Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 46.02

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Sorry for the week-long wait! I was binge-watching Eternal Love of Dream (2020) and binge-reading Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book. I really like this drama series better than Eternal Love (2017). I remembered that I couldn’t even sit still enough to watch Ye Hua and Bai Qian or even the whole series.

Anyways, I really like Dong Hua Di Jun and Bai Feng Jiu. My favorite scenes are when Dong Hua Di Jun is acting coquettish with Bai Fang Jiu. Yeah, I watched those scenes several times. Usually it’s the girl that acts coquettish to the boy, so I really like the role reversal.

If you guys are watching anything good, please let me know!

So, here’s another chapter part! BTW, we have like about 30 chapters left!

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 46.02

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“Ah.” Liu Su Ruo laughed disdainfully, “But I just want to say that it is because I want to resurrect a person, therefore, I planned to take your blood, that’s it. Now that I’m saying it myself, it’s still the same.”

As soon as she said these words, numerous celestial cultivators were greatly alarmed.

“Fellow celestial friends, today, I came here to give everyone this news. After my Jian Xin Sect went through many years of searching, we have now finally found a solution that can make the Golden Immortal Luo Ming Xuan, who was harmed by Lu Zhao Yao, regain consciousness. A few days earlier, Jin Zhou City was unexpectedly attacked by Li Chen Lan because he wanted to ruin my plan. In the end, I guarded the Golden Immortal’s body, protecting every single hair of his from being harmed.”

The entire conference was suddenly full of hustle and bustle.

The important meaning of the Golden Immortal Luo Ming Xuan to them was not inferior to the previous Demon Defensive Array in Jin Zhou City. Among several generations of celestial cultivators, Luo Ming Xuan was almost regarded as the foundation of their belief system.

At that time, in that era, I killed Luo Ming Xuan, just like how Mo Qing rocked Jin Zhou City. To them, it was an undermining of their belief system. Now, someone said that Luo Ming Xuan could be resurrected, which is tantamount to igniting a fire for the perennially suppressed celestial sects, instantly firing up their enthusiasm.

I saw that matters were really beginning to deteriorate in the direction that Mo Qing and I had anticipated. While Shen Qian Jin frowned deeply.

“This solution that I’ve found requires someone to make a blood sacrifice to the Golden Immortal, and then the Golden Immortal’s consciousness can be awakened and he can arrive in this time again. So this requires the purest blood in the world. Coincidentally, our Qin Family and Tower Leader Shen’s blood just happens to fulfill the requirements. Then I immediately sought for Sect Leader Qin Yi’s consent, he volunteered to sacrifice his life for the Golden Immortal…”


“You’re lying!” When Zhi Yan heard this, she finally could not help it, and rushed to the front of the mirror, bellowing at the other side, “You’re spouting nonsense! It was you, you killed my father! You use the Heart Confusion Technique to hypnotize Liu Wei and Brother Cang Ling! It’s because you want to revive that Golden Immortal, so you harm a lot of people!”


When Zhi Yan started speaking, the other side calmed down a little bit. In the mirror, I spotted Qin Qian Xian sitting in another section, upon hearing this, he wrinkled his brows. 

Being confronted by Zhi Yan’s fury, Liu Su Ruo was not even a little bit angry, instead she laughed and said: “Qin Yu’s daughter, she has sought shelter in Wan Lu Sect now. I heard that she is also Li Chen Lan’s disciple. Last time, Jin Zhou City was in trouble, Li Chen Lan was very protective of you, and destroyed my Demon Defensive Array, while you put in a lot of effort, too. Your wisdom is just blinded by hatred, who will believe your words?”

Shen Qian Jin pulled Zhi Yan aside and firmly said: “I believe her.”

At the same time, on the other side of the mirror, it also transmitted a clear, light male voice: “I believe her.” Just like the voiceless sound in a temple, it made numerous celestial people, who were extremely excited, quiet down in an instant.


Zhi Yan looked at Qin Qian Xian, carrying a look that bordered on not daring to believe what she was seeing.

On the other side, Qin Qian Xian just slightly glanced towards the mirror on this side, his gaze swept around Zhi Yan’s face, and then said to Liu Su Ruo: “My younger brother’s natural disposition was gentle. He really pampered his young daughter, so he absolutely will not abandon her and leave. Zhi Yan had already told me earlier, Qin Yu was killed by Liu Wei. I believe in the way that Elder Brother Liu conducts himself, so I’ve always been investigating this in private. After investigating for some time now, I never thought that you’re the one in Jian Xin Sect, who wants to resurrect Luo Ming Xuan.”

“Since the Golden Immortal left, the celestial path is weak, why can’t the Golden Immortal be resurrected?” Liu Su Ruo laughed, “Pavilion Leader is a person who practices religion, you should take the initiative to offer your blood for my celestial path’s greater good, and contribute to our strength.”

Her words could seduce the darkest thoughts that existed at the bottom of many celestial cultivators’ hearts.

From the beginning, everyone was excited and impatient, but after it died down, in this moment, behind the silence, a stifling restlessness began to stir.

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7 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 46.02

  1. Thank you for another chapter!!!

    I agree with you about Eternal Love. I enjoyed Dong Hua and Bai Feng Jui’s relationship more in The Pillowbook with the exception of the mortal section. I liked their mortal story better in Eternal Love. I’ve been watching a bunch of short Korean and Japanese dramas lately. Nothing really to recommend although I do plan on getting around to watching The Untamed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I agree with you that the mortal love section was better in Eternal Love (2017), but I didn’t like the beard on Dong Hua Di Jin.

      I watched parts of The Untamed (2019). I wasn’t into one of the main characters, Lan Wang Ji. I liked the other main character, Wei Wu Xian.

      LWJ just looked too girly, he didn’t look like a man and I felt that he didn’t look good with WWX. I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing, so I jumped around.


      1. I hear you. It’s supposed to be a BL novel but you know that would never fly in dramaland. Part of me wants to see it but another part of me rather watch another Xu Kai/Bai Lu collaboration. I also am finding that I get bored halfway with a lot of dramas lately. If I find a good one- I will share.

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  2. I totally agree with your thoughts on the Pillow Book. I loved the scene where Dong Hua stood up during the weapon hiding ceremony. And I also loved that she was able to go thru the first part alone due to his training. They are my favorite costume drama pair, along with Xu Kai and Bai Lu.

    Liked by 1 person

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