Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 61.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 61.01

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By my side, Zi You lifted up his robes, bent his knee, and knelt down. I was very familiar with this posture. Someone who became a part of my Dark Guards would all salute to me like this.


“Dark Guard Lin Zi You greets Sect Leader.”

I raised an eyebrow: “You already went to the Da Yin Netherworld Bank to see your past?”

Zi You nodded: “I know that my time is running out. I’m forgetting things faster and faster. Although the ghosts around me are worried about my emotions, they don’t tell me. So from some minor details, I can still notice the clues.” He laughed, “Fortunately, I had saved enough money, and could finally know where I came from, and what I did. I’ve been at a loss for so many years, and now I finally got to know my identity. Even if I forget it again, there’s no regret.”

As I stroked my chin, I told him to get up first, and then I pondered about his name…

Lin Zi You?

There were a lot of people coming and going, who used to be Dark Guards, so my memory was momentarily fuzzy, but after a long time, I still could not recall him. I did not know whether I had forgotten him when I was alive, or did I begin to gradually forget him after I was dead.

When he saw me like this, he was not angry or disappointed. He just started to explain to me: “Sect Leader, it’s normal that you can’t remember me. When I was alive, my brother and I were locked up in Xue Sha Sect for experimentation. Then later, Sect Leader saved us along with East Mountain Lord. It was just that my brother and I did not have East Mountain Lord’s natural talents, so we never got too much attention. Subsequently, everyone joined Wan Lu Sect together.”

Oh, when this was mentioned, I suddenly had some impression.

During that year, it was unknown what experiments the ones from Xue Sha Sect, who fed Shi Qi drugs, was doing by capturing so many children. After I smashed through their sect and killed their sect leader, I released many children from the dungeon. The ones that wanted to go home were sent home, and the ones that wanted to stay were taken back to Wan Lu Sect. Among those children, there were many of them who became my Dark Guards.

So it turned out that Zi You was one of them…

“Fortunately during that year, when I left Xue Sha Sect, I saw Sect Leader holding East Mountain Lord, while my older brother and I were standing ahead. We had no names, only a serial number. So Sect Leader immediately gave my brother and I these two names, Zi You and Zi Yu. My brother’s age was older than me, so he still remembered his original name, but because the name was bestowed by Sect Leader, my brother just retained our previous surname. From then on, I was called Lin Zi You. Luckily, the name that Sect Leader had bestowed, I never dared to forget it up until this moment.”

The name that I picked so casually unexpectedly became his last, current memory in the ghost market.

As I looked at his respectful appearance, I lowered my eyebrows and suddenly felt that I committed a great offense when I was alive. I did not remember ever naming him. I did not remember that behind me there was such a person, who silently treated me so loyally. I did not even know… When he died.

My heart was just too careless… That I disappointed too many people, argh.

“My older brother and I vowed to repay Sect Leader’s kindness, so shortly after entering Wan Lu Sect, we decided to join the Dark Guards. However, my body was really weak from a young age, if Older Brother did not look after me and Chief saw that I was loyal, I was afraid that he wouldn’t have placed me in the Dark Guards. But after that.. I still failed to live up to Older Brother’s and Chief’s expectations. During my first mission, I was inattentive and got gravely injured. Older Brother was anxious and disregarded the rules. In the middle of the night, he knelt outside Wu E Palace, disturbing Sect Leader’s rest, but Sect Leader… Not only did not blame him and told South Mountain Lord to treat my injury.”

I raised my head and recalled. I seemed to have some impressions, but they were very vague. It was because of these things…

“These things may not be important to Sect Leader, but they’re engraved in the hearts of us two brothers. Although I died due to my body’s decline over time, I was still grateful to Sect Leader that I dared not to forget even for one day. After I passed away, Older Brother still remained as a Dark Guard. For so many years, I don’t know how he’s doing now, but since I didn’t hear any news about him in the ghost market, that’s considered the best news. It’s just that Sect Leader…”

Zi You glanced at me: “It’s just that even in my current situation, I’m still able to bump into Sect Leader, I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.”

“Be happy.” I looked at Zi You, “Being able to meet someone who has been so loyal to me in this ghost market, naturally, I’m very happy.” I thought for a moment, “I don’t know how much money is still in my netherworld account, but it’s all for you.”

Zi You was surprised: “No, no… How can this…”

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8 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 61.01

    1. This is why I love her. She’s a bad girl with a heart that’s not blackened or frozen. A bad girl who is also a good girl. 🙂 So what if she’s considered evil by everyone else? What do they know? They just decided she was evil cuz she didn’t conform to their ideals of good or justice. She has her own morals & her own ideals of good & evil but she’s not overly cruel or terrible. The good guys do way too much bad stuff in this book & in the show to actually trick me into thinking they’re really good… It’s Zhaoyao who I see as good! And Chenlan, too, though he’s a dark angel… Totally my type!

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  1. I love that his confession made her want to remember him and his brother. Deep down she cares for her people and those who followed her cause. She may not follow the “righteous” sects morals but she is more loyal and forthright than most of the celestial characters in the story.

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