Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 32

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 32

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[Who dared to capture my people?]

[Knocked out my Dark Guards and seized my West Mountain Lord. When I, Lu Zhao Yao, was alive, no one dared to embarrass my Wan Lu Sect like this!]

I took two steps forward and righted the fallen wheelchair: “Master, I’ll go look in the back courtyard.” I left these words behind and ignored Mo Qing to go directly to the back courtyard. Arriving in the back courtyard, I quickly swept a glance to the right and to the left, and then left Zhi Yan’s body in a corner. The moment that I floated out, I saw the whole courtyard was filled with a dense and dark aura of resentment.

I looked around and saw Little Round Face’s body shrouded in a volatile aura in the east corner of the courtyard; she laid flat above the wall struggling to fly out. However, she was a malicious spirit doomed to be bounded to a certain area, no matter what she did or how she struggled, she could only lay flat above that wall.

“Yue Zhu.” I called out to her and she turned her head back. I saw tears of blood slowly trickling down her face; she appeared extremely scary like she had just crawled out from purgatory.

She watched me closely with gritted teeth; her hatred could be deeply felt, and “gurgling” sounds came out of her mouth: “Kill… I want to kill them…”

“Tell me where’d they go, I’ll help you.” Yue Zhu unwaveringly stared at me, as I said, “I’m Lu Zhao Yao, he’s naturally my Western Mountain Lord, so no one can touch my people, even if I’m dead.”

When I was alive, I was notorious for shielding my people. It was okay for us to bully other people. If we bullied them correctly, then there was a prize; but if we bullied them incorrectly, then we could not let them bully us back in return.

When Yue Zhu was still assessing me, at this moment, I saw a stream of golden light spread out from the main room like water waves that swept across a radius of several hundred miles in a blink of the eye.

In the end, Yue Zhu answered me: “Went east towards Ling Ting Mountain…”

Without further delay, I immediately entered Zhi Yan’s body and entered the main room. Just as I was about to talk to Mo Qing, I heard him say: “Went towards Ling Ting Mountain, you wait here for me.”

Then that light just now… Could it be Mo Qing’s Tracing Technique? He directly used magical power to detect targets within a radius of hundreds of miles; his action was indeed too extravagant…

I moved my arm: “Let’s go together.”

“No way.” He unyieldingly and unwaveringly refused me.

I understood that the reason was probably something like ‘I love you; therefore, I don’t want to let you be in danger.’ I pouted and answered decisively blunt: “Okay.”


When Mo Qing loosened up a little and was about to impart some words to me, I quickly used the Instant Travel Technique and saw Mo Qing’s eyes widened slightly. He wanted to disrupt my technique but I had already landed on a bare mountain top in Ling Ting Mountain. 


[Hmph, Ugly Little Monster, you want to order me, I’m afraid that you still lack a little bit of fire.]

Now that I was here, there was no point in turning back. When I returned, if he wanted to settle my debt, then I could just pacify him later. In any case, he was fond of me; therefore, he could not do anything to me.


An evening spring rain was falling on Ling Ting Mountain, as I took a step forward, a black shadow suddenly appeared before my eyes and unhappily threw the sword into my hand.


It was Liu He Tian Yi Sword encased in a sheath.

The cravings on the dark gray Jade Dragon’s Blood Wood sheath revealed the faintly discernible bright red color. After being carved by Sima Rong, that bright red color unexpectedly became part of the dark gray on the roving dragon, sometimes hidden, sometimes visible; appearing and disappearing; extremely sophisticated.

I gasped in admiration with this woodcarver; just based on his craftsmanship, I would want to get him back, too.

I raised my head and saw Mo Qing behind the pearl-like raindrops. In just a few moments, the pearl-like rain had moistened his hair and mine.

He took a deep breath, suppressed his anger and helplessness, stared at me without any reproach, and merely said: “Hold your sword properly, don’t wander around, and follow me.”

He turned around to lead the way; I grasped the sword and asked: “Master, don’t you blame me?” I openly went against his orders, this was a slap-in-the-face encounter but he did not even say one angry word towards me at all.

Mo Qing turned his head around to glance at me, and then immediately turned his head back. Following the accompaniment of the sounds of the wind and rain, he faintly uttered three words: “Is my unwillingness.”

My footsteps stopped just like my heartbeats in this moment.


As I hugged Liu He Tian Yi Sword, I look at Mo Qing’s back, I knew that there was a badly mutilated wound on his back and at this time, it was raining heavily everywhere. Within a few moments, his clothes would be wet and the chance to kill him was nigh.

Step by step, I blindly followed him closely and watched his defenseless back.

I gripped the sword’s hilt, but in the end, Mo Qing initiated a hand pattern that created a golden light that surrounded his entire body to block the raindrops.

Before when it was a downpour like this, Mo Qing had once created a rain barrier for my grave. This time, I should repay him the favor. Today, I still needed to save Sima Rong, so I would let him off the hook.


