Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 46.03

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 46.03

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Qin Qian Xian raised his eyes and calmly swept a quick glance over everyone. In his usually gentle and composed eyes there was a layer of chilliness, as if it came from heaven, a chillingly coldness:


“Taking another’s life just to resurrect one person, this matter is against the heavenly law, it violates nature. Many celestial friends have practiced religion for many years, surely you should know this so-called resurrection technique is what type of magic. I, Qin Mou, have no fear of giving up my life for the common people, but fear that the celestial path and the celestial way no longer has the same aspiration as before. For a moment of desire, he becomes his own inner demon.” His gaze finally landed on Liu Su Ruo’s body, “In my opinion, Liu Su Ruo of Jian Xin Sect is more suitable to cultivate the demonic path.”

Hmph, ridiculous!

I rolled my eyes at Qin Qian Xian. Any garbage that was thrown towards my demonic path, I definitely would not want it either.

Qin Qian Xian’s remarks made numerous celestial clans all become taciturn. Just talking about inner demons, each and every one of these sanctimonious celestial cultivators immediately changed their colors. So for a while, they all remained silent. I was thinking, even if Xu Zhi did not go to stir up trouble, it seems that this celestial sect conference of theirs was expected to split up and fall apart. On the other side, I saw that Liu Su Ruo was silent for only a moment, and then she said: “Today, after all of this, the celestial sects will also never again be as united as before. If my blood can be used in exchange for the Golden Immortal’s awakening, then I will willingly give up this life.”

I crossed my arms to watch how she advertised her predicament.

“I only regret that my own blood can’t wake Ming Xuan up. Thinking about the past, everything that Ming Xuan did was for the sake of many celestial sects. Qin Qian Xian, if I remember correctly, when you first practiced the Bodhisattva path, you received Ming Xuan’s guidance, but why are you so heartless now? Once you really become a Bodhisattva, will you forget the  painful suffering of the world? I want to resurrect Ming Xuan, where did I go wrong?”

“Furthermore, today, I had already obtained one person’s sacrificed life, the only thing left is that I’m just suffering from not getting enough of the pure blood. There’s no need for Pavilion Leader Qin to die, you only just need to offer a little bit of your blood, and then, perhaps Ming Xuan can awaken.” As soon as these words ended, the other celestial cultivators, who had been utterly silent, began to express their opinion, some seconded Liu Su Ruo’s words and some nodded secretly to themselves. I remotely swept a glance at them, of the remaining Nine Great Celestial Sects there were about four sects that agreed with Liu Su Ruo, but the remaining two sects  did not speak and were silent like Shen Qian Jin and Qin Qian Xian.

Five versus four, actually the discrepancy was not that much different.

But at this moment, a strong wind suddenly rose up, and then from within the mirror, I suddenly heard a crisp, snappy chide: “Listen to this old woman of yours talk nonsense!”

With the wind, an emerald-green silhouette flashed by carrying only brute force, and ruthlessly punched Liu Su Ruo in the face.

When hitting someone, always hit his face because that was the essence of beating someone up.

These words that I had said to Xu Zhi since her childhood, she still remembered it until now.

Nevertheless, her punch did not strike accurately. Even though Liu Su Ruo was severely wounded and was unable to move, but next to her, there were other celestial cultivators protecting her. Just by using the Instantaneous Travel Technique, Liu Su Ruo was whisked away. However, what made everyone at the scene even more surprised was that when the person who whisked Lu Su Ruo away, the little lass in emerald-green clothes actually grabbed that person out of thin air. The silhouette of the celestial cultivator who just disappeared was unexpectedly captured by her.


That person actually risked his life to protect Liu Su Ruo and pushed Liu Su Ruo aside. While he, himself, was smashed to the ground by Xu Zhi, and at the same time the ground was also violently crushed into pieces.

This is the case for Xu Zhi; she did not fear magic, but her body could not gather spiritual energy. When cultivating magical techniques, she was very slow. Therefore, when she fought with someone, she was normally very direct and foolhardy.

Xu Zhi stood up, and turned her head around: “I heard, you guys are here to discuss how to bully my sect leader.” As she cracked her knuckles, clear “pop-pop” sounds echoed several times. Then she furiously glared at the people around her, “By releasing such nonsense, you all don’t want your lives!”

When I heard that, I laughed. It was exactly Little Shi Qi’s style of speech, still so rough and spunky.

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