Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 61.02


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 61.02

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“At present, I can’t even buy these pills from the ghost market to consume. I can only go to Da Yin Netherworld Bank to watch my past. I’m not in such a hurry, so you go ahead, take the money and go watch your past. Watch it until you’re tired, until you’re vexed, until you don’t want to watch it anymore, until it’s time for you to spontaneously leave, then that’ll do.”


Zi You bowed his head, looking like he had restrained himself for a while. When I was about to get up and leave, he said: “Sect Leader… Is still so gentle.”

Me, gentle?

Not possible. Oftentimes, I was obviously super heartless and thoughtless. After dying like this once, I felt that when I was alive, I missed too much of the world’s tenderness and goodwill.

As I left the tavern and drifted out, I noticed it was fashionably timed because I had a little bit of time left and Zhi Yan was already waiting outside the small forest.

She had her arms crossed, looking left and gazing right. When she saw me drift out, her eyes lit up: “Great Demon King! Here, over here!”

It was just like she still felt a little creeped out due to her surroundings: “I came here a little early on purpose. Let’s get out of here together. Later, when you possess my body, we’ll be a little bit further away from this place, too.”

All right, as I drifted, I accompanied her out of the ghost market. In order for Zhi Yan to keep herself from being scared, she chattered and prattled endlessly in my ears:

“When you disappeared a few days ago, you still don’t know the news in Jiang Hu. Do you want me to tell you?” Without waiting for my response, she continued on talking on her own, “Did you know that the Golden Immortal was brought back to Chen Ji Mountain by Li Chen Lan? Don’t know where he took the Golden Immortal. In any case, no one in Wan Lu Sect knows about it. So later in the future, even if other people know how to resurrect the Golden Immortal, it’s impossible to find the Golden Immortal’s body. This thoroughly cuts off the thoughts of those people.”

Mhm? Luo Ming Xuan’s body was taken back to Chen Ji Mountain by Mo Qing? Why did Mo Qing not tell me?

Oh, that was right, in these past two days, I was so tiredly busy that I had no time to talk to other people.

“That’s great, this’ll prevent another lunatic like Liu Su Ruo from popping up in the future. If I was tormented again like so, I won’t be able to stand it.” 

”Also, those four sects that supported the resurrection of the Golden Immortal before, their grandmasters were all found by their respective sects under Feng Mountain and they were taken back. However, their minds seem to be somewhat abnormal. One moment they’re shouting Lu Zhao Yao, then the next moment they’re shouting Li Chen Lan. In Jiang Hu, it’s rumored that Lu Zhao Yao’s evil soul still lingers on, so you took possession of Li Chen Lan’s body. You came back to prevent the resurrection of the Golden Immortal, and then went to find the Ten Great Celestial Sects for revenge.”

“Heh.” I sneered coldly, “Just like I said, those  prestigious righteous sects that you used to stay with before, they don’t even have one skill, they only know how to blindly spread ridiculous rumors all day long.”

Quickly drifting out of the ghost market, the Hour of the Rat finally arrived, I entered Zhi Yan’s body and heard her say another piece of news: “Additionally, the people who went to Feng Mountain to look for those celestial sects’ grandmasters, when they came back, they all said that Feng Mountain is currently very eerie. At night, they could faintly hear a woman crying, some people said…” Zhi Yan gazed at me, “Some people said that it’s Lu Su Ruo’s voice.”

*Hour of the Rat (子时 – zǐ shí) – between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

I shot her a glance: “Right now, you and I are both ghosts, do you think that you can scare me?”

Zhi Yan glanced down at her lips: “Can you stay with me for a while longer, I scared myself…”

This useless thing…

“It’s no surprise that Liu Su Ruo became a malicious ghost.” She floated beside me, so I walked a few more steps with her, “Her obsession was so deep. and her conscience was too tiny. When she had just accomplished her goal, I smashed it right away. She died on Feng Mountain, and became a malicious ghost on Feng Mountain. Hereafter, she would never be able to let go of her hatred for all eternity, and would never be able to take revenge for all eternity. Year after year, she’ll be confined to that same place on Feng Mountain, which happens to be great. This saves others the effort from finding a place to imprison her.”

When I said this, Zhi Yan actually eliminated some of her fears and nodded: “When you say it like this, she only has herself to blame.”

“Still scared?” I turned my head to ask her.

Zhi Yan smilingly said: “Not scared anymore. Great Demon King, you’re getting better and better.”

Before it was one person and now it was two people; both of them said that I was gentle, that I was getting better, but on the contrary, I, myself, did not feel it at all…

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    1. I agree! She always means well & has a big heart. East Lord & Zhi Yan are good examples of that lol. They’re both beyond silly but Zhao Yao is like a big sister to them. 😀

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