100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 04


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 04 ~ Ghost Wizard

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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At night, Qi Tian was wiping down Yuan Bao’s body. In the past few days, he had raised Yuan Bao very well, which made her face smoother and rounder. As Qi Tian stroked her fleshy lips, he unconsciously got closer and licked the corner of her lips. Immediately afterwards, the Gu inside his body was also excited. With a jump, it slid across the tip of his tongue.

*Gu – legendary venomous insect/ worm

Qi Tian narrowed his eyes but still chuckled lightly. When he wiped Yuan Bao’s arm, he saw the fine hair on her skin was standing upright, creating goosebumps along her skin.

He suddenly came to his senses and murmured absentmindedly to himself: “Do you hate me so much…”

Under the candlelight, Qi Tian’s hand, which was covered in blue veins, was placed against Yuan Bao’s hand, which was clean and fair; he suddenly saw the Gu on the back of his hand jump. His fingers immediately shrank back and he quickly hid his hands in his wide sleeves.

So it turned out that he was indeed ugly, which made people feel disgusted.

As he stared at the corner of Yuan Bao’s lips for a while, he took a cotton cloth to gently wipe her down and said, “You’re not allowed to hate me.”

No one knew whether this order was carried out by Yuan Bao or not. It was because from then on, even if Qi Tian did not notice it himself, he had gradually suppressed his desire to touch Yuan Bao. Deep down in his heart, he thought that if he did not touch her, then she would feel less disgusted.

On one afternoon, Qi Tian and Yuan Bao were sitting side by side in the courtyard basking in the sun. An elegant nobleman in white clothes leisurely walked over like he was going for a walk. In one hand, he was holding a package, while in the other hand, he was swinging a folded fan. With a disdainful gaze, his eyes passed over Qi Tian and stopped on Yuan Bao’s body thoughtfully.

Qi Tian narrowed his eyes and said to Yuan Bao. “Go into the house.” Yuan Bao obediently stood up and went inside.

The nobleman in white pursed his lips and smiled indifferently, throwing the package in his hand to the ground: “Three man-eating Gu.”

As Qi Tian looked at the gold ingots in the opened package, the gold ingots sparkled with golden light. However, he suddenly felt that these things were not as beautiful as before. Also with a disdainful gaze, he looked at the nobleman in white and said, “Not selling.”

The nobleman narrowed his eyes and looked at Qi Tian for a while, then with a smile, he said, “Okay, I have never force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.” He pointed to the house and said, “It’s just that on the way here, I heard that the Li family’s second young lady was missing. I listened to the Li family’s description of her, it seems that the description somewhat fits that young lady from earlier. You… ”

“That’s my wife.”

The nobleman nodded thoughtfully: “Oh, so that’s the case.”

A few days after the nobleman in white left, Qi Tian still took care of Yuan Bao as usual, but he would  occasionally ask Yuan Bao, “Do you want to go home?” After that, he would immediately say, “Don’t answer my question.”

In actuality, he was afraid to hear her answer.

When all the ingredients were about to be used up, Qi Tian told Yuan Bao to sit in the chair obediently. Then just like he had done several times before, he left the Dense Foggy Forest by himself. However, he did not know that this time, after he left, another figure silently sneaked into the house.

“Oh, this face is very round and cute.” As the nobleman in white smiled, he pinched Yuan Bao’s face and asked, “You’re the Li Family’s second young lady?”

Apart from Qi Tian’s words, she did not listen to anyone else’s orders, and naturally she could not answer anyone else’s questions. It was just that, currently, her face had turned red as if she could not hold back her joy. Even though her gaze remained stiff, the nobleman in white still understood what she meant: “So it turns out that you’ve been implanted by the Gu.”

“You’re so excited, is it because you know that someone came to save you?” He said with a laugh, “I am very lucky that I bump into you here. Do you know how much is the reward that the Li Family put out to find you? I was thinking, if I could get this much money just by saving you the right way, then if I took this opportunity to become the ideal son-in-law of the Li Family, I would be able to sit back and enjoy living in comfort in the future.”

The man’s breath sprayed into Yuan Bao’s ear: “Oh, I smell the fragrance of a virgin, that stupid wizard still hasn’t touched you yet?”

As Yuan Bao’s pupil shrank, her complexion began to turn white.

“But what should I do? If your body is still undefiled, then the Li Family will not even look at me, someone from Jiang Hu.” He smiled, “Looks like I just have to…” His hand landed on Yuan Bao’s waist. Qi Tian did not know how to help someone get dressed, so Yuan Bao’s belt was always tied loosely. With a light pull of his finger, Yuan Bao’s belt fell to the ground.

He laughed loudly, picked Yuan Bao up, and put her down on the bed: “Oh, your skin is so soft.” He laid above her, covering her bosoms. His smile became more and more joyful.

Yuan Bao’s lips started to tremble involuntarily. With her delicate appearance, it aroused the man’s desire even more. He frowned: “Tsk tsk, you cry so much that my heart aches for you.” Before the sound of his voice faded away, he only felt a cold aura leap into his spine, then his entire body shook: “Impossible, I obviously took the Gu Repellent…” Before he finished speaking, the man’s face immediately turned bluish black and his skin quickly withered, then he immediately fell down to the ground, watching Qi Tian standing coldly behind him. He did not dare to believe it and uttered: “King… King of the Gu.”

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