Ostentatious Zhao Yao ~ Ch 14


Ostentatious Zhao Yao by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang

《招摇》 作者: 九鹭非香

Ch 14

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“You ignore him.” I said, “Let him torment himself, I still don’t believe that even if his body is much recovered, he could still leave Xi Yue Peak. The demon cultivators would still be able to kill him.”

“Even so, cannot let him be killed!” Zhi Yan’s eyeballs reddened, “If he dies… What should I do?”

I looked at her indifferently: “That is fate.”

Zhi Yan bit her lip tightly: “But I… Don’t want to let him die.” She stared at me intently with her glistening eyes filled with grievances and pities, “Great demon king…”


I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth tightly… So to speak, these righteous highborn families are truly troublesome!

“Listen carefully; this is the last time…”

“Great demon king, you are truly a good person!” She wanted to rush towards me for a hug but I shouted: “Stand up straight.” She behaved and stood up straight. I flew towards the bed to sit, crossed my legs over the other, folded my arms, and asked her, “Tell me every detail.”

“Every day during the daytime, I delivered the Spirit Pill to him. Then yesterday, I gave him all the Spirit Pill in my possession. I told him that I will not come back in the future when his injury is healed, he must escape but he… Still wants me to return with him. Last night, I used my soul to enter the dungeon to see him but I saw him… Ate all the Spirit Pills…”

“To eat so many Spirit Pills in one day, if he’s not careful his meridians will go the wrong way.”

“When I left, he was still fine. I know him; he certainly thinks that I am being misled by the demon path, so he wants to quickly take me away.”

I kneaded my chin and pondered: “You might as well beat him at his own game. He ate a lot of Spirit Pills, just meditating and harmonizing his aura for the moment is not enough. First, you go find Liu Cang Ling and keep watch for him in the prison. In order for him to avoid from accidentally entering the demon stage, don’t let other guards go in to disturb him. Wait until his aura is harmonized, then you tell him to assist you in performing a play. Let him control you and take you out of the valley.”

“Let him control me?”

“Yes, because otherwise, you visit Liu Cang Ling every day, when he escapes, you will be the first suspect. The most intolerable acts in Wan Lu Sect are spying for the enemy and betraying the sect.”

Zhi Yan weakly said, “But you are teaching me to do this now…”

I was doing this for whom!

I leered at her for a moment and she consciously closed her mouth.

I continued: “You let him control you, you are the Sect Leader’s disciple, and the prison guards of Xi Yue Peak will definitely not dare do something reckless. They will definitely report first. Take advantage of this short time, you guys must escape from Wan Lu Sect and find a place to hide. We will set a location. In the evening, I will come find you and enter your body, chase Liu Cang Ling back to Jian Xin Sect. Like this, you can save him and I can get rid of this trouble, too.”

Zhi Yan listened and nodded her head. She waited for me to finish speaking, and then she got up and ran outside: “I am leaving now.”

I watched her run out the door, and then I slowly stood up and exercised a bit. Then after, I diligently entered the ground to the prison. I went down vertically and in a moment dropped to the dungeon at the foot of the mountain.

At this moment, Liu Cang Ling was meditating and harmonizing his aura across from me in the jail cell. His complexion was not very good; it must be very painful to harmonize.


After a while, I heard hurried footsteps rushing in, Zhi Yan stormed into the prison door, saw me and was shocked. She took a deep cooling breath but before she could speak, I said: “Yesterday, I went to buy an Energy Boost Pill and ate it. So this month, I can float a little faster than people running. I am here with you to guard if anything happens, I can still give you ideas.”

Zhi Yan nodded, quietly walked over to face Liu Cang Ling’s cell. She squatted down, her eyebrows knitted tightly, and her expression was full of worry.

“You like him so much. Can you really take your sword and take off his father’s head later?”

Zhi Yan said nothing and bowed her head. I also did not say anything more.

We waited through the afternoon. In the dungeon, there was no daylight but I faintly felt that it was almost time for the sun to set behind the mountain.

Finally, Liu Cang Ling’s face eased, he slowly opened his eyes, and instantly saw Zhi Yan in front of him. The expression of this righteous youth was always hard but his eyes softened immediately: “Zhi Yan.”

