Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 71.02


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 71.02

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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“That’s right… This is how it should be.” He muttered to himself absentmindedly, “This is how it should be.” As if he had lost his mind, he looked at Shen Li and laughed loudly, “Azure Sky King! Today, I will inevitably take you away! Today, I will fulfill my thousand-year-old wish!” 

Suddenly, a short flute appeared in his hand. As soon as the flute made a sharp and clear sound, a dark cloud abruptly appeared in the sky. While above the dark cloud, there were thousands of demons! 

As Shen Li’s eyebrows sank, she remembered the last time when she came back from the Heaven Realm. At that time, she recalled the state of the Demon Realm, the corpses of generals stationed in the tents and white curtains hung up by thousands of households. She clenched her silver spear and swore: “This time, I won’t let you act recklessly ever again.” 

However, when Shen Li was all ready and prepared, a wind passed in front of her and a black figure stood before her. The Demon Sovereign calmly said: “Take a step back.” 

Surprised, Shen Li was momentarily stunned: “Master?” 

The Demon Sovereign turned his head and glanced at her indifferently: “Leave here and go to the Heaven Realm.” 

Stunned, Shen Li asked: “Master… Why?” 

Before the Demon Sovereign could answer, Fu Sheng suddenly burst out laughing: “Shen Mu Yue, oh, Shen Mu Yue, after so long, your senses are still so keen. You definitely deserve to be the master’s proud disciple.” The Demon Sovereign kept silent, while Fu Sheng said with a laugh, “Shen Li, don’t you want to save the Demon Realm? I have a way to sever the relationship between the Demon Realm and the Ruins of Heavenly Poles. If you’re willing to help me, the Demon Realm will no longer have to be shackled to the Ruins of Heavenly Poles.” 

When Shen Li frowned, the Demon Sovereign interrupted Fu Sheng’s words, reminding Shen Li: “Don’t be deceived by his words.” 

“Whether it is deception or not, it is up to the King to decide.” Fu Shen said, “Xing Zhi borrowed the Powers of the Five Elements to connect the Ruins of Heavenly Poles to the Demon Realm. As long as the Powers of the Five Elements are cut off, the connection between it and the Demon Realm will be cut off. Among the Five Elements, I have already found four substitutes– Metal, Wood, Water, and Earth, which only leaves Fire. As long as the Five-Element Seal is substituted for, the seal of the Ruins of Heavenly Poles will no longer have anything to do with the Demon Realm.” Fu Sheng smiled gloomily, “King, will you be willing to help me?”

Shen Li frowned: “You want me to replace the Seal of Fire?” 

As the smile on Fu Sheng’s face became even crazier, the expression on the Demon Sovereign’s face turned even colder: “Don’t listen to his nonsense anymore. By using the power of nature in the Demon Realm to feed the seal of the Ruins of Heavenly Poles, it will still decline. There are several things in this world that can compare with the powers of Heavenly Laws, but even if he did find four things as substitutes, he can only use them to maintain the Ruins of Heavenly Poles for a short while. He just wants to release the demon beasts before the Ruins of Heavenly Poles collapse.” 

Fu Sheng grinned: “The Mountain God is Wood, the Land God is Earth, the Third Prince of the Northern Sea is Water, and the Great Golden Snake Demon’s nuclear core is Metal. King, you should understand everything that I’m saying.” 

Shen Li was stunned speechless. 

“I will help you break the connection between the Ruins of Heaven Poles and the Demon Realm, and you will help me release the demon beasts. At that time, when the Ruins of Heavenly Poles collapse, it will not harm your Demon Realm.” 

Shen Li’s stunned speechless expression only stayed on her face for a moment, and then her eyebrows sank: “So what? Thousands of demon beasts will still harm the people of the Demon Realm. Since it is also destruction, I naturally can’t let you do it happily.” 

Fu Sheng smiled slightly: “If that’s the case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” 

The short flute in his hand made another sound. Sounds of fighting grew louder in the air. As the dark cloud carrying the demons capsized, the Demon Sovereign blocked Shen Li: “Their target is you, hide in the Heaven Realm and don’t let them catch you!” 