I went to Mo Qing’s side, looked into the pitch-black distance, and asked: “Master, can you scout out their location?” 

Mo Qing lowered his eyes to look at the golden light around his whole body, the light in his eyes fragmented, I did not know what he was reminiscing about but after he finished listening to my question, he did not say much of anything else, he only said: “Inside the cave on the main peak.”

I hung Liu He Tian Yi Sword on my waist: “Is there a prohibition array? Can we use Instant Travel to get past it?”

“No need to use Instant Travel.”

As he and I stood on the bare mountain top, the gale swelled and blew his hair and black robe. It slightly revealed the sword hilt of Wan Jun Sword at his waist. He withdrew the sword from its sheath and the wind among the mountain rose sharply.

The coldness on Wan Jun Sword’s blade thickened on its tip, and the shape and style were not much different from any other ordinary long swords, but when it was held in Mo Qing’s hand, it was truly a magnificent first-rate sword containing the power to shake the earth and sky.

The light in Mo Qing’s eyes condensed, the long sword arced around and passed through the wind and rain to plunge into the mountain’s rock. In an instant, I felt the silence between heaven and earth; it was like the calm before the storm. Immediately after the mountain’s rock slightly cracked, and then I saw this small crack zigzagged underfoot to spread wider and faster into the distance.

He struck the mountain to break the rocks that it resembled a violent earthquake that tore open the vast mountain. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the sky, a bolt of blazing white lightning crackled and struck down not too far from Ling Ting Mountain’s main peak as if this lightning could split the mountain into two halves.

A “boom” was heard, the big mountain parted, the rocks crumbled, the wind howled, the rain gushed, the thunder boomed, and the lightning flashed that delivered heaven and earth into chaos.

I was amazed by the destructive power that was on par with Pangu’s splitting apart heaven and earth and was also stunned by the level of Mo Qing’s current power.

* Pangu – creator of the universe in Chinese mythology

I stared at him in a daze but only saw the light in his eyes turned dark and restrained like a murderous god descending from the Ninth Heaven into the human world. I was absolutely unable to connect him together with that former Ugly Little Monster in my memory, who had a face full of inky flaws and carried low self-esteem.

I claimed myself to be Lu Zhao Yao, in this life, I had handled matters preposterously and audaciously but if I was to handle this situation today in exchange, I would definitely catch the kidnappers and hack them all up into pieces. But I did not expect that the Demon King’s son with Wan Jun Sword in his hand would… Handle it really…

[More aggressively than I did back then!]

[You split the mountain directly open!]

[Young man, your style of conduct is really dangerous!]

“What about Sima Rong?” I asked him, “You split the mountain in half, what’s going to happen to him? Did you really come to save him? ”

Did he truly want to take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate Sima Rong? After that, he would throw the boiling pot on someone else?

Mo Qing’s expression was calm and put Wan Jun Sword away: “He’s already rescued.” His voice fell and only looked into the distance at the barrier boundary of golden light bundled into a sphere came nearer as it carried Sima Rong through the wind and rain.

[During the display of such formidable power, you still accurately threw the enchantment barrier to surround the person you wanted to protect, Ugly Little Monster, you really are…]

[No wonder you told me to stay in that courtyard because you absolutely have no need for me at all!]

“What about those kidnappers? Aren’t we going to capture one alive to take back and interrogate?”

“They’re all buried.” Mo Qing said casually, “The Dark Guards are on their way here, if someone’s alive, let them handle it.”

“That’s fine, too.”

I took two steps forward to assess Sima Rong’s condition in the barrier boundary but when I just stepped up, in the rain behind me was Mo Qing trying to stifle his coughing sounds twice.

I turned my head to look at Mo Qing and saw that his right hand had just dropped from the corner of his lips clenched into a fist and hidden away in his sleeve.

His expression did not change in the slightest but only his complexion became somewhat indistinctly pale. His black robe was somewhat wetted by the rainwater before, therefore, the fabric became dense and dark, where nothing could be seen.

“Examine Sima Rong’s injury.” He said which forced my gaze to move away from his body.

“Oh.” I went into the golden light of the barrier boundary and carried Sima Rong out. Aside from being unconscious, there were no other injuries on his body but it was just that his complexion was dreadfully pale like Mo Qing’s.

“Let’s take him back for Gu Han Guang to examine.”

“Mhm, let’s go.”

“Master.” I stopped him, “I’ll take you all back by Instant Travel.” I reached my hand out to him.

Mo Qing silently looked at me for a moment, and then went forward to place his left hand in my palm: “Okay.” He held my hand, the temperature of his palm was cool but the light in his eyes held a certain degree of seldomly seen warmth.

Perhaps it was too desolate under this torrential rain and smashed land, as I held his hand, I unexpectedly felt like my heart was stabbed by a cold chill that it became somewhat painful.

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