Zhi Yan quickly recaptured her concerned expression, erased the affection from her eyes, tried to sound distant, and said: “It is because we grew up together since childhood that I came here to help you.”

Liu Cang Ling stared blankly: “Help me?”

“Now that I am a member of Wan Lu Sect, you can pretend to control me later. Then we will seize this opportunity to escape Chen Ji Mountain.”

Liu Cang Ling’s expression was joyful: “You are willing to leave Chen Ji Mountain with me?”

“I just…”

“Enough.” From the side, I interrupted Zhi Yan’s explanation: “What is so hard to explain to him, just go through the motions. Hurry up and let him out.”

As expected, Zhi Yan shut her mouth, lifted her hand to collect energy, and created an aura sword to hack the lock but the prison door did not budge a bit…

Zhi Yan was a bit embarrassed…

I picked at the tip of my brows. Apparently, when I was no longer in this world, the Ten Great Celestial Sects had no pressure, so their disciples were not taught well.

When Liu Cang Ling saw this, he tried to reach for the sword at his side. But that day when he was in a coma, I took his sword to block Mo Qing’s attack. It turned into scrap iron and dumped in that valley. Liu Cang Ling had to mobilize his energy to his fingers and made a sword. He used the aura sword and slashed the prison door, this time the door made a sound and broke.

He unexpectedly had some genuine skills.

However, there was a seal above the door. After the door was broken, the prison guards sensed something amiss and hurriedly rushed in.

At this time, Zhi Yan cooperated with Liu Cang Ling, stood up straight, and allowed his fingers to squeeze her neck.

“Move aside.” Liu Cang Ling said.

The jailers saw that it was Zhi Yan, for a second, they turned to look at one another in dismay and hesitated a little.

From the side, I was a little anxious: “You want to set the atmosphere!” I taught Zhi Yan, “Say you are very scared, tell them to hurry up and move aside, say this guy is strangling you, it hurts! Can you act like it’s a little real!”

I scolded Zhi Yan and she woke up. She promptly said in a trembling voice: “I am so scared, it hurts… You guys quickly move aside, he wants to kill me…” When she said this, Liu Cang Ling was dumbfounded and slightly loosened his hand. He truly thought that he was hurting her.

I thought these celestial disciples are really stupid to the point where they could not be saved…

“Cover his hand, cover it! Force him to use a little more strength, why aren’t the two of you concentrating?”

I followed and coached her all the way. Finally, they escaped from inside the dungeon to outside the dungeon.

There were not that many guards watching Xi Yue Peak’s dungeon but enough to surround in a circle. I swept my eyes and counted a little over ten people. I wondered if there were only these people, with Liu Cang Ling’s skills, it would be a piece of cake to bully them. But more people must not come…


“The North Mountain Lord is nearby, hurry up and ask him to come.”

I suddenly heard one of guard say this to the other. The bottom of my heart thudded, I immediately told Zhi Yan: “That one, the guard that is running away to report, tell Liu Cang Ling to knock him down now. This circle, make them all lose consciousness. ”

Zhi Yan and Liu Cang Ling proved to be old companions since they grew up together and had a close relationship. I did not know how she communicated with Liu Cang Ling. But in the next moment, I saw him quickly turned around, drew out his fingers, and used the aura sword to attack the fleeing guard. The guard fell to the ground and struggled for a long time but could not get back up.

Other guards saw this, they wanted to attack immediately. This time, Zhi Yan finally found a little perception and shouted: “Ah, ah, don’t, don’t, don’t.”

The guards had no other option but to retreat. Liu Cang Ling took this opportunity to mobilize the energy in his entire body to attack. Suddenly the horizon exploded, a thunderclap struck the ground and the Qing Gang Staff was there: “Cough, cough…” North Mountain Lord coughed twice, “This old man was not aware that today on Chen Ji Mountain there was still room for you to cause such chaos.”

North Mountain Lord… I admitted that the words that he said today were indeed very long based on the prestige of our Van Lu Sect… But now I finally realized when standing on the opposite side of Wan Lu Sect as enemies, even I was powerless to resist and my heart was thoroughly shattered.

