Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here ~ Ch 79


Accompanying the Phoenix/ The Prince is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《与凤行/ 本王在此》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 79 ~ Side Story: Feng Lai (Middle)

Editor & Translator: Sonrisa t.n.t

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In a span of one month, Feng Lai had grown up into a fourteen- or fifteen-year-old boy. Along with the growth of his body, his mind and strength grew, too. After Feng Lai accidentally melted the pill furnace, Liu Yu knew that he was powerful and would not be bullied by other demon beasts, so she no longer watched him as closely as before. 

However, Feng Lai was still fond of sticking to Liu Yu’s side, unless Liu Yu gave him clear instructions to do something else. At other times, he just sat there in a daze, staring at Liu Yu, and did not desire to go elsewhere. Liu Yu was very at ease with him, and had never looked at Feng Lai like he was a demon beast, but… 

“The blood flowing inside him is a demon beast after all, and you still just let him go everywhere!” 

That day, Liu Yu was tinkering with medicinal pills in the alchemy room. Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and Shen Mu Yue walked into the room angrily, shouting, “Follow me to the front yard!” 

“He only went to the front yard to help me get some stuff.” Liu Yu turned back in astonishment: “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?!” Shen Mu Yue stepped forward and grabbed Liu Yu’s hand. She dragged her and walked out the door. The medicinal herbs that Liu Yu was holding spilt all over the ground. She still had a slight frown on her face, but when she stepped out of the door, she was stunned. Towards the direction of the front courtyard, a blazing light soared to the sky. Liu Yu was stunned, Shen Mu Yue still wanted to say something, but she suddenly saw Liu Yu’s figure flashed by and quickly disappeared. 

Going to the front courtyard, Liu Yu’s black pupils were dyed red by the blazing flames. The buildings and vegetation were all ablaze with fiery flames. Some people were even on fire, screaming and rolling on the ground. Those who were not on fire, scattered and fled. The scene ahead was very chaotic. 

Liu Yu’s eyes swept around frantically. Suddenly, in the dense fire, she saw Feng Lai in black standing there quietly. Before him, there were four to five people trapped in a circle surrounded by flames. It looked like someone had already fainted from the stifling smoke. As Feng Lai stared at them, his eyes were terrifyingly red without a hint of emotion. He was just like the other demon beasts that Liu Ming had created. He became a bloodthirsty monster with no emotions. 

“Feng Lai…” Liu Yu said, her voice trembling slightly. She hurried forward, and as usual, she reached out to grab his wrist. However, she did not expect that Feng Lai would suddenly turn around. When those pair of shocking blood-red eyes looked into Liu Yu’s eyes, the scorching hot, murderous aura pierced straight into Liu Yu’s heart like a sword. For a moment, Liu Yu was stunned. She did not have time to react to anything when Feng Lai suddenly raised his hand, raging flames swept across Liu Yu’s neck like a knife. In that electrifying moment, Liu Yu only felt that the back of her collar tightened, which dragged her back a few steps and allowed her to narrowly avoid the fatal blow. 

“Are you crazy?! Don’t you know he’s a monster?!” Shen Mu Yue’s scolding sounded from behind her. 

Liu Yu turned her head slightly and glanced at Shen Mu Yue blankly: “Senior sister…I…” It was just that she had never thought that Feng Lai would hurt her. 

However, before these words were spoken, a mouthful of warm blood suddenly rushed out of her mouth, startling Shen Mu Yue: “Liu Yu!” 

Liu Yu was also surprised: “Why…” Before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt weak, her legs became jelly, and she fell into Shen Mu Yue’s arms. She was panting heavily, clutching her chest. It felt like there was a fire burning within her thoracic cavity, making it very difficult to bear. 

“Where does it hurt?” When Shen Mu Yue checked her neck, she only saw a red scald on her neck and no other wounds anywhere else. However, Liu Yu appeared to be in great pain, clutching her chest unable to say a word. Shen Mu Yue became anxious, when she saw her close her eyes, she called her name constantly. In her anxious state, a person suddenly knelt down beside her. Shen Mu Yue’s entire body froze all over. She just wanted to escape with Liu Yu, but she never thought that a pair of hands that were still soft and tender grabbed Liu Yu’s hand tightly. 

