Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 38.03

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I have really, really sad news. I went to my 16 week check-up and no heartbeat was detected from my baby girl on the doppler and sonograms. So, I had a missed miscarriage. I’m really sad because I really wanted her.

Now, I’m just trying to stay busy, translate, clean house, yadda yadda yadda. I have one more class to take this semester, and then I’ll be done with my masters. It’s something to look forward to.

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 38.03

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The commotion from me kicking the door was too loud and the skill that I used to throw the bonsai pot was too hasty, Liu Su Ruo immediately turned her head and ruthlessly glared at me: “Who dares to ruin my big event again!”

The word “again” could be said to have been used in an ingenious way. In this place, there were only two of them women. Shen Qian Jin was the victim, so she could not be the one to ruin her event. While I was the one “who came to ruin the event again.” Therefore, the person who had previously ruined her event could very well not be human.

I chuckled coldly at Liu Su Ruo: “Old witch, you harmed my father and still forbid my father to not come find you to settle your debts?”

I was in Zhi Yan’s body, so I had every right to call her old and saying this word was also reasonable. Liu Su Ruo heard that, so her expression was of course dumbfounded. However, in the end, she proved herself to be an old witch, she simply snorted coldly: “So it turns out to be Qin Yu’s daughter. I was still worried about not being able to find you, but since you offered yourself up to the door, this is even better. So I don’t need this replacement anymore…”

She withdrew the long sword embedded within the wall, and in that same moment, Shen Qian Jin, who was slumped in the corner, suddenly summoned a magical technique in the palm of her hand, moved her body, and quickly landed in front of me. She reached out to stop me and placed me protectively behind her. Her complexion was pale and her voice was hoarse, but her spine was ramrod straight. She said: “Leave quickly and go find your uncle for help.”

Oh, so they knew each other.

In fact, it was not unusual at all, since the Ten Great Celestial Sects were really close. Based on Zhi Yan’s status, she would naturally meet the Sect Leaders of the Ten Great Celestial Sects on occasion; so knowing them was normal.

However, I was not that little chicken.

I intercepted Shen Qian Jin’s hand and stepped in front to block her: “Stop trying to be brave, you’re already injured in such a way that you are not her opponent.” My hand grabbed the sword hilt at my waist. As I looked straight into Liu Su Ruo’s watchful gaze, I pulled the glinting lightning sword out of its sheath.

The pupils of Shen Qian Jin’s eyes constricted and on the opposite side, Liu Su Ruo also narrowed her eyes: “Liu He Tian Yi Sword.” She smiled, “Little girl, do you think that having this heavenly sword allows you to run amuck among the celestial sect and oppose me?”

I also smiled: “It’s a bit difficult to run amuck through the celestial sect, but it is more than enough to oppose you.”

Liu Su Ruo stared at me, her eyes became cruel and fierce: “A little girl like you, who went to Wan Lu Sect to learn and brought back some of the intonations and expressions that I hate the most, it makes people feel disgusted.”

When her words ended, she suddenly attacked. The Bai Shui Jian Xin Sword in her hand was extremely beautiful, it made a stab towards the center of my heart. Behind me, I pushed Shen Qian Jin to the side and tilted my body to dodge Liu Su Ruo’s incoming sword. When my body fell towards the side, Liu Su Ruo laughed and her other not-wielding-a-sword hand moved slightly.

Immediately from behind, there was an aura of a deadly attack!

I knew her tricks, this was Liu Su Ruo’s frequently used special technique that killed people unexpectedly. She actually possessed two swords; the male sword which she hung at her side and the female sword which she suspended it up high in the sky. On any given day, wherever she went, the female sword would follow her anywhere in the sky. Therefore, people on the ground were unaware of this point. So when she moved her hand with just a light wave, the female sword in the sky would immediately be attracted, descend from the sky, and kill people unexpectedly.

Such a sinister and secretive trick; this was her favorite.

But she could not kill me.

Even if I was currently in Zhi Yan’s body. I moved Liu He Tian Yi Sword behind my back to block and only heard a “ding.” Even without looking, I knew it was the sound of the sword blade colliding with Liu Su Ruo’s female sword.

I stared at her, moved my wrist slightly in a quick flick, and took the opportunity to leverage her strength. I immediately twisted around towards my back, turned Liu Su Ruo’s female sword around in an arch, and just like her, I threw it back: “Returning it back to you.”


This time, Liu Su Ruo was caught off guard by surprise. Her eyes widened and with much difficulty, she took two steps back to avoid the sharp edge of the female sword. However, the blade of the female sword still sliced through her arm. As fresh blood flowed out, she could only grasp the hilt of the female sword.

My heart was filled with disdain. Many years ago, when I went to her wedding to kill Luo Ming Xuan, she had also used this move. I had also dealt with her in the same way. However at that time, my cultivation was much higher and my speed was much faster, so I threw that female sword of hers directly into her chest. Now, after all these years, I have changed into a new body, but she still has not made any progress in her cultivation.

She was so stupid.

I stood carrying Liu He Tian Yi Sword and stared at her coldly. In the courtyard outside, Mo Qing and Liu Wei were still fighting fiercely. The golden light in the sky was getting stronger as many cultivators of Jian Xin Sect were joining in on the battle. And as the outside became more lively and clamorous, the calm murderous aura inside this small courtyard would surge even more.

Liu Su Ruo’s face flickered light and dark under the golden light outside and her eyes became somewhat dim and gloomy. She clenched the male and female swords in her hands and her voice was low as if she was carrying a poisonous resentment hidden deep inside of her for many years.


“Little girl, you really made me… Remember something that was extremely unhappy.”

“Oh.” I said, “Then you should regulate yourself for a bit.”


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    1. It’s gonna be Okay. You’ve done all you can. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing and take all the time in the whole to heal. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. My condolences. I’m so sorry to heard about your lose. Hope you keep your mood up. You have my well wishes. There is always time for another child. Also, glad to hear your degree is progressing smoothly

    Many thanks

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  2. I am so sorry to hear that.My friend had a miscarriage as well during our studies.She was very sad about the loss—especially when she had to see babies almost every day(we were in med school).Not long after that she got pregnant again and delivered her baby just a week or two after our finals 🙂 Have faith and take care of your body ❤️

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  3. I’m a silent reader of your translation and don’t usually leave comments but after reading your update I just wanted to say…I am so sorry for your loss. No words can lessen your pain but our hearts are with you. Thank you so much for all that you do, including bringing Zhao Yao’s awesome story to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to read it…like me. I appreciate you so much. I hope there will be nothing but happiness in your life and that you will get your rainbow baby soon!

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  4. I’m really sorry for your loss. Life can truly be so so so unfair. Sending you lots of love during this trying time. I’m glad to hear other aspects of your life going well. Indeed, it’s good that you are finding things to keep busy. Please take care of yourself and hope you can heal from this painful experience soon. xx

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  5. I’m so, so sorry for your loss, I’ve been very busy so I just caught up with your translations and had left some comments for you yesterday before I saw the news. Please take care of yourself. I know you must be devastated but please remember that things sometimes happen in life for no reason at all. I hope one day it will be the right time and place for you.

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  6. My deepest condolences for your loss. I have only recently come back to catch up to this translation after a few months and am truly sorry to hear what you are going through. Take some time to allow yourself to grieve and heal. Sending you much love.

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