100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 21


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 21 ~ Ghost Painting (Ending)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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Mo Hua was hating on him so much that her blood was boiling, but she could only endure it with gritted teeth. So she looked back at the scholar’s ghost. At this time, he had already turned back into an ordinary ghost. He was sitting beside the Liu Family’s young lady crying, but he no longer thought about killing Miss Liu.

Just when Jing Ning was about to help him transcend, he suddenly saw a woman in white stepping out of thin air. She went straight to the scholar and said coldly, “My name is Bai Gui. I’m here to take away the ghost in your heart.” As soon as she finished speaking, regardless of whether the scholar was willing or not, she took out the writing brush and pointed it at his heart. A pink aura condensed on the tip of the brush, then Bai Gui bluntly put it back into her sleeve, “I have taken your obsession away, so go reincarnate.”

The scholar was still crying when his figure became more and more transparent. Finally, he gradually disappeared.

Mo Hua opened her mouth, but in the end, she did not say anything.

For a while, Jing Ning narrowed his eyes and observed Bai Gui. Then he said softly, “Young lady, you wander the mortal world for hundreds of generations in exile, witnessing numerous sufferings of the world, why ignore the obsession in your own heart which you can’t seem to let go.”

“What I want are obsessions.” For a while, Bai Gui was silent, and then she said, “Mountain God, please forgive my disturbance.” After speaking, her figure gradually vanished. Just like that, she disappeared into thin air.

Mo Hua widened her eyes in surprise and looked at Jing Ning again: “Mountain God?”

“I, your master, also forgot about that.”

Mo Hua leered at him: “You despicable liar. I always thought you were just a little Taoist priest!”

Jing Ning nodded and said: “I, your master, really didn’t have enough practice. I traveled around a lot, but I only managed to deceive a disciple like you.”

“Hmph, whatever, you didn’t manage to deceive this disciple.” Mo Hua snorted, and could not help but stagger backwards. Jing Ning subconsciously stretched out his hands and embraced her in his arms. Without any courtesy, Mo Hua wrapped her arms around his ribcage guilelessly. She even used all of her strength to nuzzle her cheek into his body: “It’s great that I even took advantage of you so many times.”

Taken aback, Jing Ning sighed: “You’re really stupid, you can’t even tell who’s taking advantage of who.”

The objects in front of Mo Hua started to become blurrier and blurrier. She weakly placed her head on Jing Ning’s shoulder and said softly, “Master, I can’t be your disciple anymore.”

Jing Ning quirked an eyebrow: “You want to be the master’s wife?”

Mo Hua smiled: “I can’t do that either, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you soon.”

Stunned, Jing Ning frowned fiercely: “What nonsense are you speaking!”

“I’m speaking the truth.” Mo Hua said, “I was drawn by the scholar. When he dies, I naturally cannot survive. If he can’t reincarnate, then I can’t reincarnate either, but… Fortunately.” Her breathing gradually became weak, “This life of Mo Hua is too short to be your disciple. In the next life, let’s continue…”

Jing Ning only felt a chill settling in his heart. An indescribable feeling poured into his blood. Every drop of his blood seemed to condense into an icicle, scratching him, from his limbs to the marrows of his bones, moving all the way to his heart, impeding its movements. Then together, it crowded into the atrium of his heart, piercing the flesh with its biting coldness.

“No, wait!” Suddenly Mo Hua opened her eyes again, grabbed Jing Ning’s lapels, and said fiercely, “Before you find my reincarnation, remember to burn paper offerings for me!”

Stunned, Jing Ning felt an inappropriate urge to laugh.

With her enormous eyes, Mo Hua said: “Burn a lot for me!”


“After all, you’re the only acquaintance I know who is still alive.” Mo Hua paused, and then said uneasily, “In the next life, if Heaven won’t let you and I meet, you must remember to come find me. You must find me and teach me, this disciple, well! Or… Let me be the master’s wife, that’s not bad either…”

This time, the young lady in his arms was completely quiet. Jing Ning felt that such quietness was not suitable for her at all. If this female named Mo Hua was an artwork, then she should be the painting called the Birds Saluting the Phoenix, chirping and making noises. The sudden quietness could only make one feel an indescribable…

Emptiness in the heart.

Without uttering a single word, he simply embraced Mo Hua, whose body was gradually becoming transparent.

At the same time, the people in the Liu Mansion began to gradually wake up. The moment when the Liu Family’s young lady opened her eyes, all she saw was the indifferent immortal-like Taoist priest, who had an inexplicably lonely and desolate expression.

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