Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 77.03


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 77.03

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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I clenched my teeth slightly. 

Then I heard Zhu Ji say: “That’s right, I didn’t expect that result either. The amount of time he spent in the seal made the evil aura in his body get absorbed by the heaven, earth, mountains and rivers. Thereby, it made that land barren to the point where not even a single blade of grass could grow, and the trees all withered and died; while he himself became like a normal person. So normal that even my wife didn’t have the heart to kill him.” 

“Your wife?”

“Mhm, in order to prevent Li Chen Lan from escaping from the seal, I ordered my subordinates to guard the seal, and I also ordered my wife to personally guard him. Even if I die, I couldn’t let Li Chen Lan get out of the seal, he would suck up everyone’s emotions in the world, just like when he swallowed my emotions. If that kind of inner demon got to grow, then no one would survive. I was the Demon King, but I was not bad to the point of harming the whole world. But later on, when my wife saw him, she could not bear to kill him, and on the contrary, in order to protect him, she was killed by the immortal cultivators.” 

The person that Zhu Ji mentioned must have been the “mother” who died in Mo Qing’s arms when I saved him back then… 

Zhu Ji pouted: “After my wife died, she came to the Ghost Market. When she saw me, she even scolded me fiercely. When I was alive, I didn’t let her have a child, and when I was dead, I left behind an inner demon who was so much like a child that she could not bear to make her move…” 

I massaged my forehead: “It’s better if you just tell me the main points. I don’t want to hear much about you and your wife’s problems.” 

“So what main points do you want to listen to?” 

“At that time, Li Chen Lan was not filled with ruthlessness. He didn’t even absorb people’s anguish and fear, and he didn’t seem to have that ability. So why does he look like… He’s been awakened lately.” 

“I already know. The ghost that I sent out came back and told me about it. That inner demon named Jiang Wu gave Li Chen Lan back the ability that he had been deprived of by heaven, earth, mountains, and rivers for a thousand years.” 

I was stunned: “What do you mean by that? Jiang Wu… Used the last of his power to awaken Li Chen Lan?” 

“You can say that.” Zhu Ji stroked his chin, “I’m also worried, especially when an inner demon is born. If you want, I can go and tell Cao Ming Feng. Once someone becomes an immortal like them, they have nothing to do every day. The only thing that they do is wait for something like this, something that puts people in danger and brings calamity to the world, so that something needs to be eliminated. I have heard about your story before. The two of us have done very similar things. However, our actions are within the scope of heaven, so no one cares, but Li Chen Lan is different. Just because I sealed him, according to the judgment system in the Ghost Market, I suddenly became a person who did a great merit.” 

I clenched my fist, no wonder… 

Zhu Ji continued: “Currently, those people in heaven don’t know about him yet, but when they do…” 

I solemnly asked, “Isn’t there a way to make him return to the way he was before?” 

“Reconstruct my seal, put him back in, and reseal him. As for how long it would take to get him back to how he was before, it can only depend on his luck.” 

He would have to be sealed for another thousand years? 

So when he woke up, where would I be? 

“Is there another way?” 

“Tell Cao Ming Feng, then let the immortals in heaven come down and kill him?” 

I kept my silence and said nothing. 

“Hey, time’s almost up. I have to pack up the tea set and be on my way.” Zhu Ji said while holding the teacup, “I know that Li Chen Lan likes you, if you want, you can give him a word of advice. Have him reconstruct the seal and then go in there himself. This way, he won’t bring harm to the world and others won’t have to suffer either.” 

It was easier said than done… 

Your existence was dangerous to the world, so you must repair your coffin, get in there yourself, and not come out anymore —— With words like that, how could I say that to Mo Qing. 

Just thinking about it, I could already see the hurt in his eyes that could make anyone feel heartache.

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