Shen Li gnashed her teeth together: “How can I leave by myself at such a time!” 

“If they capture you and substitute the seal, then at that time, the Ruins of Heavenly Poles will be wide open, all the demon beasts will escape, and the chaos will be even more difficult to control.” The Demon Sovereign said sternly, “This is the Ruler’s Command! Now leave quickly!” 

The Demon Sovereign pushed her back, and advanced forward by himself. A long silver sword suddenly appeared in his hand. He took off his mask and his physique changed. When she released a low growl, she waved the long sword in her hand towards the sky, a huge magic array unfolded in the horizon, obstructing the demons’ forward advancement. 

Since she was a child, it was this long sword that had taught her martial arts, from the simplest blocks to various complex moves, from her unsteady grip on a wooden stick until she could carry a spear and go into the battlefield alone. In addition to Master, she not only taught her martial arts, but also accompanied her for almost all of her life. She studied magic and martial arts so hard so that Master and the Demon Realm could live in peace under her very own protection. 

However, right now… Right now, the master had to fight with all her might just because of her. The Demon Realm had to suffer many disasters just because of her. At this moment, forcing her to abandon the things that she wanted to protect no matter what and escape alone, was this not… Doing things in the wrong order?! 

How could she leave?! 

Fu Sheng laughed crazily: “Shen Mu Yue! You’re overestimating your capabilities more and more! I want to see how you can stop thousands of demons with this broken body of yours!” 

As soon as Shen Mu Yue smirked, her expression was full of disdain: “You’re just an insignificant defective good, how dare you hoot so arrogantly?” Such an expression was quite similar to Shen Li’s. Or perhaps it was better to say, she influenced Shen Li’s character greatly. She had always been Shen Li’s goal. She had always been the one Shen Li worshiped. She had always been the one Shen Li aspired to become. 

Shen Mu Yue’s words seemed to sting the most obscure part of Fu Sheng’s heart. The expression on his face immediately changed. His face twisted with hatred: “Death is near at hand, yet you’re still a hard-mouth.”

The short flute in his hand made another sound. The demons in the air rushed towards the protective barrier that she had just conjured and landed on the ground. Dozens of demons rushed over, as if they wanted to bury Shen Mu Yue within the swarm. Her eyes turned cold and the icy sword in her hand vibrated. The sword energy rose and dozens of demons were pierced in the throat. However, they did not die. They squirmed on the ground for a bit, and then crawled back up again. This circle of demons had not even been resolved yet, and there were sequential circles of dozens of demons surrounding her. Fu Sheng laughed wildly. 

Shen Mu Yue flicked her wrist around and her eyes circled from side to side, as if she was looking for an opportunity to strike. However, at this time, a sharp pain rose up in her thoracic cavity, and she suddenly vomited a mouthful of black blood. Her old injury was flaring up again. The pain was coming in waves, causing her to slightly arch her back. 

The demons seized this opportunity, rushed up at her, and buried her within the swarm, as if to tear her apart and eat her up. 

Meanwhile, a raging flame came burning up from the center surrounded by the demons. Every demon who was burned by this fire immediately had their skin scorched and flesh melted. Additionally, as the flourishing fire spread, as long as it was near someone, fire would immediately spread all over the person’s body. The surrounding demons’ wails were constant as the fire dispersed everything. 

Shen Li stood in front of Shen Mu Yue with the silver spear in her grip. Clutching her chest, Shen Mu Yue said through gritted teeth: “Why didn’t you leave?!” 

Shen Li just stared at Fu Sheng coldly: “Why does the Demon Sovereign only think about Shen Li being taken away by them, but not how Shen Li will send them away?” 

Seeing the raging flames all over her body, Fu Sheng laughed even more treacherously. Shen Li’s eyebrows twisted into a frown, “Your scheme, you can go and show it to the King of Hell!” 


The author has something to say: ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Her Majesty the Empress is powerful and domineering again~

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