100 Ghost Collection ~ Ch 07


100 Ghost Collection by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《百鬼集》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 07~ Ghost Corpse (Beginning)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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The night wind tore at the war flag fiercely. 

“General!” The Colonel of the Tun Cavalry, Zhang Shang, lifted the curtain and entered. His solid armor slammed to the ground, creating a heavy sound. He was trembling with joy, as he cupped his fist and reported: “The Emperor of Xu has been captured!” 

Behind the desk, the man in black armor responded indifferently, not surprised at such a result. It was unclear what item he was playing with in his hand, but he looked so spellbound by it. 


At this time, he appeared to have come to his senses and his slanted phoenix eyes fell on Colonel Zhang heedlessly: “Then take me to see him.” The words were simple but with a hint of contempt, “The Emperor of Xu.” 

Her master. 

The once prosperous imperial capital was now dyed in blood. The two rows of armored horses coldly stepped onto Black Tortoise Avenue and directly entered the imperial city through the demolished palace gates. As the desolate wind blew across the bluestone stairs in front of the Ultimate Supreme Palace, the corpses of the Xu Kingdom’s Imperial Army were still writhing. Drop by drop, the corpses’ blood were trickling down the flight of steps. 

Step by step, the bluish-black shoes with gilded gold stepped into the sticky pool of blood and entered the Ultimate Supreme Palace. At the entrance of the palace, his soldiers surrounded the main hall, but for some reason no one entered it. 

When the soldiers saw him coming, they all bowed and saluted, respectfully giving him a path. 

Seeing the scene in the hall, even with his indifferent temperament, he could not stop himself from being startled. More than a dozen dead soldiers used their bodies as shields to block the throne. Each and every one of them were hit by at least a dozen arrows. They stood up straight and tall, but their breath was already gone. No one fell down; and a grave aura still surrounded them, as if someone dared to invade, then they could still raise the long sword in their hand. 

They were like the last shield, protecting the last dignity of the entire country. 

“People from the Xu Kingdom are worthy in terms of loyalty, righteousness, and bravery.” He praised softly, and immediately took a bow and arrow from the soldier next to him. As his phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, the sharp arrow whistled and impaled straight into the right knee of the person standing in the middle. He remembered that he had received intelligence that the Xu Kingdom’s Captain of the Imperial Army had an old injury on his right knee. 

As expected, not long after, the man’s tall body suddenly collapsed, like the collapse of a pillar. When he went down, the last wall erected by the other dead soldiers also collapsed and fell apart in an instant. 

It was as if their country had completely crumbled. 

Huo Yang regretfully lowered the bow. At this moment, he heard the soldiers gasp. When he looked up, he saw the Emperor of Xu, wearing a black and red court dress, sitting still and upright on the imperial throne. His eyes were clear and his expression was majestic, still very much alive.

While before him, there was an extremely thin imperial guard kneeling in front of the imperial throne, holding a long sword that was propped against the ground. He was facing the entrance of the hall, his hair was hanging down messily. Like all the others, he was impaled with the same amount of arrows and his breath was also already gone. The only difference was that he was a woman. 

Huo Yang’s body paused, as his eyes stared fixedly on her body. Then he walked into the hall absentmindedly. 

On the throne, the Emperor of Xu’s desperate and desolate laughter seemed to have closed in on his ears, but also seemed to have drifted far away. What flashed across Huo Yang’s mind was that of a sunny day. The woman proudly patted his injured leg and said: “I, the genius doctor, just saved your life. Just give me a chunk of meat to eat, that’s not asking for too much.” 

Such a flamboyant and presumptuous person… 

As the soldiers outside the main hall filed neatly inside the hall, the Emperor of Xu finally stopped laughing, “The country has lost its home! Towards my ancestors, I am ashamed! Towards the entire country, I am ashamed! Towards the people of Xu Kingdom, I am ashamed! The Great General of Wei Kingdom, you can kill or gut me if you want, I just ask that you, noble general, spare the innocent people of Xu Kingdom.” 

Huo Yang did not answer. 

The Monarch of Xu covered his face and laughed: “Forget it… Since you refused to accept the letter of surrender three days ago, then you must have the intention to kill the weeds and eliminate the roots completely! So, what’s the purpose in begging you! What’s the purpose in begging you!” After saying that, he raised his head and swallowed the poison. 

The war between the two kingdoms of Xu and Wei only lasted for three months. The Wei Kingdom quickly and violently attacked the Xu Kingdom, therefore, the war was won smoothly and beautifully. After a moment of silence, the soldiers, who were present, burst into cheers. 

However, Huo Yang’s expression was solemn. As he quietly set foot on the throne, he stepped on the corpses of the imperial guards that were around him and walked straight towards that woman. He reached out his hand, suddenly realizing that the tips of his fingers were trembling slightly. He steadied his state of mind, as his fingers lightly traced over her lower jaw. 

That was right. It was this face, even though her face was now covered in blood and her body was now covered in filth, how could he not recognize this face. 

It was just that now she could not open her eyes, could not talk, could not breathe, could not do anything at all. 

“Su Tai…” He called out softly, his teeth clenched slightly. This woman, who betrayed him or perhaps he should say who was never loyal to him, was a cunning spy, an assassin from the Xu Kingdom… She was just someone who had accidentally saved his life, and then like a thief, she stole whatever was left of his pathetic but sincere heart.

As an inexplicable anger rose within Huo Yang’s heart, he raised his hand and slapped her hard. Su Tai’s cold body fell to the ground. She did not get angry. She did not curse him. She did not scratch at him like a ruffled cat. 

She just laid there quietly, like a corpse… 

She was just a corpse now. 

Huo Yang’s mind momentarily went blank. 

Down below, the cheering soldiers were all startled by his sudden action and they all fell silent for a while. As Huo Yang’s gaze roamed over Su Tai’s body, his eyes suddenly stopped on her belly. He saw her lightly covering her belly with her non-sword hand, even a slight protrusion could be seen under the soft leather. 

His face immediately turned white and his heartbeat began to pump frantically. 

“Military doc!” he shouted, “Send the military doc here immediately!”

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