Those hands looked like they were taking away the scorching heat from within Liu Yu’s body, allowing Liu Yu’s breathing to gradually become smoother. 

The blazing flames all around were also slowly extinguished. Shen Mu Yue frowned, her eyes still on guard. She turned her head to stare at Feng Lai, only to see that the teenager’s head was lowered. As his tears fell one after another onto Liu Yu’s hands, he kept apologizing: “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it…” He was so terrified like a criminal who was about to be executed. 

Shen Mu Yue was stunned. However, when she saw that Liu Yu’s breathing had stabilized and that Feng Lai was currently like this, she simply turned her head and asked the group of people who were surrounded by the flames: “What’s happened?!” 

Of the five people, one had fainted from the stifling smoke, while the remaining four were all paralyzed, sitting on the ground. One of them said with a trembling voice: “We… We just wanted to question what the Demon Sovereign was doing nowadays.” He appeared to still have some lingering fears, “But we only said a few bad things about the Demon Sovereign… Did we deserve to die for such a sin?” 

Shen Mu Yue was silent for a moment, then she turned to look at Feng Lai again. 

Feng Lai did not even utter a word of explanation, he just stared intently at Liu Yu. It was as if everything else had nothing to do with him. After seeing Liu Yu’s closed eyes trembled slightly, his breathing lightened, as if he was afraid of scaring Liu Yu. 

“Was it really like that?” Liu Yu asked weakly as she opened her eyes and looked at Feng Lai, “This was… The reason you wanted to kill them for?” 

Feng Lai was momentarily stunned. He looked into her eyes for a long time, then he lowered his head and said: “They also said bad things about you…” 

This moment should have been a lesson to teach him. However, when Feng Lai said it like this, Liu Yu suddenly seemed to have lost all the reasons to teach him a lesson. It was because of her that this child became so angry… Liu Yu struggled to sit up. When she looked around, she sighed: “Even so, you shouldn’t have.” 

“I was wrong.” 

Liu Yu looked at him quietly: “What else?” 

“I’m sorry.” 

The situation had already developed to this point, therefore, everyone else had nothing to say. Feng Lai was a demon beast created by Liu Ming, so no one had the qualifications to punish him, not even Liu Yu. Being able to get an apology, compared to those fellow disciples who were eaten by other demon beasts, was already too good to be true. 

Shen Mu Yue asked Liu Yu softly: “Can you still walk?” Liu Yu nodded. Shen Mu Yue did not waste any time, she stood up and immediately arranged manpower to clean the scene and treat the wounded. 

Liu Yu looked at Shen Mu Yue’s back quietly, then she said emotionally: “If one day, Senior Sister is able to be in a position of power, she will be very capable and fearless.” 

“Go back and rest.” Shen Mu Yue said these words lightly and walked away. 

As Liu Yu looked at Shen Mu Yue’s back getting further away, she laughed. When she wanted to stand up, she noticed that her legs were still weak. Feng Lai, who was next to her, squatted down silently and presented his back to Liu Yu. For a moment, Liu Yu was stunned, but then she smiled. Without any reservations, she wrapped her arms around his neck and let him carry herself up. 

“Feng Lai.” Leaving the front courtyard and walking on the quiet path, Liu Yu asked softly, “Why… Why did you hurt me? You couldn’t control it?” 

Feng Lai’s footsteps immediately stopped: “Is your body… Still feeling unwell?” 

Liu Yu was stunned, then she immediately smiled and said, “It’s all right now.” 

Feng Lai was silent for a moment: “At that time, when I heard what they were saying, I just felt very angry. Then after that, I didn’t know what happened.” His voice became melancholic, “It was like I… Became another person.”

