100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 06


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Epilogue ~ Ch 06 ~ Ghost Wizard (Ending)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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“Yuan Bao, can I marry you?”

The woman who was washing the dishes dropped the bowl from her hand and broke it: “Wh-wh-wh… What?”

“Yesterday, I went to the Li Residence to propose marriage with one hundred gold ingots. Your father was very happy and allowed you to marry me.” Qi Tian came up behind Yuan Bao and hugged her waist, “Can I marry you?”

Before Yuan Bao could respond, suddenly a crisp clear sound of silver bells was heard in the courtyard. She thought it was strange and her head peeked out to look. She only saw a woman in white clothes standing calmly and alone within the courtyard. Yuan Bao thought that she was another person coming to request for the Gu. So Yuan Bao pulled Qi Tian’s sleeves  over and over, while he rubbed her face over and over. Then he resentfully let her go and went into the courtyard.

*Gu – legendary venomous insect/ worm

When the woman caught sight of Qi Tian, unlike all of the other people, she did not reveal fear or disgust. Rather she lightly nodded her head and said: “I am Bai Gui.”

Qi Tian simply did not care about her name and only said: “One Gu for ten gold ingots.”

Bai Gui took out a writing brush from her sleeve and indifferently asked: “Do you like the Gu?”

Qi Tian frowned: “I like Yuan Bao.”

“Do you still feel angry because of your loneliness?”

Qi Tian looked at Yuan Bao and still had not answered the question. In a blink of an eye, Bai Gui’s figure appeared before Qi Tian like a demon. The writing brush in her hand lightly pointed at the center of Qi Tian’s heart. Qi Tian’s complexion immediately changed like he was suffering an immense pain that swiftly brought him to his knees.

When Yuan Bao saw this, she was startled. She hurriedly lifted the bottom of her clothes and hurriedly rushed over to support Qi Tian.

While on the tip of Bai Gui’s writing brush, there was a greenish-black Gu struggling violently. She said: “I have collected the ghost in your heart.”

For Qi Tian, Yuan Bao felt distressed that even her eyes became red and she indignantly glared at Bai Gui. However, when Bai Gui gazed at Yuan Bao, her eyes were unexpectedly gentle, so gentle. Then she put the writing brush along with the Gu inside her clothes: “Live your days well.” A cool breeze blew up and the silver bells rang a crisp clear sound, and then before Yuan Bao’s eyes, this woman suddenly vanished like smoke.

Yuan Bao thought that she probably must have really seen a ghost. She was dumbfounded for a while but then she heard the sound of Qi Tian coughing. She suddenly awakened: “Qi Tian…” Yuan Bao stared blankly, “Where… Where are your Gu?”

The center of Qi Tian’s heart was still in constant pain. He extended his hand and looked at the palms and backs of his hands, only to discover that the blue veins on his body had miraculously disappeared. The Gu, which had accompanied him for decades, had unexpectedly disappeared from inside his body!

He… Had become a normal person.

“Yuan Bao, do you like this?”

“How obnoxious! You’re even more beautiful than me!”

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