North Mountain Lord was famous for loathing celestial cultivators and now there was a celestial cultivator holding another celestial cultivator hostage. I looked into his malicious eyes, and then remembered his cold snort when I was in Zhi Yan’s body the last time at Wu E Hall’s side hall…

Hmm, I guessed he planned to kill both Zhi Yan and Liu Cang Ling here, then ultimately if worse came to worst, he would tell Mo Qing that it was an accident.

Could Mo Qing truly rip North Mountain Lord apart because of Zhi Yan’s body?

I raised my head and looked from the foot of Xi Yue Peak into the distance; the slanted sun was sinking slowly down the mountain. We wanted to run but could not run anymore but if we fought we could have a chance.

“Extend the time.” I said, “Drag out the time with North Mountain Lord.”

When Zhi Yan heard that this old man in front of her was indeed the North Mountain Lord, she did not need to pretend this time, her complexion turned slightly white. She saw North Mountain Lord advanced step by step, she hastily said: “North Mountain Lord save me… I’m Sect Leader’s disciple…”

Yuan Jie laughed: “Little girl, you are not only Sect Leader’s disciple but also Wan Lu Sect’s informant. You help my Wan Lu Sect by working, I will save you myself.”

After all words had stopped, Yuan Jie’s Qing Gang Staff hit the ground once, the pressure in the atmosphere skyrocketed. I was just a ghost, so I felt no pressure but the surrounding vegetation snapped. Those guards beside Yuan Jie immediately expressed a painful countenance. But Zhi Yan who stood directly in front was forced to spit out blood.

Liu Cang Ling alarmingly saw this and wanted to protect Zhi Yan. Yuan Jie relied on the air pressure, and immediately snatched her body over to him.

Yuan Jie caught Zhi Yan’s throat and threw her aside. Zhi Yan fell to the ground, constantly gasped for breath. The guard next to him was more nervous and inquired: “Are you okay, miss? Are you still well, miss?” He seized the moment to fawn over her.

Yuan Jie did not bother to look over and laughed coldly: “Thanks for your trouble, this old man will handle and dispose of this escaping thief.”

His voice fell and his murderous aura went towards Liu Cang Ling.


Liu Cang Ling was worried about Zhi Yan but also knew that at this time it was better for her not to be next to him. So he concentrated on dealing with Yuan Jie. Yuan Jie wielded his Qing Gang Staff unlike an old man, he was even more advanced than the last time I saw him five years ago.

Undead old man, which was probably how a person like him would be described.

The difference between their two powers was huge. Liu Cang Ling was unable to block two attacks that sent him flying. He whirled around in the air and set his feet firmly on the ground. He raised his head and the spirit in his eyes did not show any weakness. But he could not suppress the blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Hmph, a person of Jian Xin Sect.” Yuan Jie coldly snorted, “When the former Sect Leader and the Ten Great Celestial Sect fought at the Sword Tomb, you guys put forth a lot of effort. Today this old man will help the former Sect Leader release this hatred!”

Eh… Old man…

When you suddenly say this, it made my mood a little… Complicated… I truly did not know if I should be happy or sad.

He wielded his Qing Gang Staff again and his murderous aura swept out. Liu Cang Ling was directly blown back by his powerful murderous aura, ruthlessly slammed into the stone pillar next to the prison entrance, then like a ragged cloth fell to the ground.

Yuan Jie was about to advance but his sleeve was pulled by someone, it was Zhi Yan. The blood at the corners of her mouth had yet to be wiped clean and like this, she intently stared at the North Mountain Lord. Obviously, she was usually a weak cowardly girl but at this moment she was like a tough nail that nailed onto the North Mountain Lord: “Don’t fight anymore.”

Yuan Jie coldly snorted, snatched his sleeve, and shook her off: “Is the Sect Leader’s disciple going to speak for the enemy?”

Zhi Yan grabbed his leg, her face covered in tears: “Don’t hit Brother Cang Ling. I beg you! ”

Liu Cang Ling heard that he bit his bloody lip to look up at her, his eyes were extremely moved.

