Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 63.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 63.02

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If it was the power from my original body, then with only one strike, it would pierce this enchantment barrier, but the power from Zhi Yan’s current body was still fitting. Liu He Tian Yi Sword itself carried the power of lightning, the lightning would constantly cause damage to the enchantment barrier. Just like the wound on Mo Qing’s back, otherwise Mo Qing would not even be like this now, never completely recovered. As long as Liu He Tian Yi Sword was to stay on this barrier for a while, destroying the barrier would not be a problem.

As the lightning flashes flitted by, the Chief of the Dark Guards commanded darkly: “Get Liu He Tian Yi Sword.”

I raised an eyebrow, oh, he did not want to let others know that we were currently fighting?

My body moved, preventing the dark guard next to me from drawing his sword. In the past few days under my guidance, Zhi Yan trained her body’s flexibility very well, the speed was much faster than before. I effortlessly grabbed one of the dark guards, controlling him from behind. I grabbed his hand, and manipulated him like a puppet, and turned him into a shield to block the other two people’s attacks.

Just as I stopped these few people, the Chief of the Dark Guards’ body moved. I turned my head again just to see that he had already moved to the side of Liu He Tian Yi Sword, making the movement to pull out the sword. 

I lifted the collar of the dark guard before me upward, throwing him high up into the air and directly turning him into a weapon thrown towards the chief.

As the dark guard flew further away from me, he wailed anquishly, and obstructed his chief’s hand that was about to pull out the sword. The chief took a step back abruptly, and did not even try to catch him. With a “boom,” he knocked into the enchantment barrier. His body was lashed by the force of the enchantment barrier together with the lightning. As he fell through midair, someone went to save him, while I was too disinclined to watch him a second more.

I stretched out my hand and commanded Liu He Tian Yi Sword to leave the enchantment barrier and fly back into my hand.

Liu He Tian Yi Sword was my most powerful weapon, so I could not let it be controlled by the chief. I retracted the sword, turned around again, and threw the sword in a different direction towards the enchantment barrier, letting the lightning continue to exert its influence. Then at the apex of the enchantment barrier, it produced a “crackling” sound.

As I saw the black flames in the chief’s deep set eyes flashed, I obviously knew that if he did not eliminate me, then he would not be able to touch this Liu He Tian Yi Sword. He held the long sword in his hand and directly aimed towards me. I did not have any other weapon on me, so once again, I grabbed another dark guard, dislocated his wrist, kicked him away, and stole the sword in his hand.

As the blades hit each other, the sound of the enchantment barrier tearing at the apex was louder than when he and I were fighting. His martial arts were not weak, and his body was also much better than this body of Zhi Yan. So logically speaking, I could not win against him in a fight, but I only had one advantage.

What he used were the sword fighting techniques that I taught to the dark guards.

These sword fighting techniques were created by me, which I handed over to them, so that they could fend off the enemy. The moves were fierce, clean, and decisive. After every move, I could see through what his next move would be.

Besides, this Chief of the Dark Guards may really wanted to keep this life of Zhi Yan, so that he could “resurrect” Luo Ming Xuan in the future. Therefore, he had never used magic power to suppress me or used a killing move on me.

This allowed me to respond to him even more fluidly. I also did not need to use my true power with him, I just had to deal with it until the enchantment barrier shatters…

Just in that moment, when I was just thinking about it, at the zenith of the enchantment barrier, it could not withstand the force of the lightning and exploded completely. With a wave of my hand, Liu He Tian Yi Sword returned to my hand, and I was too disinclined to continue with him. As I saw through his sword fighting moves, my body moved slightly, and with only one strike, I cut through all of his offensive and defensive positions.

In the end, he utilized his magic power. As soon as the Instantaneous Travel Technique ended, with great difficulty, he stopped thirty feet away from me in the air. The black cloth on his face was already slashed away by my sword, and a bloody gash appeared on his left cheek. It was a deep gash, if I was a little more ruthless, I could have directly cut off half of his head.

As fresh blood trickled down, he did not stop the bleeding. He just looked at me foolishly, his eyes filled with astonishment and disbelief.

I did not know what he was astonished about, and did not want to waste any more time. I only had an hour left, I still had to go to Su Mountain to look for Mo Qing. I formed the pattern for the Instantaneous Travel Technique, I left in the blink of an eye. Until the end, he was still standing there, never moving even half a step.

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18 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 63.02

  1. Would this Chief of the Dark Guards be the brother of Zi You? In the drama, the Chief is a woman and she is Zi You’s sister.

    By the way, thanks for the chapter

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  2. I thought you stopped posting, but somewhere I had this feeling that it’s not true, thankyou for posting 💜🥺, you can take time to post, it’s fine, we will Always be here for you 💜, and please take rest and good care of urself 💜

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  3. Thank you so much!!! What an exciting chapter! We haven’t seen Zhaoyao fight in such a long time, it’s awesome to be reminded of what a skilled and shrewd fighter she is! Anyways, I hope you and yours are doing well! Looking forward to the next one! The more perilous issues aside, I’m also interested to see what became of seventeen and her big beauty in the book. Their burgeoning romance in the show was so adorable!

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    1. Hi Ruhamah,
      Sorry for the long wait. Believe it or not, I’m still sewing masks, I keep getting requests to make more and getting orders. But I’m almost done with this side gig, I’m getting tired of sewing masks. I made about 200 masks. Once I’m done, I’m jumping back on Zhao Yao’s band wagon.


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