Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 60.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 60.02

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However, my heart became fearful, I did not want to be criminally charged for something again and have to go to prison for three days. I was about to stop her when a ghost suddenly appeared beside me, it was Zi You. He floated by me and lifted Née Zhou up from the ground: “You old lady, you really can’t differentiate the good from the bad! My family’s Big Sis sent your son to heaven, he soared up to become an immortal! It’s a merit that many people beg for but can’t get! It’s a blessing that you guys have cultivated over several of your lifetimes! How can you still blame my Big Sis?!”

Née Zhou sobbed and cried, unable to respond.

“Big Sis, let’s go.”

Zi You reached out his hand and pulled me aside, trying to get me to avoid this old woman, and leave this quarrelsome place. I understood his good intentions, but…

“What about the green document?” I looked back and forth between Zi You and Née Zhou, “What about my green document? Who do I write it with?”

*green document – divorce document

Zi You smiled at me: “Your ‘husband’ has levitated heavenward. Why do you still need to write the green document? You’re now the widow of a celestial being. You’ve regained your freedom. Also, you’re free to marry.”

So… In other words…

Because of two Resurrection Pills, I obtained the title of a widow?


As I stroked my chin, I pondered. If I did not tell Mo Qing about this, he should not be able to find out about it. Otherwise, I would just hide it from him for a lifetime. In any case, when we die later, he would have no energy to bother about whether I had been a certain celestial being’s… Widow.

However, even if he knew, it should not even matter.

As I contemplated, I driftingly followed Zi You towards the restaurant. However, as I drifted, I suddenly managed to react: “Then what about me?”

Zi You got frightened by my sudden outburst that he turned his head back: “What’s wrong?”

“What about me?” I distractedly stared at him, “The ghost money that I received, I received a lot of it. Will I also just flap away and burn up to heaven?”

Zi You looked like he was amused by me: “Big Sis, you worry too much. You won’t be able to become an immortal.”

“Why not?”

“People who have been convicted of slaughtering cannot ascend to immortality.” He explained it to me carefully, “In fact, it really doesn’t entirely depend on Big Sis. If you want to ascend to immortality, you cannot slaughter for ten lifetimes, live benevolently, earn great merits, and then you can ascend to immortality. It’s the scholar’s own fate that has arrived. Big Sis, you merely sent him on his journey.”


I still felt some lingering fears: “So actually burning paper offerings can even burn someone to heaven, why didn’t anyone tell me before?”

Zi You somewhat literally did not know whether to laugh or cry: “When ghosts receive ritual money, they actually receive a part of the living world’s heart intentions. The more heart intentions there are, it shows that this person did many good deeds during his life. So one-tenth of ritual money gets one-tenth of merit, when merit accumulates to a certain degree, then naturally it’ll create a change. But due to so much money being burnt, it’s also… The first time I heard that someone got burnt to heaven. Even ordinary people wouldn’t expect this, so naturally nobody would be able to tell you.”

So in the end, to settle the debt, it was still me exerting… Too ferociously.

This could not blame me, argh! Blame Mo Qing for accepting so many disciples, he had North Mountain’s disciples burn money for two days straight and it burned the person up to heaven!

“Big Sis, don’t you worry about it. You’re now the widow of a celestial being, Heaven will definitely take care of you.”

I pursed my lips, being taken care of by Heaven or not did not matter. I, Lu Zhao Yao, did not have it and still managed to live a good life… Ah, that was not right, I was currently still half dead.

I followed Zi You, sitting on the second floor of their tavern. Zi You sat down next to me, I looked at him and rapped the table: “So let’s talk about you.” I propped my head up and looked at him, “How did you suddenly know that I committed slaughtering crimes when I was alive, cuz I haven’t told you about these before?”

Zi You fell silent.

As he lowered his eyes, he suddenly smiled: “Sect Leader… Is brilliant.”

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  1. I know this part but I won’t give any spoilers to the reader
    Also, Thankyouuuuu for two chapters
    I am the first one to read he he he. 😁😁

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    1. I already knew that before I ever started reading this lol. I’ve watched The Legends a few times…currently on my 3rd marathon of it. That’s where the pictures in these chapters are from. I so love the show so I really HAD to read the book too! My 2nd Chinese book to read after translations. We’ve already passed my favorite chapter. That wild night is just PERFECT! I’m still so very happy even now after having read it days ago (sorry, my memory isn’t good enough to help me remember exactly how many days it’s been now!)

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