Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 78.01


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Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 78.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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As soon as I woke up… 

I was still lying in Mo Qing’s embrace. Above the roof beam, the sky was already bright. As soon as I took a breath, Mo Qing whispered in my ear: “Zhao Yao, the sun has risen.” 

Such ordinary words; but when I heard these words in a moment like this, inexplicably, I could not control the sadness that surged forth. 

The sunrise, Mo Qing, in the years to come, I hoped to watch every sunrise with you, but… 

Was it possible for us? 

When Mo Qing’s body stiffened slightly, I looked up at him: “What’s wrong?” 

He smiled lightly and whispered back to me: “My hand is numb.” The sound of his voice was so gentle. So gentle that it made me fall in love all over again, and also made me feel a sudden surge of determination rekindling in my heart. 

An inner demon was just an inner demon, I did not give a damn. I just wanted to be with Mo Qing. I must not let him enter that pain in the ass seal, and I would also disregard those heavenly immortals or whatever. If any immortal dared to touch my Mo Qing, then I would kill that immortal. If any Buddha dared to lay a hand on my Mo Qing, then I would kill that Buddha. In this entire world, no one could prevent him and I from being together. 

If worse came to worst, I would break through this sky and let all the lovers in the world die with the two of us. So, there was nothing to be afraid of at all! 

As this impassioned idea arose in my thoughts, my mood became so much better. 

When I felt Mo Qing’s hand gently stroking my hair, I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were gazing far into the distance at the morning sun; while his lips held a light smile, suppressing all the emotions and hiding all the thoughts in his heart. 

After the sky fully brightened, Mo Qing began to busily handle his affairs.

While I returned back to the room. Then Shi Qi came to find me. As soon as she entered the doorway, she enthusiastically rushed over to hug me like always. However, this time, I was deeply absorbed in my thoughts, thinking about Mo Qing’s situation. Therefore, I was surprised and was unable to stand firm. When my lower back knocked against the table behind me, I heard a “clang.” Something fell to the ground, and as I looked down, I was momentarily surprised. 

The Spying Heart Mirror… Actually fell off from behind me. 

After dealing with Jiang Wu, I was afraid that Mo Qing would know about my speculations regarding his background, so I pretended to have forgotten about the Spying Heart Mirror and did not wear it on my person. Even though I knew that Mo Qing had spent a lot of effort to find this mirror for me in my homeland. 

Anyways, as far as I knew, yesterday, I did not have this Spying Heart Mirror on my body. So, when did it… 

So that meant that Mo Qing, he stealthily hung the Spying Heart Mirror behind my waistband… 

Zhu Ji did say that Mo Qing was an inner demon born from suspicion, therefore, was he even suspicious of me? However, since I already knew that, I could not even get angry at him. As of right now, Mo Qing knew all about my plans, and he also knew that I knew about his background… 

Then as I came to my senses, I remembered the little details that were strange about Mo Qing when the sun was rising this morning. My heart immediately froze. 

His silence, what could it mean? 

Would he… 

I pushed Shi Qi away, and used my divine sense to search all over Chen Ji Mountain to determine Mo Qing’s position. When I saw that he was at Gu Han Guang’s place, I immediately teleported there. Upon seeing Mo Qing, I quickly pulled him back: “You already know about everything, right? You’re not planning to go reconstruct that seal by yourself, right? You…” 

Mo Qing and Gu Han Guang both looked at me quietly, and Gu Han Guang frowned: “Reconstruct what seal?” 

Mo Qing ignored him. He just looked at me and replied: “I’m not.” He said, “My thoughts are the same as yours.” 

If any immortal tried to stop us, then he would kill the immortal. If any Buddha tried to stop us, then he would kill the Buddha. The only thing that he wanted was to be with me. 

Was that… What he meant? 

Mo Qing helped me tuck the scattered strands by my temple behind my ears: “Zhao Yao, don’t be afraid.” He said, “I will not leave you.” 

As I stared at him in a daze, my heart, for some reason, felt peculiar. Undoubtedly I wanted the same thing as him. I did not want to leave him either. However, at this moment, when I looked into Mo Qing’s ardent but persistent gaze, I just felt… A little cold. 

He made me feel that he was…Unconsciously changing. 

After that day, Mo Qing started taking the medicine that Gu Han Guang prepared for him to calm and clear his mind. While I ran back and forth to Qian Chen Pavilion many times to see if I could find any solutions from Qin Qian Xian. However, Qin Qian Xian also had no inkling in curing an inner demon. 

Although Mo Qing and I were both actively looking for ways to find a solution, Mo Qing’s temperament became gloomier and angrier with each passing day. 

So, I had no other alternative but to study the scriptures in Qian Chen Pavilion with Qin Qian Xian every day, hoping to find a way to solve Mo Qing’s problem. 

