Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 52.02

Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 52.02

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As I could not help it but laugh, I could not help it but remember those details that I thought I had forgotten so many years ago.

After I saved Mo Qing rushing about along the journey, I was showing off my martial art techniques to him, but I accidentally fell down and it happened to be an extremely unsightly tumble. I felt so embarrassed, so I laid on the ground and did not get back up.


He was just like this, a tiny person squatting beside me, helping me find an excuse, saying so many bad things about himself just to not embarrass me.

He knew that I strived to be strong, knew that I was eager to win, and he still did his utmost effort to safeguard the excessive pride in my heart.

Before my heart was huge, so I had never thought that being treated by someone in this way was anything strange. Now, I understood why Mo Qing used such tenacity to gently treat me then. It was only just now that I realized a thing or two, on that day, when I told him that I must leave him to go look for Luo Ming Xuan, how terribly sad he was, how gloomy his eyes were…


Causing someone’s heart to hurt.

However, when I thought about it again… I glared at Luo Ming Xuan, dumping all the burning guilt in my heart onto his body. 

In short! Everything was his fault!


However, right at this time, Luo Ming Xuan abruptly waved Feng Ming Sword in his hand. When the clear sound rang, the earth trembled slightly. I raised my head to look, not far from Feng Mountain, between the mountain’s depression, a resoundingly clear sound swept across the world.

I was surprised to see the godly bird slowly ascend like the sun rising between the mountains.


I had once heard that Feng Mountain had phoenixes, but this kind of mythological beast had always been a legend. Who ever would have thought that it actually existed!

Mo Qing also had a look of solemn concentration across his face. I wanted to remove Wan Jun Sword from my side and give it to him: “I haven’t fought with this bird before, so I don’t know if I can beat it. You had better take the sword back first…” Mo Qing pressed my hand down, but I did not hear him speak, while on the other side, Luo Ming Xuan was laughing quietly.

But this laugh made him spew out a mouthful of blood. Just as he pressed the blood at the corner of his mouth, it could be assumed that when he summoned  this godly phoenix, it had already consumed all of his strength: “Lu Zhao Yao! You only wanted to come find me to avenge your loved one, that’s just it.”

I lifted my eyes to look at him.


“If you really want to take revenge, why not go find this phoenix.” He was also staring fixedly at me. “After being injured by the Demon King’s seal, my injuries have never recovered. During that year, the old man who came to save you was also burned to ashes by this godly phoenix that I had summoned.”


The blue veins on the back of my hand suddenly burst. I gripped the hilt of Wan Jun Sword, only to feel a fishy taste rolling over and over in my throat. Disregarding the feeling of repulsion from Wan Jun Sword, I pulled the sword out of its sheath. Utilizing Wan Jun Sword’s momentum, I slashed at Luo Ming Xuan.

He must die!

As Mo Qing’s figure flashed beside me, the burning hot sensation above zipped past. The raging flames around the godly phoenix had yet to touch the ground, when it turned the entire dense forest into an extremely bright sea of ​​fire. 


The raging flames were like the churning fury in my heart. When Wan Jun Sword and Feng Ming Sword clashed with each other, the clanging sound created a powerful airflow that caused the nearby raging flames to momentarily extinguish. But when the godly phoenix in the sky returned again, the blazing fire immediately ignited once more. Even the earth was thoroughly roasted, making crackling noises.


However, even after flying past in this moment, the godly phoenix immediately soared towards the sky and did not swoop down again. Beside me, Mo Qing’s presence also disappeared. I knew that he must have helped me lure the godly phoenix away.

Luo Ming Xuan was gravely injured, so he was not enough to really injure me. However, for me, the only difficulty was how to thrust the sword directly into his heart!

As I slashed the sword towards his heart, Wan Jun Sword’s sword energy made the immortal body protection seal on his chest slightly crack open a tiny gap. While Liu Su Ruo was left aside by him.


At the same time, I also encountered resistance from Wan Jun Sword. The power from its entire body shocked the webbings between my hand to numbness, I almost could not hold the sword hilt. However, at this point, I could not let it go. With just one more strike, only one more strike, I would be able to shatter his immortal body protection seal!

I clenched my teeth tightly and gripped Wan Jun Sword unwaveringly: “Be a little bit more obedient.” I said to it, “Be a little bit more obedient, maybe I’ll even be your mistress in the future.”

I was unsure if Wan Jun Sword could hear these words or not. I was also unsure if it could understand these kinds of words, then how would it react. I simply waited for the resistance from before to pass, then I held it tightly with both of my hands. With a wink, I delivered it towards Luo Ming Xuan.

With just a single strike, the edge of the blade cut vertically down before his heart. Luo Ming Xuan groaned and was suddenly thrown back by the sword’s energy. At the same moment, his immortal body protection seal also broke!

During the moment that I was overjoyed, Wan Jun Sword suddenly protested violently, shocking the webbings between my hands, making my wrists go numb. I could no longer hold onto it and simply threw it aside. Now that Luo Ming Xuan was already like an arrow at the end of its flight. So even without Wan Jun Sword, just relying on brute force, it still would not be impossible for me to take his Tian Fa Feng Ming Sword, stab it into his chest, and incorporate a little bit of my demonic blood to seal him!

I did not have much time left.

So I flew forward, engaging in my last fight with him.


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9 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 52.02

  1. “Causing someone’s heart to hurt.” – These words did it for me… yes, now finally she realizes how Mo Qing had treasured her but was ignored by her.

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  2. thanks for the translation, I just happened to watch the drama and looked for the story. I’m happy to find such a nice translation.

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  3. My heart beats were increasing as I kept reading the words,the way you described the fight is marvellous 😍👏,but I can’t understand why Zhao yao said that she will be the mistress of Wan jun sword in future🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mo Qing’s the owner of Wan Jun Sword and if Zhao Yao gets together with Mo Qing, she automatically becomes the sword’s female master, even though she is not the owner.

      It’s like owning a pet, he owns the dog, she gets together with him, she becomes its female master.


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