Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 77.01


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 77.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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After Gu Han Guang finished telling Mo Qing about his  speculation, Mo Qing sat quietly for a long time. Finally, without uttering a word, he calmly got up and walked out the door. 

Regarding his past history, he did not disclose where he stood whatsoever. It was like he did not care at all. So, just like before, he continued to manage Wan Lu Sect’s affairs, and with me, he still treated me very well. Only at night, when it was just the two of us, on the same side of the bed, when the two of us were intertwined in each other’s arms, I could feel his intensity increasing day by day. So much so that he became boorish, and even sometimes when he exerted enough physical force, it would cause me pain. 

However, compared to all the variety of pains that I had experienced from before, this kind of pain that was caused by Mo Qing was negligible. 

And just like that, he took me over and over again. Then one night, he loved me as if it was our last and in the midst of the lingering passion, he embraced me tightly. As he buried his head in my neck, he asked me in a hoarse voice: “Zhao Yao, will you be afraid of me?” 

As I wrapped my arms around his back, I turned my fingers into sharp claws during his hip movements, and sliced the skin on his back. My voice was also a little hoarse, as I asked him: “Mo Qing, if I want to kill you now, will you be afraid of me?” 

He kissed my earlobe: “Long ago, this life was already yours.” 

As the sharp claws disappeared, I gently caressed his torn skin: “How come I don’t think it’s like that at all.” 

It was because of you that this life of mine was resurrected. 

Then he bit my ear, causing me a little pain. However, the pain suddenly turned into an electric current that ran from my earlobe down to my entire body. Inside and out, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, my entire body tingled and became boneless. 

I immediately wrapped myself around him. This night was almost nearing the end of its madness. 

My frenzied self and him wanted to consume each other completely. I wanted to thoroughly blend him into my body, so that other people could not covet him, and he would not be harmed by the outside world. Forever and ever, he would fully belong only to me. 

After the debauchery, Mo Qing fell into a deep sleep. 

While I felt like my body was falling apart without an ounce of energy left due to the frolic that bordered on insanity. 

As I opened my eyes, I looked into the pitch-black void for a moment, feeling all sweaty and tired. However, I still had work to do, so I pushed Mo Qing’s hand away, trying to get out of bed. I was under the impression that he was fast asleep, but his hands immediately moved. As his hands fastened around me, he held me tightly against his embrace. 

He stroked my forehead, but did not wake up, he just subconsciously hugged what belonged to him. Even in dreamland, I was not allowed to be far away. 

Listening to the heartbeats residing in his chest, I calmly closed my eyes and relished in the moment of tenderness. In the end, I still got out of bed and went out to the courtyard. I flicked a Body Purification Spell, then I used the Teleportation Technique to go to the Ghost Market. 

The gloomy atmosphere was still present, but currently I was resurrected, so I could not see the ghosts here at all. However, I could still rely on the silhouettes of the surrounding trees to find the location of the tavern in the Ghost Market. I called out: “Zhu Ji. I know that as ghosts, you guys can see me. If Zhu Ji isn’t here, can you guys have some other ghost send him a message for me. Tell him to buy an Entering Dream Pill and come see me in my dreams. I have something to say to Cao Ming Feng, so I need his help to relay the message.” 

After saying that, I turned around and left. When I returned to Wu E Palace, I was about to go to the sleeping chambar, but I saw Mo Qing with his black robe draped over his shoulders, standing barefoot at the door of the hall, quietly waiting for me. 

With a calm expression, I asked him: “Why aren’t you sleeping anymore?” 

He did not answer my question, but asked in return: “Where’d you go?” 

“I went out to admire the moon.” 

The bright moon was luminous and the sky was cloudless. Mo Qing raised his head to look up at the moonlight, then he walked over to take my hand and together we teleported to the roof of Wu E Palace.

“Let’s admire it together.” He said, but his eyes were still staring at me. 

I pointed to the sky: “Don’t you want to admire the moon?” 

“I’m admiring it now.” 

My heart immediately warmed: “Your lips are so sweet, let me have a taste.” I lowered my head and engulfed his lips. When our lips and tongues intertwined, the sweetness was potent. Suddenly, at this moment, he said, “There were many times, when I had thought that from now on, my dark nights would no longer have moonlight.” 

As my heart ached for him, I kissed his lips, preventing him from reminiscing further.

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