Yuan Jie kept his cold expression and kicked Zhi Yan. This action of his angered Liu Cang Ling. Liu Cang Ling let out a loud shout and rushed forward to kill him. Not in the least surprised, he had not come near to Yuan Jie’s body and was ruthlessly beaten. This time, Liu Cang Ling fell to the ground, vomited blood all over, and struggled to get back up.

If there was another strike, then he would die.

Suddenly at that moment, I did not know where Zhi Yan got her strength, she struggled free from the guard who was pulling her, and ran up to block in front of Liu Cang Ling: “Don’t fight anymore!” She knelt on the ground and spread her fragile arms, just like a mother hen protecting her chicks.


But in the eyes of the killer, she was just a mother hen.

Yuan Jie’s footsteps never stopped, he raised his arm, and the Qing Gang Staff aimed at and struck down her head! The guards behind him all rushed forward and shouted.

I glimpsed the sunset sinking in the horizon, the last rays faded away and disappeared behind the mountain top. I lowered my eyes, shifted my figure, and entered Zhi Yan’s body. In an instant, the pain in this body engulfed my soul.

Above my head was Yuan Jie’s Qing Gang Staff, it carried the pressure as if it wanted to cleave my head open, and made my ears buzzed and screamed.

I clenched my teeth tightly, repressed the fishy smell that was billowing up in my chest, and quickly maneuvered all the strength in this body to gather in one place. Surrounded by deathly stillness, I made a sound; the Qing Gang Staff above my head was very hard to stop.


I raised my head and heard the “crack, crack” sounds produced by my cervical vertebrae. The murderous aura in my eyes condensed into a blade and I stared into the malicious eyes of the North Mountain Lord:

“I told you no more fighting, didn’t you hear?”

When my voice dropped and our forces exploded. Where my power and Yuan Jie’s Qing Gang Staff intersected, the incredible force swept across all four directions, like a large circular blade that sliced through the surrounding mountain rocks and prison entrance creating deep indentations.

The mountain rocks fell, the air was dusty, and along one side of the periphery, there were about ten guards who were dumbstruck and kept quiet due to fear.

Beside me, Zhi Yan’s soul wailed and bawled.

But the North Mountain Lord looked at me and the expression in his eyes was very shocked: “You…”

During the stalemate, a cold shout rang out from the side: “Stop.”

Yuan Jie looked towards the side, withdrew his staff, and stepped back. All the guards immediately knelt down on the ground and saluted: “Sect Leader.”

I turned my head to look but saw that the black robe was already before me.

That strike just now had already exhausted all the strength this body possessed. I could only kneel on the ground and with great difficulty supported my body upright. I must not collapse. I watched this person in front of me crouched down. His noble black robe embroidered with dark patterns spread and scattered on the ground, stained with dust.

Yet he simply stared attentively at me.


Inside those pair of penetrating eyes that contained countless secrets reflected my silhouette as if my eyesight was blurred and produced hallucinations. I unexpectedly saw the corners of his mouth tremble for a split second, he raised his hand, and his fingers gently traced my face. The coarse sensation of his fingers distracted me and brought me back to that day in the Sword Tomb when that Ugly Little Monster suddenly appeared next to me.

I told him to go out and lured those Celestial Sect disciples. I intended to use his life in exchange for my life.


Yet he told me: “I can give up everything for you, as long as you are safe and sound.”

Hmph, ridiculous.

Look at my current state, except for my well being, you had achieved everything!

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    1. You know they don’t really talk specifics about their age. This is based on what I remembered.

      Book: Zhao Yao was like years older when she saved Mo Qing who was a boy, then. Zhao Yao mentioned hundreds of years here and there in the text, if I remember correctly. Anyways, they cultivate, so they don’t age.

      Drama: Mo Qing was sealed by his father in the mountain. Zhao Yao’s family guarded that mountain for generations. So, Mo Qing is way older than Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao is maybe 16-17 and then ten years passed, she’s in her late twenties.

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      1. In the book, he’s the Demon King’s inner demon.
        In the drama, he’s human and his father, the Demon King, transferred his inner demon into Mo Qing’s body.


  1. FL is such an asshole and a big btch towards the ML. She feels betrayed by the ML, as if her intention to exchange his life for her is not as bad as what happened. If i was him, i’ll be glad she dies lol

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