Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 61.03

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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 61.03

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I turned around, waved my hand, and was about to form the Instantaneous Travel Technique to go back to Wu E Palace, but a gust of wind blew past me, as black robes flapped by, Mo Qing appeared right in front of me. I blinked my eyes and looked at him: “I was just planning to go back and look for you.”

Mo Qing smiled: “I came just to find you, too.”

Since he was beside me, I did not need to rush anymore. I followed him along the small trail in the forest, walking slowly and soaking up the moonlight. We did not speak and just quietly meandered like so, feeling exceptionally worry-free.

Like the kind of force that was always there on Mo Qing’s body, a smooth and steady peacefulness.


I casually plucked a long piece of leaf, weaving it in my hands by the light of the moon. It was a technique that my grandfather taught me in my childhood. I folded the leaf into a butterfly, and presented it to Mo Qing. He looked at it, but did not rush to take it, he just lightly touched the butterfly’s wings.


The woven butterfly danced gracefully, circling between me and him. I gazed at the butterfly and smiled. I did not expect that Mo Qing even had this kind of interest. Suddenly, the butterfly flew down and gently landed between my lips.

The butterfly wings flapped light breezes that resembled the other person’s breathing during a kiss.

I was stunned, and raised my dazed eyes to gaze at him, only to see his eyes containing slivers of soft moonlight. Without a word, my heart suddenly moved shockingly.

Ugly Little Monster, your method sure was tantalizing.

As he waved his hand, the grass butterfly flew out from my lips and landed on his fingertips: “I’ve accepted this gift.”

Being tantalized by Mo Qing, I decided to reclaim it, so I reached my hand out for that butterfly: “But I didn’t say I was gifting it to you.” 

His fingertips dodged and avoided me: “Zhao Yao.” When he lifted his hand up, it was somewhat strange but carried the first signs of dominance, “Be good.”

Then I just… Reconsidered based on his overly beautiful smile…

“Okay. For you.”

As he laughed softly in this moonlit night, his laughter was slightly deep and low, making my blood somewhat parched and fervent.

“Still haven’t found Shi Qi?”

“Mhm, tomorrow, I’ll depart for Su Mountain together with Qian Chen Pavilion to search through the arrays.”

This was probably the fastest way. My body was hanging in that ice wall, for Heaven’s sake, who would know how much longer my breath would be guaranteed. So naturally, the sooner I found it, the better it was.

However, I just thought of another matter: “My body’s not there, so then what did you bury under that grave in the Forbidden Area?”

As soon as Mo Qing’s wrist flipped around, something fell out of his sleeve: “I helped you get it back. So when your body is found, I’ll put it on you again.” When I saw it, I simply let out an “oh”, and gazed at Mo Qing, “Did you dig up my grave?”


“Yes, I did.” He answered frankly and handed the small silver mirror into my hand: “Consider it a gift in exchange for this butterfly.”

“This doesn’t count. You’ve given me this small silver mirror before. You gave it to me, so it’s already mine. How can you give one gift twice? You even exchange it for my butterfly, this transaction is a loss, I refuse.”

I was going to swindle Mo Qing to give me something entirely different, but after I finished saying these words, Mo Qing lost his soul for a very long time.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“How… Did you know that this was what I gifted you before?”


I covered my mouth, did I accidentally reveal something just now…

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9 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 61.03

  1. This is called revealing your hand if you were playing poker! HAHAHAHAHA… Such a sweet scene of them enjoying each other and MoQing indirectly kissing her. He wouldn’t dare kiss her while she’s in Zhi Yan’s body but he’s making it known that he wants to. Now he knows that she has memory of that night… whoa… where do you go from there?!

    Thank you for another chapter. This chapter is so refreshing. They are both enjoying the comfort and peace of being together. Now, we need her to find her body so it can we can watch the sparks fly. 🙂

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