Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 49.01

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 49.01

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I could not help it but avoid Mo Qing’s gaze, and looked at the wooden-headed puppet beside him.

In this moment, the wooden-headed puppet next to him also turned its head to look at me. Sima Rong’s teasing voice transmitted out from the motionless wooden face: “Ah, so that’s how it is, this matter is indeed more important.”

How did I not know before that this West Mountain Lord of mine could make someone withdraw so quickly in a panic like this?

I coughed and changed the topic: “Today, through Shen Qian Jin’s mirror, I saw West Mountain Lord displaying great power. When did West Mountain Lord get so many wooden-headed puppets?”

“A few days ago, with senior brother’s help, we quickly made the puppets within several nights.” He said, “Now that my body is badly damaged, it’s difficult for me to move about. So using the Mechanical Magic Technique to make several wooden-headed puppets, this can still be regarded as contributing a bit of strength to Wan Lu Sect.”

I told myself even if it was like this, it was still great. He did not need to leave that small courtyard of his and could still help Mo Qing share the burden on this side. After all, being the West Mountain Lord for so many years, Sima Rong’s abilities could not be underestimated.

Sima Rong’s explanation to my question was not yet over, so he explained some more: “Coincidentally, the wooden-headed puppets made in the past few days can also transmit scenes from other places back, so today, I heard that you mentioned the former Sect Leader many times. Previously, I only heard that the former Sect Leader could enter your dreams, so right now, can you also communicate with her during the day?”

Sima Rong, you should be dragged outside and be chopped in half, argh!

Inwardly, I hated Sima Rong to the point of clenching my teeth, but outwardly, I did not even bat an eyelid: “Mhm, maybe she is relatively happier today.” My heart suddenly jolted. I thought, anyways, Mo Qing knew that I was Lu Zhao Yao now. As long as I persisted in straightening my back and he did not expose me, then I would still continue this persistence.

Because… There were absolutely no advantages in exposing it. After all, I still had to use Zhi Yan’s body to continue to communicate with these living people.

Mo Qing swept a glance at me, silently and speechlessly. However, at this moment, a shadow suddenly flashed behind me, kneeling on the ground, respectfully greeting Mo Qing.

I had already seen this person before, he was the newly established chief of the Dark Guards after Mo Qing ascended to the Sect Leader position.

I saw that after he got up, he went straight to Mo Qing’s side and approached his ear to deliver a report. His voice was both soft and quiet. My hand performed the pattern for the Hearing of a Thousand Miles, planning to eavesdrop. I had not even fully utilized it when he had already finished reporting and backed away.

Mo Qing’s complexion suddenly became somewhat cold: “First, go investigate.”


I shot a glance at the wooden-headed puppet. Originally, I was planning to let Sima Rong ask what happened. However, Sima Rong stood still, a wooden face that did not utter a single word, so without any better option, I had to ask him myself: “What’s wrong?”

Mo Qing bowed his head approving the documents, saying very naturally: “Xu Zhi and Qin Qian Xian stumbled upon some problems on the way back, but it’s not an issue. So for the time being, you should go back and rest first.” 

Driving me away?

So I gave him my motive.

“Okay. I just came by to see Master and praise you for your awesome arrangement. There’s nothing else, so I’ll go back to South Mountain Lord’s place first.”


I turned to leave. The moment I walked out the door, out of the corner of my eye, I glanced back into the room and saw Mo Qing, who had been approving documents had already set the brush aside. His face darkened, his lips pursed, and to some degree, he carried a severely thick murderous aura.

The person who just came to report, the information must not have been news related to Little Shi Qi. I took a few steps out of Wu E Palace, and looked at the clear night sky of Chen Ji Mountain that had remained unchanged for thousands of years. Unconsciously, my heart and my eyes became somewhat chilled from the blowing wind.

I guessed that more than half of it was related to Luo Ming Xuan.

When I winked back to Chen Ji Mountain, right in that moment, Shen Qian Jin and Guan Yu Tower’s emissary were secretively talking, which happened to confirm my speculation. By the time I arrived outside the courtyard, I had drew the pattern for the Hearing of a Thousand Miles, so without having to get close, it was enough to clearly hear the emissary reporting the news to Shen Qian Jin: 

“Somewhere in the celestial sects, there’s auspicious rays of light, and in the sky, there’s magical golden clouds that will allow the Golden Immortal to awaken.”

My footsteps paused.

I looked at Gu Han Guang’s courtyard before me, watching the lights inside the courtyard as far as my eyes could see. The longer I gazed, the deeper I looked. It was like seeing that day on Feng Mountain, the candle flame shining brightly above the happiness altar on Luo Ming Xuan’s joyous day.


I extinguished his happiness candle, wasted up to nine precious swords, and finally inserted one of the swords into his heart. I devoted all my power to seal all of his blood vessels and aura. I froze every inch of his meridians, and practically wasted half of my life to eventually make him fall into a deep eternal sleep.

It was because I had sworn it.

Right from the moment I was rescued by my maternal grandfather from Luo Ming Xuan’s murderous array. Right from the moment I lay motionlessly in the valley, struggling to endure those last few months, while I was at death’s door. Right from the moment I crawled out of the valley and learned the news of my grandfather’s death…

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