When I went to Qian Chen Pavilion, Shi Qi often accompanied me. During my discussions with Qin Qian Xian, she would sit next to me. Since she found that the content of the discussions were boring, she would quickly fall asleep. Sometimes when she was fully asleep, Qin Qian Xian would glance at her, use his magic to make the white silk robe that was hanging in his room appear, and gently cover Shi Qi’s body with it. For him, it was such a mindless action, sometimes even I did not realize it. 

However, when I did, I insinuatingly asked Qin Qian Xian several times: “Isn’t my family’s Little Shi Qi super cute?” 

His reply to me was: “There are very few people who are so pure in nature currently.”

Even though I did not understand the thoughts of these people who cultivated the Bodhisattva Path’ if it pertained to Shi Qi, then I understood her very well. Even if one day, Qin Qian Xian really did fall in love with Little Shi Qi, his biggest problem was probably not him, but… In Shi Qi’s eyes, the person she was most fond of… Was me. 

To give Shi Qi, who did not understand the concept that men and women were different, explanations about the love between a man and woman were different from the love between friends… Was difficult to the extreme. 

I glanced at Qin Qian Xian with sympathy. As an experienced person, I was worried about his future. 

That very same day, when I returned to Wan Lu Sect, I also asked Shi Qi: “What do you think about Qin Qian Xian?” 

“A very good person.” That was how Shi Qi answered me, then she glanced over at me, hugged my waist tightly, and rubbed her face against my chest, “But Sect Leader is still better than him by a hundred times, even a thousand times.” 

In the end, I simply patted Shi Qi’s head and  laughed. 

At this moment, Mo Qing’s voice suddenly appeared from behind me: “Xu Zhi, let go.” 

Shi Qi, who was happily rubbing her face against my chest, turned her head towards Mo Qing and stuck her tongue out at him: “The sect leader is mine, so I won’t let go.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, I felt the surrounding atmosphere drop, which took me by surprise. Shi Qi was taken by surprise, too, when a great force ruthlessly pushed her out of my embrace. Shi Qi stumbled back twice, and quickly began to roll up her sleeves: “Ugly Little Monster, do you want to start a fight?” 

I turned back to look at Mo Qing, protecting Shi Qi behind me: “She …” As soon as I started speaking, a streak of sword energy unexpectedly swiped across my shoulder. The force of this sword energy was ruthless and its speed was also quick. My heart immediately froze; I knew that with Shi Qi’s strength, it would be difficult for her to resist! I immediately teleported, landed in front of Shi Qi, and withdrew the Liu He Tian Yi Sword, releasing all the energy in my body to resist this sword energy. 

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10 thoughts on “Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 78.01

  1. Yay! Almost there! Thank you so much for your hard work. I have been following this book for a long time and happy to be almost done together with you.
    If you’re looking for a new book to translate, may I make a suggestion?
    I like the drama “Ancient Love Poetry” and it would be great to read the book version of it too.
    Anyway, 加油! 🥰

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  2. We are close to the end. MoQing looks like he’s losing control of his suspicions. The fact that he hurt Zhao Yao is going to probably bring him to his senses.

    I’m not sure what you should translate next. I read a couple other novels by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. I enjoy her novels but I am open to other authors and stories. It would be great if the main female lead is a strong lead. I will read whatever you translate as you put your whole heart in it!

    Thank you again for your hard work translating. Your hard work is appreciated. I can’t wait to reread this whole story when it’s done.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful translation. I’ve been reading again the book and I’ll probably do so in the future. You asked a suggestion for a new novel? How about Spring Flower, Autumn Moon. Looks like a nice novel but anything you do will be awesome!! Again Thank you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mo Qing, don’t go to the dark side!

    As for novels, Accompanying the Phoenix by the same author has been on hiatus for over a year if you’re open to picking up dropped translations…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mo Qing can’t belp but go to the dark side!!

      Oh, so Accompanying the Phoenix has been on hiatus? I wanted to translate Yu Feng Xing, but I didn’t know the English title at that time and found that a group was already translating it, so I changed my mind not to translate it. But I guess I might change my mind again.


      1. Oh yes, please do continue Accompanying the Phoenix’. It’s too bad to let that wonderful story left hanging because I can’t make myself read the MTL >.
        Or if you need another suggestion, I would recommend ‘General Above, I Am Below’. it’s so funny and I also like the drama, but sadly the novel only translated until Chapter 18 for years.

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  5. Man I feel old seeing this project complete x’D Thanks so much for completing translatıon. I love to read and reread many tımes its one of my fave Cnovels<3
    Also really happy to hear you are plannıng on pıckıng up another project even askıng for recommendations ;_;
    There is a very sweet and funny Cnovel I read wıth machıne translatıon it has such unique female lead character that I have to recommend it to you for checking out. Its called; She’s Rather ill by 竹已 Zhu Yi.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. X’D sorry… These last couple of years felt so fast but its also made me feel a lot older somehow.
        The lead girl in that novel is so much fun to read even though I read with MT. Ive been tryıng to fınd sımılar female leads in novels & series but its hard T_T

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