Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 72.01


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Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 72.01

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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The onslaught of slaughter began, thousands of demons had Shen Li and the Demon Sovereign surrounded in the center. Whereas Fu Sheng flew into the air, coldly looking down at the scene where Shen Li was wielding her silver spear and making blood splatter everywhere.

Her spear was extremely hot. After it plunged into the bodies of the demons, the demons burned. More and more demons were turned to ashes by the flames. However, Fu Sheng was not anxious, he was waiting, waiting for Shen Li, whose power had not completely recovered, to be weary and exhausted.

Obviously, this Raging Flames Technique consumed a lot of stamina. Within a quarter of an hour, Shen Li’s complexion turned quite pale, while the demons rushed in like an endless wave, as if they could never be killed off. Upon seeing this, Shen Mu Yue wiped the blood from the corner of her lips and marked a seal on the ground. An excessive amount of powerful magic swept all the demons outside the periphery of the magic array. As she coughed heavily, black blood sprayed onto the ground. Without bothering to raise her head, she said: “Kill Fu Sheng!” Knowing that Shen Li could not be persuaded to leave, she simply changed her tactics and commanded Shen Li, “These people have no self-awareness. So kill Fu Sheng. Without him, the demons will only scatter like loose sand.”

Shen Li raised her head, gazing up at Fu Sheng, who was standing high up in midair, with her frosty eyes. Shen Li glanced back at the Demon Sovereign and gritted her teeth: “Master, you must hold on.” With the magic array blocking the demons, Shen Li, who was at ease for the time being, leapt away from Shen Mu Yue’s side.

Fu Sheng felt his vision blur, as the silver spear came toward him. He raised his sword to block. Fu Sheng’s strength was not weak, but now Shen Li’s reaction was much sharper than ever before. It was a fierce close-quarters fight, within three to four strikes, Shen Li struck his chest with a single shot. However, Fu Sheng’s face did not show any pain, she only saw his eyes were full of madness, as if he was expecting something.

Shen Li felt something bad. She was about to withdraw her spear and turn around when she suddenly felt the light behind her dim.

The Demon Sovereign yelled: “Be careful!” Before the warning could even enter her eardrums, Shen Li turned around and saw a ferocious bloody mouth from a large beast had opened. It was the mouth of the demon dragon that had just woken up from being unconscious on the ground. It opened its mouth and devoured her into its belly. Fu Sheng’s wild laughter and the bloody smell in its mouth filled Shen Li’s five senses. In this electrifying moment, as her pupils constricted, the sound of wind blowing suddenly came. As if everything had stopped, a familiar embrace took her into its arms, and the faint scent that was barely detectable miraculously eliminated all the stench.

The man’s arm was implanted around her waist, holding her tightly. Cold energy condensed in the palm of the flying deity in white, freezing the ferocious bloody mouth. The dragon’s head was frozen into a ball of ice. As Xing Zhi’s face turned icy, a soft “break” was spoken, and the dragon’s frozen head shattered with countless cracks in an instant. Then after hearing a loud noise, the dragon’s head instantly exploded into pieces. The divine power remained unabated and ran through the dragon’s entire body, tearing the demon dragon into fragments of dregs. Blood and flesh scattered all over the sky. When everything was settled, the stunned people suddenly came back to themselves.

In his unwillingness, Fu Sheng gritted his teeth and ignored Shen Li’s silver spear that had penetrated his chest, and abruptly jumped back. His blood spilled out, but it was not bright red in color, it was rather bluish-black. He stood in the distance, condensing magic in his hands to cover the hole in his chest, waiting for the wound to heal. He raised his eyes and looked at Xing Zhi on the other side, but saw that Xing Zhi did not even bother to glance at him. Xing Zhi just stared at the person in his embrace with a frown.

