lord.


I was busy all night and as I floated back, it was time for the color of the sky to become dawn. The moment the sun rose, Zhi Yan’s soul suddenly returned to her limp body. She furrowed her brows, closed her eyes, and kneaded her head on the bed: “Why does my head hurt like this?”


I folded my arms and floated to one side: “You’re very lucky that other places don’t hurt.”


Only when hearing my voice, did Zhi Yan appeared to be completely awake. She sat up, looked left and looked right: “Where is this?”


“Don’t be foolish and make a disturbance.” I glanced at the doors, Zhi Yan understood my meaning and followed my gaze to look outside. But through the paper of the doors, there were two shadows standing there, guarding the doors closely and carefully. Maybe they were even monitoring the situation inside the room.

Zhi Yan panicked and looked at me. She did not need to say anything, I understood her question: “What things have you done with my body?”

I cleared my throat and briefly explained to her what happened yesterday. Then she stared at me in shock. Before she could change her facial expression, the doors were pushed open. A tall man entered, it was Little Short Hair Jiang Wu.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Jiang Wu sat directly on the stool beside the bed, stretched out his long legs, and placed them up on Zhi Yan’s bed, “Your capacity for wine is so inferior that you still have the nerve to yell that you want to go drinking with me?”

Zhi Yan’s face was half frightened and half idiotic. She looked repeatedly at Jiang Wu’s legs, then looked repeatedly at his head of flamboyantly short hair, and then she quickly swept over me with a glance.

I slightly slanted my mouth: “Xin Mountain Jiang Wu, the one that Li Chen Lan wants to kill. Although he knows that you’re Li Chen Lan’s disciple but he really likes your body now. Maybe he will not kill you for the time being. You hold on, don’t let him see that you’re afraid of him.”

Even though I said this, it was of no use whatsoever. The sweat on Zhi Yan’s face had already dripped and wetted the quilt quickly.

Jiang Yu tilted his head and looked at her: “What’s going on with you?”

“It’s… It’s nothing…” Zhi Yan bit her teeth to hold back the tremble, “After my hangover, I’m a little… Weak…”

“Oh, later I’ll tell someone to cook you some medicinal soup.” Jiang Wu held her hand and asked, “Yesterday, you said you wanted to talk about a business transaction with me. Let’s talk about it now.”

Zhi Yan shrank back into the quilt: “I feel… I’m a little dizzy, probably still drunk. I want to sleep all day today. Come back in the evening, I will tell you then…”

Mhm, although her acting skills were not good but at least it was quick-witted than before. I was very relieved. It was just that my relief could not satisfy Jiang Wu. He stared at the motionless Zhi Yan wrapped up inside the quilt, his eyes were full of suspicion.

At this moment, Xiao Yi suddenly rushed into the door and reported to Jiang Yu: “A Wu! Gu Han Guang found this place!”

“Gu Han Guang?” The look in Jiang Wu’s eyes cooled slightly: “South Mountain Lord, isn’t he a doctor? He likes to join in on this excitement?”

I calmly floated to the bed. That was because my relationships with people were good.

As expected, Gu Han Guang was worthy to be someone that I spent a lot of determination to dig out. He led people here very quickly. It seems that Zhi Yan’s body would be rescued within two to four hours’ time…

“Ignore them.” Jiang Wu said so like this, it was a little beyond my expectations. He followed Xiao Yi out and talked at the same time. Out of curiosity, I followed them out and hovered beside them. I saw Jiang Wu not in the least worried and said, “Let them break it, see how much time it takes them to break my barrier. Except for Qian Chen Sect, I also want to see how long the Nine Great Celestial Sects will tolerate them for making trouble in Jiang City.”

He grinned, “In addition, you will go into the city and spread a few rumors.”

“Say what?”

“Just say, Wan Lu Sect is using the excuse to destroy me but in fact wants to seize the opportunity to take Jiang City. Isn’t he, Li Chen Lan, wanting to unify the Demonic Path by using his identity as the Demon King’s son to step into the Demon King’s position? Then we will just lump this Jiang City together and deliver it to him.” I heard the scheming ‘pow, pow’ sounds of Jiang Wu’s mind, “To give up one base in Jiang City that can restart a battle between Wan Lu Sect and the Ten Great Celestial Sects, I will still be really satisfied.”

‘Very well, youngster, it’s fine to put Mo Qing into the scheme but to go as far as dragging my Wan Lu Sect down with him, too.’

I narrowed my eyes in displeasure. I felt that I needed to re-examine this ideal successor position of yours.

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