“It’s not another person.” Liu Yu noticed his unease, and one of her hands that was hugging his neck slid down a little, so that the palm of her hand was on his chest. Then she patted his chest lightly, “You’re just too powerful and you can’t control it yet.” 

“I’m very powerful?” He hesitated for a moment, then asked, “You… Don’t like it?” 

“In regards to having powerful strength, I can’t say whether I like it or dislike it.” Liu Yu pondered about her next words, then she said, “It’s like a blade, I can’t say that I like it, but if it’s used to slice vegetables, I will be happy when I see it. But if it’s used to kill people, I will naturally feel fear when I see it. It’s the same concept in regards to your power, you can use it to kill or to protect. Do you understand?” 

Feng Lai thought about it for a while: “If I protect you, then you’ll like me, is that what you mean?” 

“Mhm… You can pretty much say it like that.” 

Feng Lai nodded and no longer said anything else. 

On a sunny afternoon, after Liu Yu had recovered, she got busy tidying up another room in her courtyard. Then she moved all of Feng Lai’s things into that room. During that time, Liu Yu also asked Feng Lai to come help her. Feng Lai silently finished what Liu Yu had him do. Finally, when Liu Yu looked at the tidy room, she informed him with a smile: “Okay, starting from today, you will move out of my room and  live here.” 

Feng Lai had been living in Liu Yu’s room for a while. At first, it was because he was small and she was too lazy to clean up another room. However, now that Feng Lai had grown so big, it would be inappropriate for them to live together like that.

Feng took a look around the room, then looked at Liu Yu: “Me, I’m moving out?” 

“Mhm, tonight, you’re sleeping here.” 

Feng Lai looked at the expression on Liu Yu’s face, as if to confirm whether she was angry or had other emotions, but what he saw was just Liu Yu’s happy smile after finishing something. She… Did not want to be together with him… 

For a moment, the deepest and softest part of his heart seemed to be struck by something, which made him purse his lips up and involuntarily take a step back. 

Liu Yu was puzzled: “You don’t like it?” 

Feng Lai did not look up at her, he just nodded and said: “Mhm, I like it.” 

Liu Yu patted him on the shoulder and returned to her own room. She closed the door, blocking Feng Lai’s seeking gaze from outside. The corners of Feng Lai’s lips moved as he finally lowered his head and whispered: “Actually…I don’t like it.” 

That night, Liu Yu tossed and turned on the bed and never fell asleep. For over a month, there was another sound of breathing accompanying her to sleep. Today’s sudden absence made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. 

It was unknown how late it was in the middle of the night, when Liu Yu, who had not fallen asleep, suddenly heard a “click” at the door. She rolled over and sat up. She walked gingerly to the door and pulled the door open abruptly. Suddenly, the boy, who was leaning against the door fast asleep, fell into the room on his head which woke him up from his beautiful dream. As he wiped the corner of his mouth, he raised his eyes to look at Liu Yu, but did not dare to speak. 

Liu Yu crouched down in confusion and looked him in the eye: “Why didn’t you go back to your own room to sleep?” 

Feng Lai was silent for a long time. Finally, he looked up at Liu Yu: “Are you still angry that I hurt you last time?” 

Liu Yu was taken aback: “I’m not angry, not at all. But… Why did you suddenly mention this?” 

“Then do you hate me?” 

Liu Yu scratched her head: “Not at all.” 

Feng Lai’s eyes looked down, feeling somewhat wronged: “Then why did you kick me out?” 

Immediately, Liu Yu understood and laughed: “It’s not because of hate or anger. I’m having you live in another room because you’ve grown up. We are different, a man and a woman.” 

“I’m still young.” 

Hearing such a phrase, Liu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry: “You’re already so big!” 

Feng Lai appeared to be extremely disappointed: “How on earth can I still live together with you when I’m completely grown?” 

“About this…” Liu Yu pinched his nose, “You can marry me, then.” 

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The author has something to say: 

The Side Story of Feng Lai is divided into beginning, middle and ending~ Tomorrow, I will update the ending~~

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