Seeing Fu Sheng running away, Shen Li subconsciously wanted to give chase, but the hand wrapped around her waist held her tightly so that she could not move even the slightest. Shen Li looked up, but when she saw Xing Zhi gazing at her with an ice-cold face, Shen Li could not help but stiffen her back, feeling an indescribable guilt in her heart. As her eyes darted back and forth, her expression looked just like an uncertain child, who was caught doing something bad. Seeing her expression, an enormous fire rose within Xing Zh’s heart. At the same time, he only released a sigh and smiled bitterly: “Even the rods conjured from the Water Prohibition Technique could still be melted, you have really become quite skillful.”

Shen Li cleared her throat and said: “The Divine Sovereign is wrong.” Before a large audience such as this one, Shen Li was extremely uncomfortable being in Xing Zhi’s embrace. She twisted her body slightly, trying to get out of Xing Zhi’s imprisonment. However, Xing Zhi just embraced her tighter and used his other hand to lift her chin, forcing her to look up at him.

“Shen Li, I did everything to save your life. It’s not for you to continue to throw your life away.”

Stunned, Shen Li looked away awkwardly: “I will protect myself… I’m not as precious as you think I am…”

As the smile on Xing Zhi’s face subsided, he immediately interrupted Shen Li’s words: “You are far more precious than you think you are.” Seeing Shen Li’s startled face, Xing Zhi was silent for a moment. Then he just smiled helplessly and patted her on the head several times, “When it’s time for you to hide behind someone’s back for protection, it’s best that you cooperate. So give me a chance, yeah?”

Due to his pats, Shen Li nodded her head repeatedly. Inadvertently, she caught a glimpse below, the magic array around the Demon Sovereign was shrinking. She immediately felt nervous and blurted out: “But not right now.” As Shen Li erected her silver spear upright, Xing Zhi released her, but threw her behind him: “It’s from this moment on.”

As his eyes fell leisurely on Fu Sheng, he said with a smile: “I do not like people who pester endlessly, nor do I like things that require constant involvement. No matter what your intentions are, let’s settle it all today.” He smiled and said lightly: “Will you commit suicide? Or must I do it?”

Fu Sheng’s wound recovered very quickly. At this time, there was no trace of the hole in his chest. He smirked cruelly: “Who in the Three Realms does not know the Divine Sovereign’s power, how can I dare to attack the Divine Sovereign?” He looked at Xing Zhi, “It’s just that things have already advanced to this point, commit suicide…how can I be willing to…” Before he could even finish his words, the short flute in his hand sounded again, and the demons below looked up and immediately switched their target.

The demons flew over and left the Demon Sovereign’s side. The Demon Sovereign appeared to be unable to support the magic array any longer, and the magic array burst. She fell forward and blacked out on the ground. Shen Li was greatly alarmed and Xing Zhi said: “Protect her, take her to the Outer Bounds of Heaven. When I’m done with the matters here, I will go back and find you.”

Shen Li gnashed her teeth together. Although she did not want to leave the people of the Demon Realm, she did not have any other choice at this time.

With a flash of her figure, she left Xing Zhi’s side. When she had just approached the Demon Sovereign, Fu Sheng suddenly grinned a strange smile: “The Divine Sovereign cares about Shen Li, did you not think that I was expecting you to come…” As soon as he finished speaking, an ominous thought flashed in Xing Zhi’s mind. When he looked down, he saw a dark shadow suddenly appear silently behind Shen Li. Just when Shen Li was about to lift the Demon Sovereign up, that dark shadow stretched out its hand to cover her mouth and nose. Not knowing what was in his palm, Shen Li did not even make an attempt to struggle and fell into the arms of the person behind her as soon as she closed her eyes.

Fu Sheng laughed: “Take her away!”

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  1. Noooooo… I’m crying my eyes out reading this (part of the) chapter.
    My heart goes out for her heartbreak. The only reason my heart isn’t breaking is that although unhappy things happened, this doesn’t have the tragedy tag so there has to be a happy ending.
    Thanks for the (mass)update.

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